Dec 29, 2010

Devil Babies?

When last week ended I wanted to write a post about how wonderful the 2 weeks I spent with the rheumatology team at KAUH were the most amazing in my entire educational life at KAU. But everything I wrote wasn't enough and didn't remotely show how very, extremely happy I was. How can you describe the 2 weeks that made you fall back in love with medicine? I'm head over heals here. Even thinking about it makes me tearful and my heart aches of love and joy. Silly? You had to be there to understand.

At the end of this week, I want to burst out crying. I actually almost did during session today. happy tears they were not. I started paediatric this week and will by studying it for the next 3 months. And I am beyond frustrated!

I don't really hate kids. I mean yes, I don't get why people are so keen to reproducing and yes they are cute little creatures that will grow up to be the ass holes adults that we are -not they aren't in their own way. But I don't hate them. Hey at least I said some of them are cute.
But the thing about paediatric is it's so fucking annoying. These additional, complicated parts in their history. The fact that you can't even take the history from them. Their tiny, cranky, hell screaming bodies. Their different parameters and shit. It's like you have to start processing new information all over again. And the fucking department. DUDE! It's the 2nd day and I'm supposed to know how to deal with them and to have logic regarding their conditions? Plus they are the 2nd most conservative department in the hospital. And for the fear of the 2 genders mixing, "sitat al byoot, al hoanim" aka 6th year guys will stay at KAUH and us the ones who can drive -thank you KSA- will go to other hospitals at day then come back at noon to attends lectures at KAUH. LOGIC YOU SAY?

To top it off, I don't know what's up with my fucked up luck that it can't give me a break or in this case a weekend. So you see I was at MCH al azyziah this week and next week I'll be at MCH al ms3diah. And dear me have a case presentation on Saturday. Ideally I'm supposed to take it from al msa3diah but how could I when I'm at al azyziah? I have to come at the weekend and take a case. My stupid name keeps getting Saturday's for case presentations. And so I come to the hospital on weekends and I REALLY don't like being alone. But in this case I WILL NOT GO! I'm sorry. I'm not used to these hospitals yet and I'm already suicidal you do not want to push me further.
So I took a case from al azizyah this morning and I couldn't finish reading the file for the hospital course cuz the doctor decided to come early and start the session. THAT PISSED ME OFF! I have lectures all afternoon in a DIFFERENT hospital, I HAVE TO COME ON A WEEKEND NOW? HELL NO!
Then it rained. And I was saved. Jeddah people are so afraid of any drop of rain since last year so lectures got cancelled. And I stayed and finished up my case AL 7MDULLAH! I didn't get to see the rain though *pout*

Let's just hope I do great on Saturday and get over my frustration with paediatric or just suck it up like a big girl.


Dec 26, 2010

Me 101

I'm so bored of saying this in public and looking like a complete psycho so I'll just write it and people I know, please always come back to this.


Sure I don't like being alone and I enjoy a good company BUT I LOVE my space. You being needy glue like person does NOT show me or mean that you love me. I'll like it for a while. Tolerate it for a period. Then I'm sorry but I'll just resort to fucking hating your guts and ignoring you. Still don't get the message? I'll scream bloody murder and show everyone just how much I hate you.

You can avoid going through all the steps by simply backing off. The period of backing off varies. It depends on how far you are in the hating scale. The further you are the longer the period and vice versa.
You would think people would take a hint. But they don't and I have to say this to them over and over and OVER AGAIN! Please God, let this be the last time.

Don't go all I'm hurt and offended on me now. So what if I don't want you? It's not like I'm a jewel and being in my presence is the secret for eternal life. Plus I'm the victim here. Do you think I enjoy being annoyed out of my freaking mind?

Dec 2, 2010


If you are having a bad day this ought to cheer you up.

clip 2 from dielle on Vimeo.

Marco Borriello- the cowboy. ♥

P.S: Congrats to Russia and Qatar for both winning the world cup bid. Extra excited for Qatar xoxo