Nov 29, 2010

We Lost. What's Your Excuse?

We lost! 5-0. We Real Madrid the most amazing team on the planet lost 5-0. The awesome guys in white didn't give it their best -actually they were bad beyond recognition. It wouldn't seem far fetched if we said aliens abducted them and replaced them with other carbonic images of them - and so we lost. Shocking and horrific but whatever that's football. Our wining streak was bound to end. But at least we were beaten by an equally legendary team rather than Hercules. Yes, you heard me.

But even when those awesome los blancos lose they manage to make us a little bit less heart broken. They pick up fights and start shoving people. Yes, they are considerate like that. xD

First CR pushes Guardiola -Barcelona's manger- and so Barcelona's men come to the rescue.

It was so uncalled for. We admit that. But entertaining as hell. At least for us RM desperate fans.

Then they yummy Sergio Ramos... just see what he does.

I LOVE him. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Messi, Puyol and Xavi all in one. I just wish he could have kicked Valdes's ass as well. But I'll miss him terribly in the next match.

Yes, it wasn't cool of him BUT it totally cooled me down. Those guys deserved it for all the stupid comments we received and will still receive from the ignorant Barcelona fans. Yes, I am a sore loser but I LOST. Barcelona fans on the other hand, won and are being complete jerks about it, rubbing it in our faces, and making lame ass jokes. And you could never say we would do the same if we won. We lost el clasico 5 times in a row now. So you would never know :P

Can't wait for the next clasico at home - The Santiago Bernabeu. Where it's all our fans whom does not boo and pull the middle finger on the opposing team.

And by the way if we were rewarded that penalty for Valdes's stupidity we would have totally scored a goal and so the whites would feel better, play better and won't lose as horrifically as they did.


Nov 26, 2010


It's 3:05 am. I should be asleep but I'm not. School will start tomorrow AGAIN! There was something that I wanted to blog about 5 minutes ago that I don't seem to remember now. Hmm should I just close the window? Or should I write whatever mumble jumble that creeps into my head until I remember?

I'll start my pshychiatry rotation in a few hours. First week is back on the medical campus, not the hospital. Which means it'll suck. People here are freaks. From the security low lives to the administrators or whomever they are to the girls.

Remember when I said female medical students are hot and not as ugly as everyone is saying. Well, I take it back. Apparently it was just my year and the year older that are hot. The new girls are scary. It's not that they are just not pretty but - I think- because they went to the main girls campus so some of the scary girls habbits rubbed on them. You know like full make up at 8 am, crazy make up colors that clashes with your tone. It's kinda mostly the make up thing. I can't think of anything else. Bottom line is, I don't like them. Let the hate mail begin.

What is it about our generation that thinks every freaking thought we have is important and should be documented? We blog, facebook, twitter and God knows what else is out there. By the way that question is totally inspired or rephrased from a movie that I recently saw, which I think is The Social Network or Easy A. Can't remember.
Back to the question. Really what is it? You just read the amount of blah that I wrote above. It'll probably do more harm than good. So why did I write it? Cuz I thought of it and I must share it with the world? Cuz maybe there is someone out there who thinks the same and so I won't feel so alone? Cuz it's a very important piece of information that might save your life? Probably not the last one.

And what is it with the location websites like Foursquare and Gowalla? Why would your friends care where you are or what are you doing?
I think businesses somehow benefit from them. Keeping track of whom are their clients or something. I once checked in Uno and they tweeted that they were happy that I'm there and what did I order for lunch? Yes, I admit I used them cuz they help me find places and cuz everyone was doing so. Damn you peer pressure.
But seriously, people -not stalkers- don't need to know where the hell you are. So why use them? To shove your awesome life at your friends' faces?

I'm not asking because I want us to stop. Hell that's what awesome about our generation. We are always out there. I'm asking cuz it's 3:55 am and I have nothing better to do. I probably should not hit the publish button. Öp öp öp öp.

Nov 19, 2010

Who Are You?

Was it hard for you filling up that About Me part in Blogger or any bio section in whatever social network site? I know it was for me. At least last year that is. Before I had no problem filling it. Proof? My Facebook bio:
I'm hot then I'm cold
I'm yes then I'm no
I'm in then I'm out
I'm up then I'm down
I'm wrong when it's right
It's black and it's white
I fight, I break up
I kiss, I make up
Don't call the Doc .. I'm not bipolar .. I'm just a crazy Libra :p

Yes, it is a Katty Perry song with a twist. No creativity on my side. But it did and do describe me perfectly. I know at least one person that when they hear this song they will go "oh SHIT THAT'S COOKIE". I'd like to note that I made it my bio long before the song was popular!

The thing is, a year after, when I came to write my bio in this blog, I couldn't think of anything I just wrote something I made up of how 1+1 doesn't necessarily equals a 2 and life is much more than what we plan and do. It's something I believe in but it doesn't represent or define me in anyway.

Then came Twitter. And all I had to say about myself is that I'm a wired medical student. That is it. I am JUST a medical student.

I spent months thinking about something else that defines me as a human being but I couldn't find anything else. I was very consumed by medical school. I couldn't see who I was. I even lost parts of me. I lost touch with my old non-medical friends. I was the one to ignore and alienate them. I stopped exercising last year. Thank God I haven't gained any weight. But still exercising was much more to me than just keeping fit. I haven't gone horseback riding in more than 2 YEARS now. And it was one of my favourite things. I recently stopped baking too. And it's really frustrating to stop doing the things you love. I am happy to say that this phase is now over. I haven't got back everything that I have lost but I am back to exercising and have taken up yoga.

And so after months of thinking, the bio on this blog was born. I know that I am more than that. But this is what I'm willing to share. I am more than a medical student after all. And I can finally see it.

And as for my new Twitter bio. It was after my new obsession with football so I had to include it: A medical student, TV-holic, bookholic and I have a thing for footballers' butts and RM ♥
This reminds me I must update the blog's bio. Football consumes me now. xD

P.S: This post was inspired by the awesome Fadiosis tweet:
people in twitter r writing in their bios "medical student"!!! is that all that defines u???? :\ :\

Nov 18, 2010

A Drunk on Lack of Sleep Day Out

After the long night of watching friendly matches on TV. Highlighted by Portugal's win over Spain 4-0 yay. And Iker taking his shorts off. And then blabbering on this blog and Twitter. A girl must go out and seek some breakfast, mustn't she? And so I did. I went to Flapjacks, which is a place I have been wanting to try since forever now.

The decoration was whatever and the place looks old although it was opened only a few months back. I didn't like the menu-printed-on-the-table-thingy. And the place was racist. Yes, you heard me RACIST!

How come white people are white and other races are green. The lighting might be bad but I assure you both were green. We were thinking that probably the darker green is black and the lighter one is Saudi people. Since in other posters the light green person was wearing a thobe. And let's face it Saudi people are not white. That's not very racist right? We all just want to be represented with our right colors. Because I never saw green people walking down the street or maybe I did. Green of jealousy from my awesomeness perhaps? OK I'll go die somewhere.

But the other racist thing is how come the yellow hands are the biggest? HAAAAAA? I would like no, I demand equal sizes to all hands of all the colors. I feel like Martin Luther King. xD

Enough boozie boozie talk. Now let's get to the food. Listen to me folks and listen carefully. I will only say this once. When you are at a pancake place, order what? PANCAKES! Don't go all cleaver like me and order waffles. Because if their waffles are good they would probably be calling the place Flapjacks & Waffles House. Seriously, their waffles SUCK!

Berry Waffles

Since my food sucked I ate my sisters Kinder Pancakes and they were yumm. And the Seattle Mocha I ordered was absolute yumm.

Then I went to Debenhams to pick up something and I probably found the most ugliest piece of clothing EVER! TA DA DA DAH!

Yes, the sleeves are acid washed denim!

Isn't it refreshing? The low quality of my pictures? I'm probably the only person in the world who didn't go all pro all of a sudden. Actually this is me being all awesome photographer. You don't see a thumb covering the lens do ya? xD

Nov 17, 2010

Late Night Rambles

Damn it people. All I read is about football and footballers. Yes, of course medical books too. But I'm on a break now so... But really those websites are addictive. You must check them out: &

All I want to talk, tweet and blog about is football. It's not cute or funny any more. Don't get me wrong, I'm LOVING it. It brings such joy to me. I'd drop medical school and be a sports journalist in a heart beat. But the thing is, am I boring you? No, one really told me I am. I just get the oh but you are a girl how come you like football comments and A LOT of them. Blah people it's gorgeous men running around. How come guys like it? That is the real question. And girls, liking sports does not make you less feminine. Sheesh it's gorgeous men and they take their shirts off at the end!

I love how I'm not alone in this. 2 of my friends got the football fever since the world cup too. And Zooz even tweeted this when I tweeted my concerns of the effects of this fever on my life:
@ I know....i talk about 2 things...1)Football i.e happiness...2)kau i.e
It amazes me how long this fever has lasted. Usually I have a very short attention span. I never get addicted to anything. A month or two is my limit. Football really knew how to tie me down.

Anywho, I think it's time for a distraction. I mean it's healthy for me to blab about other things. Right? I asked my friend and she said I should write about my love for her - yeah right- or guys and relationships. Blah. So now I ask you what should I write about? TV shows? OK.

Could Serena be an even more psycho/slut/bitch than she already is. That professor Collen is all forbidden-candy-I-MUST-have-him when she can't and he's yuck-oh-I-forgot-I'm-in-love-with-Dan when she can? SLUT!

And is it me or is Blair and Chuck is double m3 nfshom this season? Yes, Chuck made us all beg for mercy when he went all "I'm Chuck Bass" on that poor French girl. But that is it this season. The crappy love/hate sex scene with B was beyond bad and actually very funny.

And Blair, turn the ego down a notch, will ya? It's disgusting. Cute when you were16 but not any more. And when she said:
"Once men have tasted caviare, it baffles me how they settle for catfish."

Oh shit woman who the fuck do you think you are? Yes, what she said is perfectly correct but NOT in her case. BITCH! Just because she's rich doesn't make her caviare. That spoiled brat. The French girl was uglier true but she was also nice and pure and a whore. OK so maybe she was really catfish. But B didn't know that did she?

Why is Jenny afraid of B and Chuck? What can they really do beside making her miserable that is.

Oh and the stupid tricks and games everyone is playing in this show, WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE? FIVE? It's really getting lame.

On an up beat fashion wise note, I LOVE S's backless dresses. They look gorgeous on her. I want them! Blair's clothes suck all around this season too but her hair, I'm loving the color.

Enough about GG. Now some Brothers & Sisters. LMAO @ when Luke's mom appeared. I thought they thought we were stupid enough to think a Latino actress is French. But then she was Portuguese who lived her life in France. Oh those Portuguese, how they manage to pop up even in my shows. *sigh*

Umm that's it. You need more? I watch a lot of shows. You just ask for it. Or give me something else to write about or just ask me to shut up. I won't by the way.

Oh wait, this summer I was learning Spanish. And I was doing pretty good. By the end of the summer I could read and actually understand the general idea of what I read. Especially my football articles. xD
When school started I didn't have time so I stopped working on my Spanish. I'm forgetting things. I'm not as half as good. I can only go: uno, dos , tres, cuatro. I used to count to 20 and more before. Me so sad *pout*

P.S: I have been staring at Segio Ramos's face for hours now. Great shot!

Nov 10, 2010

Obsession Much?

Well yeah, it became a lovely obsession? What? Well, of course it's Real Madrid. So I'm gonna blabber a bit about my lovelies.

First of all, isn't this GIRL the cutest thing EVER!

Hercules Vs Real Madrid - La Liga | 30/10/2010

I just fell in love with the picture and added it as my BBm picture. Not because of the cute baby, I never do that! But cuz of the cute awesome little RM jersey. We RM fans come in all sizes. xD

A friend of mine then asked me who was the girl? She thought it might be one of my relatives. Then when mom saw it she told me the girl looked like ME when I was little. Awww that was just perfect.

And while we are on the baby subject, what's wrong with Cristiano Ronadlo? Why does he do a tickling-like move when he celebrates his goals? It was cute at first? But now I want to know WHY?

Real Madrid 6-1 Deportivo | La Liga 03/10/2010

Real Madrid 6-1 Racing Santander - La Liga 23/10/2010

He even sucked his thumb last night in the match against Real Murcia. From this and that I deduced that he's dedicating his goals to his son. Ain't I the brilliant detective :P

Also last night Jose Mourinho was sent off. But of course you can't REALLY send Mourinho out. He went and sat on the stairs with the crowds like a little scolded kid. LOL it was priceless! Love you Mou. xD

On a not so far note, LOOK!

I WANT THE COOKIE MONSTER! Cuz you know C is for Cookie that's good enough for me. Oooh cookie cookie cookie that's me :P

Nov 8, 2010


Aww looky. Lionel Messi's girlfriend, Antonella, is so cute. If they get married they'll make cute little short kids. xD