Sep 28, 2011

On Crappy Seniors

July 2012 will be the end of medical school and by August -inshallah- we will be real life doctors! I'm more terrified than excited. Questioning whether or not I'll be good enough to handle human life? This is our last chance as students to attain as much information and skills and be worthy of such responsibility. So it is horrific to see some seniors still not getting it. Thinking it is a game and they can swing it with their la-di-da attitudes.

To cheat is never acceptable. But for obvious reasons, I always thought that it is even worse when a doctor or an architect does it. Still they do and catastrophes happen. I'm sure it all started when they were students. From cheating in exams, fake cases and undeserved signatures on easy tasks on their lame log books to prescribing the wrong/any/every drug to profit the pharmaceutical company which is paying for his/her trip to France next month. Prophet Mohammed PBUH, said: "He who cheats is not of us". Us being Muslims. It does not get any clearer than that.

I personally think students shouldn't be allowed to do procedures on patients. Except maybe if it's a simple procedure, you were supervised by a responsible doctor and you actually KNOW WHAT and WHY you are doing this procedure. If not, then I hope someone someday will do the same to you.

Really people you give medicine a bad name.