Jan 19, 2010

My Best Friend Rihanna

It's true. According to last night's dream, me & she are besties. :S

*WARNING* This is the weirdest dream EVER!

I was in AL-Kuwait with my friend Z and we were just about to go have fun & we were going to a club or something and then I saw this dude from uni looking at us & then he entered a club. We followed him in. And OMG it's not a club. It's fucking Jeddah & we are in the 2nd floor hospital auditorium LOL.

It's not enough that we are in the hospital. No I found out that we have an exam (7mass). The place was crowded with boys & girls. And OMG Rihanna was singing on stage. She finishes her song & go upstairs to where I was sitting. No one pays attention to her except me. I go to her and ask if I could have my picture taken with her. She says yes. I set next to her and she tells me to show my teeth when I smile. And oh she has braces too LOL. Then we start gossiping & laughing so hard. The girls gave us the stink eye & they boys were so jealous.

Then there were some doctors on stage reviewing some information with the students before the exam. I wanted to listen to what they were saying but the bitch won't shut up. At first I try to listen to her & to them but I can't and I'm missing on a lot. Then every thing was a blur, I can't remember. But next thing we were having an ugly fight. Why? LOL

What's your latest weirdest dream?

Jan 13, 2010

The Kite Runner

Overwhelming. It's the best & first word that comes to my mind when I think of it. It consumed my soul, left me exhausted but wanting more. I might not sound sane in the last sentence, but that's how I felt. This book hit a cord in me. A very deep one.

I loved the story, the depth, the writing style, the twists, the drama, the irony and Afghanistan. I simply almost loved everything about it. It's a must read and definitely joining my favorite-books-list.

Now for some crazy talk: *Spoiler Alert*
  1. Amir in away reminded me of Chuck Bass. Both of their moms died at child birth and they are insecure when it comes to proving themselves to their fathers. But of course my Chucky, would never betray his friends. He's always the hero saving the day- y5ty 3lih LOL. And what's up with writers always killing the rich kid's mother at child birth? It also happened to Abel's mom from Kane & Abel, by Jeffery Archer. And many others I can't recall. Maybe its to balance things up, you have money and all the crap it can buy, but you can't have the most precious thing: your mom. Drama, drama.

  2. I could relate to Amir's dad not wanting the Russian doctor to treat him. You see Uyghurs too lived through a war with Russia and I hared all about it from my grandmother -Allah yr7mha- which she heard about it from her parents. But she never really saw Russians. So once, the Russian circus was in town & we told her we are going. Even though she was sick and couldn't walk she insisted on going just to see those people she learned to hate.
  3. Amir's dad is an ass hole. There is no excuse for hiding that major, important fucking fact! He stole their rights to the truth. Amir's right to be a decent person and Ali's birth rights.
  4. I LOVED : "They only let you be this happy if they are preparing to take something from you" Amir's mom.

  5. The ending was good but kinda lame.

Can't wait to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. But I have my finals in less than 2 weeks and I HAVE TO STOP SLACKING & STUDY!!

P.S: I don't hate Russians I think they are hot. And besides the ones who killed and destroyed are long dead now.



I'm kinda pissed (tell us something new), but at 1st I didn't want to write about it, cuz I didn't want to hurt some peoples feelings. Since some of whom I know personally read my blog without even telling me. BTW I hate that.
But now I changed my mind. After all this is my outlet, bitching site and elly 3la raso b67ah y7sis 3liha.

person 1:
  1. The fact that I recently became feisty and loud ,doesn't mean I'm a bad person. No body thought that and you didn't have to bring it up in the 1st place and not in a way like your defending me in the 2nd. While in reality every sane person can see that you were trashing me.
  2. When I told my mom how bad I feel cuz I became so loud and how your complaining, she told me "but your not loud and angry at home". Then I came to think about it and its true, I'm not a loud person and definitely not an angry one. My old friends used to get really surprised when I raise my voice and get mad. True when I'm really mad, all hell's doors are open, but that's rare.
  3. Hmm it sounds to me like YOU bring the worst in me.
  4. I still like you my friend XOXO.

person 2:

  1. I think your full of hot air.
  2. You act like OMG your so yaaaay but you look nothing like it.
  3. lets just stay nice class mates, don't push yourself on us.

Umm those are the 2 annoying me today. Maybe on Saturday some more will appear. Hope not.

Jan 8, 2010

The Time Travele's Wife

Yesterday I saw it and all I could think of is: where is my time traveler?
I don't wanna be the time traveler, cuz I don't like the idea of suddenly finding myself naked in an unknown place. But a cute dude coming out of nowhere, that is very fine & welcomed by me LOL.

Oh its so cute but also so sick.I don't think that people who didn't like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will like this one.

I loved the movie and I really wished I read the book first.

Jan 5, 2010


No, I don't think I am bipolar. It's just lately, I have been acting like it. WTF is wrong with me? Why am I so emotional all out of a sudden? I get worked up & angry over the simplest things. I can't contain myself and ignore bull shit like a normal person. I raise my voice & scream like all the fucking time. I need therapy. I just want to know why am I doing this? It's not like I'm still PMSing.
I'm thinking, no scratch that, I know that it's partially cuz of the people around me. Every one is acting insane lately and it's driving me insane. I just need some space, but I don't wanna lose anyone. I hope they understand. I don't think they do. =[
Still that does not give me the excuse to explode on them like I did today. I'm truly sorry and I feel bad about it.

On another subject. Today I got published in the Words to Inspire Newsletter, the smile issue. LOL the irony.

I ain't very much happy about it. They changed some cuz I used some strong words. But they should really be thankful I didn't curse LOL. And there is this one sentence that is just wrong and it doesn't make any sense and I didn't write it that way. That pissed me off! Whatever. I just hope it is not taken against me. Cuz I am not that lame.
The piece is a modified version of a previous post of mine: You Do Count!
My friends liked & joked about the part where it says: Dreams don't come true just by working hard.
I think I gave them an excuse to slack and be lazy. Like they need any :P

Jan 4, 2010

Fun Day

Hello. Today was fun!http://emo.huhiho.com

So, I'm running late & freaking out cuz this doctor wants us to be there on time or actually before-time. I get there on time & guess what? He's not even coming.

Now we have an extra 2 hours to spare. At first the geeky instincts kicked in & we decided to spread and take cases. Luckily for us, there weren't any easy cases. So we gave up & it's time for plan B: operation ditch the hospital & go have fun. After I knocked my head to the low roof of the car -which is odd considering its a big car-and after we had a long debate & vote about where to go, yaay we went to Casper and Gambini's ♥. First thing was we told the waiter we have 30 miutes to order,eat and go. He looked freaked out. Poor us =[.

We ate, we drank, we laughed at FML then my new friend A, who's a photographer, took some pictures of us. I'm excited to see them. Cuz I'm not photogenic & I want to see if a professional photographer can make a difference LOL.

Back to the hospital and to a boring skin session. Which after, I went with G to her appointment with the plastic surgeon.
There, 2 stupid interns greeted us and re-took the history and G told them about her little finger fracture and that its called a mallet finger deformity. Stupid intern no.1 looked at my ID, then said: Oh your 4th year so you should know what kind of fracture is this? We don't know. A smug appears on their faces & they recite the types. Intern no.2: You know? the splinter you have on is called a mallet splinter not the deformity.
Then stupid intern no. 2 asked: have you ever read an X-ray? Then showed us the fucking X-ray and said: Where is the fracture? G pointed it out for him. Then he couldn't stop bitching about how small is this fracture, and how it doesn't even deserves to be called a fracture. LOL WTF dude?
They got out to get the doc. We opened a surgery book and read a bout the MALLET FINGER!
The doctor finally came. Dumb and dumber stood there watching. 1st question directed to dumb & dumber: what is a MALLET FINGER? Dumb & dumber looked at each other then smiled and stood there not knowing. LOL at that moment I had the biggest grin on my face.
The doc also directed some questions to G. But thankfully not to me, I'm only the companion after all LOL.
No surgery al 7mdullilah. Only very strict, hard to stick to commands.
Yori is leaving today back to the states. Me gonna miss you babe XOXO. T_T