Jan 4, 2010

Fun Day

Hello. Today was fun!http://emo.huhiho.com

So, I'm running late & freaking out cuz this doctor wants us to be there on time or actually before-time. I get there on time & guess what? He's not even coming.

Now we have an extra 2 hours to spare. At first the geeky instincts kicked in & we decided to spread and take cases. Luckily for us, there weren't any easy cases. So we gave up & it's time for plan B: operation ditch the hospital & go have fun. After I knocked my head to the low roof of the car -which is odd considering its a big car-and after we had a long debate & vote about where to go, yaay we went to Casper and Gambini's ♥. First thing was we told the waiter we have 30 miutes to order,eat and go. He looked freaked out. Poor us =[.

We ate, we drank, we laughed at FML then my new friend A, who's a photographer, took some pictures of us. I'm excited to see them. Cuz I'm not photogenic & I want to see if a professional photographer can make a difference LOL.

Back to the hospital and to a boring skin session. Which after, I went with G to her appointment with the plastic surgeon.
There, 2 stupid interns greeted us and re-took the history and G told them about her little finger fracture and that its called a mallet finger deformity. Stupid intern no.1 looked at my ID, then said: Oh your 4th year so you should know what kind of fracture is this? We don't know. A smug appears on their faces & they recite the types. Intern no.2: You know? the splinter you have on is called a mallet splinter not the deformity.
Then stupid intern no. 2 asked: have you ever read an X-ray? Then showed us the fucking X-ray and said: Where is the fracture? G pointed it out for him. Then he couldn't stop bitching about how small is this fracture, and how it doesn't even deserves to be called a fracture. LOL WTF dude?
They got out to get the doc. We opened a surgery book and read a bout the MALLET FINGER!
The doctor finally came. Dumb and dumber stood there watching. 1st question directed to dumb & dumber: what is a MALLET FINGER? Dumb & dumber looked at each other then smiled and stood there not knowing. LOL at that moment I had the biggest grin on my face.
The doc also directed some questions to G. But thankfully not to me, I'm only the companion after all LOL.
No surgery al 7mdullilah. Only very strict, hard to stick to commands.
Yori is leaving today back to the states. Me gonna miss you babe XOXO. T_T


  1. WHAT??? WHY???? y u haven't told u 2 were going out ???!!
    now i'm pissed , i'm angry & sad :@
    i wanted to see her sooo badly!!! T_T''

    good to know that u had a fun day though =]

  2. I was kidding ya habla to see how would you react LOL. Drama queen :P

  3. Gosh I wish I'm photogenic! I look hideous in pictures grrrrr :<

    That is so fun hanging out with a bunch of girls but I don't have the chance to do that, I don't have good girl's friends! I don't give a damn to people in my class, all are fakers! Plus I love to act stupid :P so no one bothers me :P

    Aww wish your friend finger get well soon. How could she write with injured finger? It must be so painful :( Poor thing!

  4. LOOOL..
    to the two stupid interns:jeez mala da3e showing off ya3ne u r a fuckin' nerds.

    serously ur posts are a mood-changing ;O

  5. C, I looked OK in the pics, not great though :/
    Oh and you would fit right in with us. We all act stupid, its so much more fun LOL. Hope you find amazing girl friends. =]

    Candy, LOL mn jd. And your right about my moods. Wait to see today's post, such a difference. =[

  6. I LOVE THE WORD RECITE !!!!!!!!!
    u have no idea how expressive it issss....
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL u gotta show me dumb and dumber waja333333333 fe shaklahom kilab bagarrr they think they own the world o ma 3indhom ma 3ind jaddati :@

    "doesn't even deserve to be called a fracture?"..
    o rabbi 7ag mn la3an sabe3 jad loh 3shan y3rif inno Allah 7ag :@...

    this post is funny

    LOOL @ dumb and Dumber lool

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Fadiah, you weren't even there. Eish 7tswy lo shoftihom :P

    Standy, glad you liked it =]