Feb 26, 2009

Little red notifications <3

I started this blog because I'm looking for a less annoying addiction. You see my current addiction is facebook's little red notifications. <3

Almost everything I do there is for their sake. I post random notes with the same contents and demand that my friends comment on them all, I comment on their notes and pictures, so they'll comment on my comments and so I get my perfect little hot red boxes XD.

What a joy seeing them flashing all of a sudden when I'm playing the Geo Challenge or when I come back after a good night sleep and boom there are 15 of them !! yay what a thrill lol.

So you are asking: if you love them so much and they are not a life threatening addiction, why would you want to replace them?

I'll say: well, you see my freaky friends are getting tired of commenting on stupid, random stuff. And I'm starting to feel really silly posting those random, stupid stuff.

So maybe, if I posted here my random thoughts no one would feel silly or annoyed. It'll be like chit chatting with myself. Which is something I LOVE !!

Oh look I got another notification lol

Anyway, where were we ? oh yeah talking to myself. You know I always do that, even in real non internet life. I even consider my mirror my best friend. How wacky is that?
Its Cuz I don’t feel OK telling people how I feel or I haven’t find the right friends who I can trust (I'm not so lucky in that department). And beside who is a better listener and a more compassionate friend than your own reflection in the mirror.

Try it you won't think I'm THAT crazy!! =]

OK enough blabbing for today, see when I see ya XOXO

Hello bloggers!!
I'm Dr. Smart CoOKie .. Not really a doctor... just a medical student... It's just a pet name to encourage myself to really be inshAllah. (CAN'T WAIT!!)

I thank my friend Fadiah for the fact that I started this blog .. I've been having problems expressing myself lately, so I hope this will be an outlet for me =]

I've been on a break for the last month ( yaaay me ) but unfortunately like everything good in life, it will end this Friday. Thinking about it really makes me feel sad and bump. Even though most of my friends can't wait to go back to school, I guess they are bored of the non-stress, sleep till you get bedsores, watch TV, go out, catch up on your reading and facebook until you drop kind of life. Naha but not me and I'm pretty satisfied with this lifestyle. One more thing I'll miss when this break is over, is talking to my friend Yara. Cuz she lives in LA and in normal lives our schedules are so different and both of us are very busy people that we don’t get to talk that often. I really miss you my dear friend. =[

Another thing I'm going to turn 21 in a few days. Its bl Hijri thank god. That means I'm gonna still be 20 for another few months. I know I'm still young and that 21 is not old, but still I'm freaking out of the idea of getting old. I DON’T WANNA GET OLD !!

The other day I was reading, Love in the Time of Cholera, which is a really bad, boring book, I don’t know what's wrong with all these people who liked it :S. Any way that’s not the point, in the book there is this guy who killed himself cuz he was 60 and he don’t want to get older and suffer from all the old age drama. And I totally get him :S. Maybe that’s why I want to be a plastic surgeon. XD

I'm not a shallow person, it's not just looks that I'm afraid of losing, cuz hopefully I got the good genes. It's everything !! I don’t want to explain now .. I'm getting bored .. But I'm sure you get it?

Thanks for suffering through this post... and hopefully it wasn’t suffering you felt!!
Dr. Smart CoOKie <3