Feb 27, 2010

1st Anniversary

Hey. Yesterday was my blog's first birthday.
Happy birthday my bitching-site.

And to many years with my blog and lovely readers XOXO

Feb 25, 2010

7 Minutes in Heaven

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"The challenge is to tell 7 things about yourself, and then challenge 7 people to do the same."

  1. I'm a bitch and I have no tolerance for stupidity or lack of morals.

  2. I used to have a GREAT voice but sadly I lost it. And my old friends still want me to be a rock star and pursue singing as a career. Hear me now I say.

  3. One of the reasons why I entered medical school is because I said I would when I was in the 7th grade.

  4. I had 3 near death experiences and once I almost lost one of my eyes.

  5. I have a cat named CoOkie. She hates me.

  6. I hate shoe shopping.

  7. Asking me to draw or do crafts is the best way to torture me!

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Feb 19, 2010


Tomorrow, back to depression land. A new semester and I'm so not excited.
Still somehow we manage to smile. Check out this video, it's amazing.

It was made for the 7th GCC, which was hosted in KAU. I didn't attend so I can't say how it went. But yay to my friends who made it happen. =]

Good bye break. You were GREAT. I'm gonna miss you. T_T

Oh and check out this. Not the greatest vocals nor looks but still cute song. Gotta love this girl.

Feb 13, 2010

Screw the Beast. Where Is My Frog?

Hello peeps. Miss me? Cuz I sure do miss ya all. :)

I just saw the Princess and the Frog. And oh how I'm in love with prince Naveen. I know perfect timing. It's Valentines day.

He's soooooo cute, charming and adorable. Even as a FROG! Those eyes aww! Prince Beast please step aside your not my number one Disney prince anymore.

You must see the movie. It's so funny and cute. Ohhh Naveen please be true :P

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