Jul 31, 2010

Life of Pi

Someone a while back recommended this book to me. I can't recall who but thanks, I loved it.

*Spoiler Alert*

The book promises you a story that will make you believe in God. I'm not sure how? But since I already believe who cares. At the beginning and due to the promise I thought it was just about this Indian kid who is exploring religion and God. Which was fine, I loved this part. Some deep, intense stuff. Though for a second there I got all closed minded and just couldn't get over the fact that you can NOT have 3 religions. You just can't. When the 3 wise men fought over that same issue and he said "I just want to love God", I felt ashamed and shut my head up. But then after reading the whole thing I stand by believing it's wrong. I guess Yann Martel, didn't do enough research about Islam. Because if he did he will know that a person who is a Muslim and whose major is religion would know that the only unforgivable sin in Islam is to worship other Gods or things beside Allah. Big failure. But hey that's not the point of the story.

Now to the sea part, seriously "film hindi" LOL. Some really unbelievable, disgusting shit. And while I was reading it, I thought it was really a true story cuz he kinda of said so at the author's notes, but then I found out it's fiction. The point is I wanted to google a lot of the stuff cuz they sounded so science fictiony. And it really Really broke my heart. Too much suffering.

When he gave that other version or story or whatever, if it's a true story, I would have favoured it. Cuz seriously how in the world were the meerkats would exist in that carnivore island? By the way the meerkats totally reminded me of the world cup. No, for real, if such island exists that would be awesome. I ain't questioning it either.

I didn't want it to stop. I wanted to know what happens next? How could a person who has went through all of that lead a normal life? It's a great book and I totally recommend it to you. A part of me thinks it's a must read too.

Jul 27, 2010

Questioning Tag

I was tagged by the sweet Another Penelope.

Ten how’s:

1. How did you get one of your scars? I don't have any.

2. How did you celebrate your last birthday? I had 2 birthday parties. One at home with my family and the other one was a surprise party a few months before my birthday, at my friend's house.

3. How are you feeling at this moment? empty.

4. How did your night go last night? I went out with my bro but I'm PMSing so not good. xD

5. How did you do in high school? I did great al 7mdullah. :)

6. How did you get the shirt you’re wearing? I bought it.

7. How often do you see your best friend(s)? a few times every six months or a year. She lives in another continent.

8. How much money did you spend last month? I don't know and I don't want to know.

9. How old do you want to be when you get married? I don't know. But sure as hell not in my early twenties.

10. How old will you be at your next birthday? 22. xD

Nine what’s:

1. Your mother’s name? Nabihah.

2. What did you do last weekend? Umm what is today?

3. What is the most important part of your life? My family and education.

4. What would you rather be doing? Travelling.

5. What did you last cry over? I'm PMSing. I just burst into tears for no apparent reason.

6. What always makes you feel better when you’re upset? Listening to good music, crying and exercising. Eating ice cream used to do the trick but not any more. :(

7. What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other? I'm not looking for a significant other.

8. What are you worried about? Life.

9. What did you have for breakfast? PB sandwich.

Eight you’s:

1. Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend? Yes, but they were celebs aka not real people. So it doesn't count. :P

2. Have you ever had your heartbroken? Yes.

3. Have you ever been out of the country? Yes.

4. Have you ever done something outrageously dumb? Yup.

5. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend? Yup.

6. Have you ever had sex on the beach? Nop.

7. Have you ever dated someone younger than you? Nop.

8. Have you ever read an entire book in one day? Yes.

Seven who’s:

1. Who was the last person you saw? My sister.

2. Who was the last person you texted? I don't text much any more. But I last BBmd my friend Yara.

3. Who was the last person you hung out with? My lil bro.

4. Who was the last person to call you? My driver. xD

5. Who did you last hug? Mom.

6. Who is the last person who texted you? Dear old STC.

7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? Don't remember.

Six where’s:

1. Where does your best friend(s) live? LA.

2. Where did you last go? Red Sea mall.

3. Where did you last hang out? Same as the last question.

4. Where do you go to school? KAU.

5. Where is your favorite place to be? Istanbul. I miss you. :(

6. Where did you sleep last night? In my room.

Five do’s:

1. Do you think anyone likes you? Yeah, I do.

2. Do you ever wish you were someone else? I wish the people I know were some other people.

3. Do you know the muffin man? No, but I would love to meet him.

4. Does the future scare you? Yes.

5. Do your parents know about your blog? No.

Four why’s:

1. Why are you best friends with your best friends? She's the only one that can make me laugh when I'm really down.

2. Why did you get into Blogging? My friend Fadiah told me so.

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have? Both of my parents loved the name even before they met. It was meant to be.

4. Why are you doing this survey? I was tagged and I thought it might be fun. :)

Three if’s:

1. If you could have one super power what would it be? Flaying. :)

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you? Oh I would.

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring 1 thing, what would you bring? a good, eye candy companion.

Two would-you-ever’s:

1. Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you? No.

2. Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love? Yeah sure.

One last question:

1. Are you happy with your life right now? Al 7mdullah 3la kol 7al.

I tag: Trapped Medic, Drama Queen, Shahirah Elaiza, eshda3wa and everyone who's interested.

Jul 25, 2010

Flexible Me?

Before the summer started. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance season 7. And you know how I am when I watch TV, I wanna be like them. But when it comes to this show I will just settle with being as flexible as the dancers. Cuz I was not flexible. Can't-reach-my-toes-even -though-I'm-thin-inflexible. So I had to do something about it. Noticed how I used was instead of is?

Yes ladies and gents, I am now flexible LOL. Wanna know how? Will, since the beginning of the summer I have started doing some Kundalini yoga. Though I'm not into the spiritual, mental thingy.

At the first session, it was as I heard some say, like you have never breathed before. I have used up some lung capacity, I have never knew existed. I don't know if it was the too much oxygen that went to my brain for the first time or what? But I stayed light headed and dizzy for 3 hours after. People you should REALLY learn how to breath. Good breathing uplifts your spirit and relaxes you beyond anything else. And that concludes the good part of the first experience.
I found out how inflexible my body really is and it was extremely frustrating not being able to get into the full poses. And while I'm in the middle of my struggle, the dude in the DVD says "and you're as young as your spine is flexible". THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I'm 21 and my spine is stiff as hell so what does that makes me? 40? Needless to say that line destroyed me.

1st attempt to get into camel pose.

Thankfully the frustration was a result of the first session alone. The second day, I was able to get into most of the poses except camel pose but still I took that pose further than I did before. Which was a big thing cuz it was the hardest one for me. Third time I got into ALL the poses. Including camel pose. I am so happy with the results and really amazed of how fast it happened alhmdullah. As I'm continuing to do yoga, I'm getting better and better results every day. And I'm doing pilates now too.

2nd attempt. Note: the heels are raised.
Full pose. I CAN DO THIS NOW! :D

Remember people you are as young as your spines are flexible. :P

Jul 11, 2010

2010 World Cup Memories and Rants

This post is for me to reflect upon in 4 years time. Inshallah I'll be reading it in Brazil. If you didn't watch this world cup you won't understand what I'm talking about and maybe even if you did.

I can't believe it has been a month already. It feels like just last week we were watching the opening match. Staring at a black screen with the words "no signal" no thanks to al Jazeerah.

Remember how I said I won't root for a specific team and that I'll just root for the hottest one every match. Yeah that was not the case. Not even close. I was sold to Germany the minute I knew Mesut Özil was playing. A Very amazing Turk player. Plus I love Germany in the medical field and I think it is a great country. Too bad for Mesut he was only a star in the matches against Australia and Ghana. But he is young and he is a big star in the making.
I loved the German team. Every and each one of them had a piece of my heart. I loved how they topped group D. As in D for Duha. Me. And how they scored 4 goals each in 3 of their matches. Which 4 is my lucky number. I'm telling you those are MY boys.
I was super sad when Muller got a yellow card in the match with Argentina and was to miss the match with Spain. Di Maria from Argentina also handballed but did not get a yellow card. So that is NOT FAIR! I hate the referees in this world cup. Bunch of ass holes. Anyway after my boys lost against Spain, I was DYING to know what was Muller thinking. I searched for an interview with him but nothing. I really wanted to talk to him. Puff I'm not a stalker. I just needed to know what was he thinking. LOL that sounds funny now. And then when Klose didn't play against Uruguay I was so heart broken. Oh why would he do that? The flu? Back injury? Those are not reasons. If he was dead, I would want someone to drag his corpse all over the field and hope for the ball to hit his body and score 2 times. If he did he would have broken the all-time FIFA World Cup finals scoring record of 15. I really needed to talk to him too. Enough about Germany. For now that is.

Now Portugal, at their first match I was at the beginning against them cuz my little brother rooted for them. I made jokes after jokes and made him change his mind and never ever root for them again. But during the match Cristiano Ronaldo, whom I never really understood why is everybody obsessed with him, threw and got himself a yellow card for acting I guess. He then screamed "FUCK YOU". I was signed, sealed delivered. Man that was HOT! And I am not the only one who thinks that. And that is how me rooting for Portugal was borne LOL.
The next match with Korea was just AWESOME! Loved every bit of the 7 goals. And how Cristiano was getting frustrated for not scoring himself and then he did score that silly yummy goal and LOL. He made my day. The next day my friend was insisting that the ball rolled over his ass and then he shot it. I told her I didn't see no ass involvement and that we must see it again to make sure. I still think there weren't but it is still a cute goal. Speaking of his ass, that same friend was commenting on it and another friend told her "siby his ass fi 7alo". LOL I think it was hilarious but that is just me. :P

To Spain,
You broke my heart twice. Kicking both of my teams out. But I'm oddly still happy that you won the cup. Maybe because you were really the best or maybe cuz you have hands down the hottest guys in the tournament.
I LOVED the second half of the match with Paraguay. Super entertaining. I watched it 6 times.

To Holland,
I love you guys and love your country. Had some amazing memories there. But what the fuck? It's football not kill-the-Spanish-game. You played too fucking rough at the final. Not cool.

To Villa and Wesley,
HAHA Muller got the Adidas Golden Boot Yaay. The only importance of the final for me, was to make sure you 2 freaks don't score. Woop woop. I say this with love cuz I like you both as players. :P

Dude this might be the longest, most disorganized post EVER!

On crying, that was a major up in the world cup. I just enjoy getting sad over them cute guys crying. Sick? I know. The most memorable crying dudes -I was struggling to find a word better than cry babies- were:
  1. That cute Italian dude that was really crying but I can't really remember his name. LOL not so memorable ha?
  2. Oscar the Paraguayan who lost the penalty shot against Spain. Y7ZIN!
  3. Eduardo, Portugal's goal keeper. He BROKE MY HEART! Poor thing. He was really good.
  4. Casillas, Spain's goal keeper, tears of joy. Top notch awesome happiness.
  5. Wesley Senijder glistening eyes after he cried was so cute. Poor little thing.
Now let's talk in general. That was not in general? I mean about some random players.
  1. Diego Forlan, you are HOT plus a very amazing player. You totally deserved that Golden Ball.
  2. Luis Suarez, I really don't like you but you totally saved the day in the match with Ghana. That was REALLY FUNNY! Great goal keeping skills.
  3. David Villa, you MOVE like a real matador. I like o.O
  4. Siphiwe Tshabalala, I really like your last name.

I think this is enough. No one will read all of this let alone me. Oh wait. Last thing, I promise.

Note to STC: FUCK YOU! I LOVED watching/BBming the matches with Yori. For you to cut off the service just because I changed to prepaid so you won't rob me as much was plain WHAT THE FUCK YA 7RAMIAH! I have been begging you to TAKE MY MONEY for 2 WEEKS NOW and still NOTHING! I hope you burn in hell.

And a happy world cup to you too. xD