Jul 25, 2010

Flexible Me?

Before the summer started. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance season 7. And you know how I am when I watch TV, I wanna be like them. But when it comes to this show I will just settle with being as flexible as the dancers. Cuz I was not flexible. Can't-reach-my-toes-even -though-I'm-thin-inflexible. So I had to do something about it. Noticed how I used was instead of is?

Yes ladies and gents, I am now flexible LOL. Wanna know how? Will, since the beginning of the summer I have started doing some Kundalini yoga. Though I'm not into the spiritual, mental thingy.

At the first session, it was as I heard some say, like you have never breathed before. I have used up some lung capacity, I have never knew existed. I don't know if it was the too much oxygen that went to my brain for the first time or what? But I stayed light headed and dizzy for 3 hours after. People you should REALLY learn how to breath. Good breathing uplifts your spirit and relaxes you beyond anything else. And that concludes the good part of the first experience.
I found out how inflexible my body really is and it was extremely frustrating not being able to get into the full poses. And while I'm in the middle of my struggle, the dude in the DVD says "and you're as young as your spine is flexible". THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I'm 21 and my spine is stiff as hell so what does that makes me? 40? Needless to say that line destroyed me.

1st attempt to get into camel pose.

Thankfully the frustration was a result of the first session alone. The second day, I was able to get into most of the poses except camel pose but still I took that pose further than I did before. Which was a big thing cuz it was the hardest one for me. Third time I got into ALL the poses. Including camel pose. I am so happy with the results and really amazed of how fast it happened alhmdullah. As I'm continuing to do yoga, I'm getting better and better results every day. And I'm doing pilates now too.

2nd attempt. Note: the heels are raised.
Full pose. I CAN DO THIS NOW! :D

Remember people you are as young as your spines are flexible. :P


  1. really?? you really can do that???

    hmm, i should go home and try and see if i can or i cant do that!

  2. wow Good for you :D keep doing yoga it's fun , yea I can do that too bs it's gives me a headache :P

  3. I'm suddenly thankful that I'm naturally flexible :D

  4. Hi smart cookie shlonech :P

    You're exactly the type of writer i want for a new journalism project.. Interested?

    Email me at

  5. Standy, yup I can REALLY do that xD
    Let me know if you can.

    AP, it used to make me dizzy. But then I found out that it doesn't when I open my eyes.

    Drama Queen, you should be. :)

    Hey q8i, I'll send you an email and check you out. :P

  6. ur post made me cry , i used to be flexible , fast and fit , i used to play a lot of sports , exercise , even martial art , now nothing , and am stiff like hell ):

  7. oh honey, it's never too late to go back to being all that and more.

  8. Impressive.. It needs alot of dedication to stick it! i always start stuff then ditch em:( i can bend to tie my shoelace :P

  9. You just need to stay motivated. Shoelace is a start. :P

  10. congrats
    where did u get the DVDs ??

  11. I downloaded a couple from some torrent sites. Can't remember which.