Jun 30, 2010

4th Year - Final Day

I had 4 finals today. Ophthalmology finale written and OSCE. ENT finale written and OSCE. I didn't REALLY study. I was busy last night. First with being excited about Portugal's match vs Spain. Then was busy being absolutely mad and depressed cuz poor old Portugal lost. And it wasn't a fair loss. Ronaldo so deserved at least a free kick and if so it was an absolute goal but the fucking referee denied it. Whatever, it is over right? Anyway, so after the match I couldn't possibly study. I discussed the thing with my friends on facebook then I went to bed. Woke up in the morning. Had some coffee, which I don't usually do. Started studying and did some or a lot of twittering. Went to the hospital. Took the ophthalmology written then at the OSCE, I wrote the answers at the questions sheet, although the doc specifically told us to write it in the ANSWERS SHEET. Thank God Dr.Bawzeer noticed and unfortunately wasn't very happy with my stupidity. So he got really mad, stood right next to me and pretended to scream at the whole auditorium but me and everyone around me knew he was actually screaming at me. At the moment I was so embarrassed, I wanted al ar9' tnsh8 o tbl3ny. Then a few minutes after, he came back to make sure I wrote them in the right place. Again whatever! Though some girls really LIKE this doc and I was told by one of them "You should be honoured he noticed you and talked to you". Really? I hope next time it happens to you then. But really thank you doc for noticing. Woosh.

Then there was ENT. Dr.Sindi kept fucking screaming like a mad man for an unknown reason to me. The dude almost gave me a heart attack. Anyway, the ENT OSCE was SUPER SHIT! I only wish the person who corrects my paper doesn't kill himself. The written was meh. But it couldn't just be a meh. No, God forbid. My tummy remembered its famous exams ritual that it has to make noises. And guess what? Yes, the resident was standing a few steps behind me. Fuck. I kept praying he doesn't hear my tummy and wished oh how I wished that I had breakfast before I came. It wasn't that loud so hopefully he didn't hear or that I never see him or doc Bawzeer ever again.

Then I rewarded my self with a Farppuccino and a cookie from Starbucks. What a wonderful day to end such a wonderful year. Please fifth year, do not be as wonderful or even more. My heart could only handle much wonderfullity.

God, I still can't believe this year has actually ended al 7mdullah. And it's been a full school year since I wrote this post: 4th Year-Day One.

By the way what do you think should I do something productive this summer or should I just lounge around? I'm so confused. Again whatever. Wish you all a great summer XoXO.

Note to KAU: 4 finals before an important match and then nothing at the days where no matches what so ever are held? FUCK YOU!

Jun 27, 2010


To the lot of you who are following eagerly the status of my teeth, I am happy to report that I am no longer in braces al hamdullah.

AND Germany won. Woop woop *dancing*. Actually it is more like KILLED England 4-1. I love you my boys XOXO.

Jun 26, 2010

Girls Night Out

Yesterday I went out with 2 of my football-Portugal-Cristiano-fans-friends to watch what other than the match between Brazil and Portugal. We went to Campioni Sports Cafe. It's a hot exclusive spot to watch the world cup here in Jeddah. Definitely a must go for you football freaks. Though you must buy your tickets a few days before the match you desire to watch that is if you don't want to shed sweat blood and tears to get it, like we did.

We painted our faces in red and green in solidarity with Portugal. Most of the people there were Brazil fans except a bunch of women in the ground floor that kept screaming with US. The screaming is very confusing. The guy who was rooting for Brazil kept screaming out of terror and sometimes joy and we would get confused as to if we saw something different. Plus that dude brought his kids and dressed them all in Brazil shirts. A sight very sore to the eye. Then there was the not so sore, yummy bunny Cristiano *sigh*. He looked so CUTE. But he did get on our nerves a little bit. Why doesn't he chase the fucking ball? He gives up so easily. At least that's what we think. I don't think he should have been awarded Man of the Match. But hey he's happy, I'm happy. xD

More pictures here.

Fun facts about the menu, they have a hookah named after Cristiano. Shitty thing I don't smoke that thing. Why couldn't they make him a desert so I would eat him? *pout*
And the food was named after football teams. Real Madrid was basal pasta. I wasn't in the mood for it and I'm not that obsessed with Cristiano so I passed. I got an AC Roma burger which I'm not sure if it's a combination between AC Milan and AS Roma? Or if there is actually a team called that? :/

Pity we can't go watch Germany kicks England's ass tomorrow cuz we must study for our fnals. Or maybe it's a good thing? Cuz both of my friends are with England and we are very hot blooded people, whom takes football VERY seriously. And Obviously our friendship is much more important :P

Good luck Germany. Make me proud boys XOXO.

Jun 22, 2010


Today I overslept. Mom woke me and I didn't panic. I just smiled at her and played with my hair. I got ready as slowly as if I'm an hour early. Then I BBed my friend to tell me when the next lecture start. She BBed back that the 1st lecture was cancelled and the next will be 15 minutes later. Which is perfect so I can be there on time. When I got there a girl asked me if I saw her friend? I said: "I don't know, I just got here". She said: "maslllah did you arrange that with the docs?". LOL. I like to think it is because of the positive energy I sent to the universe by not panicking. So I'll keep up my positive attitude and hope no, believe in an Algerian and a German win tomorrow and another Portuguese on Friday. xD

P.S: God bless the cookie that made up my day yesterday XOXO.

Jun 13, 2010

Imma Be

You know how you shouldn't allow kids to watch everything on TV cuz they will want to fly like Peter Pan and shoot each other? Yeah, I too should not be allowed. Why? I watch The Vampire Diaries and suddenly I want to be a vampire and I need to watch Twilight to kill that stupid fantasy. I watch Glee and boom I want a glee club at my university. Even though I can't sing. So You Think You Can Dance and I'm more realistic here, I just want to be more flexible. I watch the Olympics and man how much I want to be the first Saudi Olympian woman who brings the gold. I still want that. I have wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, mutant from X-men, cat woman, Lady Gaga and even wanted to get my own Pokemon. Never really wanted to be a gossip girl though.

My latest wanna be is a football player. Guess why? xD
But I don't want to play with the girls. Super lame. I want to play with the big boys and at the world cup only. I'll settle with being a goal keeper, since I don't want to be smashed. And as it happens to be I'm an excellent goal keeper or so I have been told.

Delusions aside, I came up with a more proper way to make my dream of playing with the hot, sweaty guys come true. I'll get into sports medicine. Ahh I can picture it already. *day dreams*

Now let's talk football, I am not cheering for a particular team. Cuz our fucking awesome Saudi team is not in. I decided to cheer for the cutest team playing every match. Super stupid girl attitude. But I'm doing it. Another thing, girls if you don't care about the world cup, don't pretend that you do. It annoys the fuck out of me. And no, my super-stupid-girl attitude is not the same, cuz I actually love sports. And if your not into the world cup and you are going all guys are stupid why are they into this shit and joining anti-world-cup clubs then you are coco. I advise you to keep it to yourself. Cuz who wouldn't want to see a bunch of hot, competitive guys making sports history? It gets your blood pumping while you are sitting in the comfort of your chair. Don't be offended. Do I sound bipolar? I'm just very disappointed. Algeria lost and broke my heart. Stupid Idiot goal keeper. Speaking of stupid idiot goal keepers, England's Green, tops the list.

See? I think they should seriously consider getting me.