Mar 18, 2010


Hello, I passed my stupid radiology final yaaaaaay. Well, normally I wouldn't be happy for just passing. But you don't know. This course is:
  1. Only 3 weeks.
  2. No text book.
  3. The doctors were m3 nfshom.
  4. Stupid.
  5. Very hard.
  6. Only one day to study for the final.
  7. There was no midterm. The whole 100 marks went on the final.
  8. The final was only MCQs BUT every one MCQ is graded with 2 marks.

Do the math. That is why I'm so happy al 7mdullah. Don't worry reality will kick me later and the nerd in me will wake up.

BTW I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, but I'm not in the mood for a review. So I'll just say this: I HATE MEN! I hate Taliban! I cried a river. Seriously this book is so depressing and I'm already beyond depressed. I didn't need this too. Do not read it except if your living in LALA land and want to come back to reality.

So what should I read next? Any recommendations?

Mar 16, 2010


Think what you may but this is Casper the friendly ghost NOT an X-ray image!
Radiology final tomorrow and I'm screwed. Pray for me!

Mar 9, 2010

The Oscars ♥

It's the time of the year where Miss Smart CoOkie thinks its time to ditch medical school and head to Hollywood BABY!!

P.S: I was excited about writing this post while I was watching the Oscars. But half way through it, I lost my Internet connection. Now, I'm not so excited.

So how was it? First I miss Hugh Jackman. He was so much funnier plus sexier. :P

Second, that bitch - Gorge Clooney's date- is so fucking annoying. I want to slap her!

Wasn't Ben Stiller hilarious? Or wasn't he hilarious? LOL loved him.

I loved it when Sandra Bullock won. Not that I wasn't sure she was the one to win. But how she reacted was so CUTE! Congrats you really deserved it ♥

Kathryn Bigelow was incredibly cute too. I'm so happy she won. First best director female, such an accomplishment. Have you noticed when she won her ex-husband -the director of Avatar- was smiling and apparently happy for her, although he too was nominated for the award. But when her movie The Hurt Locker won, he was very upset cuz his movie lost. I thought it was interesting LOL.

It wasn't much of a surprise of whom won from the actors and actresses. But the Best picture, wohaa. The Hurt Locker. Never heard of it before. And I don't like this kind of movies. But I must see it now.

What next? Ahh the dresses. Those are my favorite.

Anna Kendrick

Demi Moore.

Rachel McAdams.

I absolutely LOVE it!

Such a simple lovely gown. And The diamond necklace and earings are AMAZING! ME WANT!

That's it XOXO

Mar 6, 2010


Today after the stupid midterm, I went with my friend S to this relatively new restaurant, Maggiano's.

I heard such great reviews about it. One even said it is the best food in Jeddah. But I must say its name gave me such a hard time. Everyone pronounce it very differently. It was seriously confusing. So I decided when I go, I'll ask the waiters how do they pronounce it? But I forgot. :/

The place was deserted. Only one couple when we arrived. I didn't like that. But hey it is the middle of the week, which means Jeddah is almost a ghost town. I liked the decor. Red and black. Cosy and romantic.

Now the food, I ordered the Maggiano's salad, meat balls sandwich, some kind of a kiwi mojito and for desert tiramisu. The food for me was not so good. There was this weird, brown, very hard thing in the salad that made me choke a couple of times. The sandwich wasn't even close to yummy but the bread was heaven. The mojito was just OK. But on the other hand -thank God- the tiramisu was perfect.

The bitten tiramisu

Stupid thing happened when we asked for the bill. A Saudi waiter who wasn't our waiter, came up to us and asked "since you are doctors do you have panadol?". Cuz apparently doctors are moving pharmacies?

The thing about its location is, it is very lovely and strategic on AL Tahlia street but kinda of cursed. Yup doomed to fail. As far as I remember, first it was Pizza Express. Which was a nice place that served decent pizza, that even at some days you could make your own. The place was always basically dead so it closed. And Nandoos opened instead. I like Nandoos. it serves chicken. What's not to like? But somehow no one went there and the place closed soon after. Now Maggiano's. Will it break the spell and live happily ever after? Or will it be turned to a pharmacy that sells panadol extra?

I think it is safe to say that Maggiano's is no where near being the best place in Jeddah. I totally recommend Ill Gusto for a better Italian dining experience. Smaller, far less elegant but the food is Yum!

Mar 1, 2010


Hey people, I need to make a decision ASAP and I want your help.
So I have this elective course and I'm not sure what to choose. Should I take French cuz I'm so depressed and I don't want to study anymore or should I take a medical thingy and let's hope I'll be in a better mood when it starts?
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