Mar 18, 2010


Hello, I passed my stupid radiology final yaaaaaay. Well, normally I wouldn't be happy for just passing. But you don't know. This course is:
  1. Only 3 weeks.
  2. No text book.
  3. The doctors were m3 nfshom.
  4. Stupid.
  5. Very hard.
  6. Only one day to study for the final.
  7. There was no midterm. The whole 100 marks went on the final.
  8. The final was only MCQs BUT every one MCQ is graded with 2 marks.

Do the math. That is why I'm so happy al 7mdullah. Don't worry reality will kick me later and the nerd in me will wake up.

BTW I finished A Thousand Splendid Suns, but I'm not in the mood for a review. So I'll just say this: I HATE MEN! I hate Taliban! I cried a river. Seriously this book is so depressing and I'm already beyond depressed. I didn't need this too. Do not read it except if your living in LALA land and want to come back to reality.

So what should I read next? Any recommendations?


  1. heeey mabrook babyeeeh for passin' sometimes we want to pass coz il subjects might came from space? :P

  2. Assalamualaikum!!!

    I happened to stumble onto you blog and noticed you're a medical student in Jeddah! I happen to be studying medicine in Jeddah too :D

    Mabrook on passing!! We had a Radiology class last week and I was :S most of the time. And I hate MCQ's, too annoying. I've discovered that whenever I have a doubt in a Q, I always end up choosing the WRONG answer!!!!!!

    Btw, I read Thousand Splendid suns a couple on months back too! And I cried a river as well, some pages got wet with my tears. It made me understand how the world has problems and how many a times we ourselves are our OWN enemy. The main probs were actually due to internal is sad. But I have slightly different views on men and taliban :P

    Anyways I'm excited I found your blog!! inshaAllah I'll follow you...I'm bookmarking this :D And you're around my age too. Are you at KAU?

  3. Mabrouk! You're living up to your display name =P

  4. Congrats! 100 marks all at once!? wow!
    Which year are you in?

  5. thank God you passed radio... honey it's a miracle believe me... such course is f***ing horrible *hug*...
    anyways, suddenly ppl jump from book to the other while i'm still reading "the lost symbol" O_O
    i hate myself !!! yesterday i went to virgin and didn't find "the kite runner" and a bunch of other books that i wanted...
    damn, where did i get the idea that virgin megastore is MEGA !!!!!!
    :@:@:@:@... i guess u're way ahead me so no recommendation from me :p
    maybe if u haven't read 7 minutes for paulo ???

  6. loool.. salamaat =p

    and alf mabrook for passing =)

  7. athoofa, hey girl. Welcome to my blog. I'm glad you liked it. You seem like a 6th year? They take radiology for 1 week, I heard. And yes I'm at KAU.

    About the book, humm I didn't find that here. Most of the problems to me were external and out of their hands and then it obviously lead to having tormenting demons.
    By now I came to liking men again. But Taliban, no sir that won't happen.

    Come again =]

    Shahirah, thank you dear. But now why do I feel it's a mock? :P

    Bliss, thanks babe. Shofty al moftreen, 7sby Allah bs LOL. I'm a 4th year student.

    Fadiosis, thanks sweety=]
    WHAT you didn't finish it? I thought your liking it?
    I personally never even looked at the books at Virgin. But you shouldn't hate yourself, hate them. I hate Saudi. Can't they bring ALL the books ON TIME? No, they can't *puff*
    I'll start reading To Kill a Mocking Bird with Gee Mad inshallah. =]

    Standy, Allah yslmik bs 3la what? :P
    And thanks for the congrats. =]

  8. Was waiting till you responded. Nah, I'm just a 2nd year :P And we had a radiology class as part of the CVS module, not a radiology course :D

    Which year are you in? You guys do the module system? I know KAU have the module system this year but not sure about the previous batches...

    I'm not Saudi btw, but have been brought up here and not at KAU...I'm at Ibn Sina if you've happened to hear of it ;)

  9. Oh as for the book, I mean internal as in not the general population. But how the "soldiers" of their own country had internal conflicts that destroyed the country more than any outside army, country. The common people I agree had nothing in their hands, masakeen. May Allah Guide and Protect this Ummah!

  10. Oh yeah I remember having random radiology lectures with each module. Such a miserable thing. I'm at my 4th year and we are the 1st rat labs to try this modules system.

    As with the book, I get your point now. Though "internal" wasn't the best word to use. Ameen to your prayers.
    And nice to know more about you. Why don't you start your own blog?

  11. Well done!

    ohh I was told if I wanna read that book I need a box of tissue next to me :/

  12. Mabrook! a little late. But, insha'a'Allah Allah make it easy on you. Salam Foo Foo!!!

  13. mabrook on passing ur exam..

    did u read the 5 people u meet in heaven?

    if not

    u should

    and if u did holler at me and ill recommend something else

  14. Congrats, guess what, I passed toooooo!! I got a score much lower than expected though, i believe there is a mistake. If it happens to be that they would not reconsider the corrections i will hold a grudge against the scanning bastards forever!!

  15. congrats on passing!!!!
    Read... Life of Pi by Yann Martel. =D I love it!

  16. Aww thank you all XOXO.

    eshda3wa & T.T. I just added the books you recommended to my reading list. =]

    Junky, inshallah they will review it and you get a better mark. =]