Mar 9, 2010

The Oscars ♥

It's the time of the year where Miss Smart CoOkie thinks its time to ditch medical school and head to Hollywood BABY!!

P.S: I was excited about writing this post while I was watching the Oscars. But half way through it, I lost my Internet connection. Now, I'm not so excited.

So how was it? First I miss Hugh Jackman. He was so much funnier plus sexier. :P

Second, that bitch - Gorge Clooney's date- is so fucking annoying. I want to slap her!

Wasn't Ben Stiller hilarious? Or wasn't he hilarious? LOL loved him.

I loved it when Sandra Bullock won. Not that I wasn't sure she was the one to win. But how she reacted was so CUTE! Congrats you really deserved it ♥

Kathryn Bigelow was incredibly cute too. I'm so happy she won. First best director female, such an accomplishment. Have you noticed when she won her ex-husband -the director of Avatar- was smiling and apparently happy for her, although he too was nominated for the award. But when her movie The Hurt Locker won, he was very upset cuz his movie lost. I thought it was interesting LOL.

It wasn't much of a surprise of whom won from the actors and actresses. But the Best picture, wohaa. The Hurt Locker. Never heard of it before. And I don't like this kind of movies. But I must see it now.

What next? Ahh the dresses. Those are my favorite.

Anna Kendrick

Demi Moore.

Rachel McAdams.

I absolutely LOVE it!

Such a simple lovely gown. And The diamond necklace and earings are AMAZING! ME WANT!

That's it XOXO


  1. I loved ur review about il oscar <3
    well,7abbait Anna Kendrick's dress,waaayed na3ooom o 7eeelo <3

  2. Haha, the paparazzi! Love the cut of Rachel dress, look like stormy sky!

  3. Demi moore's dress was TO DIE FOR!!!

    Rachel McAdams, Sandra Bullock and J Lo looked stunning!!! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!

  4. yaaay Sandra bullock won :D I'm happy for her! ouuuf I loved Rachel's dress 3jeeeb :D

  5. ooh MaAdams' dress is gorgeos!

  6. Salam =) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have to say, I like your choice of dresses from the Oscars especially the long flowy ones.

    Love your blog btw, it's so cute. I'ma keep coming back inshaAllah! Take care sis.

  7. well .. it's been a looooong time since the last time i came by ur blog.

    I MISSED IT!!!! didn't c the oscar's .. didn't even knew it's this time of the year!! .. it's all bcoz of this stupid RAD. n LAB. modules we were much more like to break through than enjoyin' it :S
    thanks god we'r done now .. so let's move to the next =)

    now i must say .. i like all the dresses u'r showin' here , toooootally my style! except for the last one .. i think it's too CLASSIC n a bit of an old-lady dress!
    i liked the 1st n the 2nd the most ! actually the 2nd dress looks like the one i was going to wear on my bro.'s wedding .. but , of course , u know the whoooole tragedic story !

    btw, nice design , ur blog looks yummy , i liked the colors pretty much =]

  8. Thank you girls for passing by. It was such a delight reading you comments xoxo.

    Shahirah, Thanks sweety. And welcome to my blog =]

    Judy, yes al 7mdullah we PASSED! XD
    I know the last dress is too simple and not my style but I LOVED the jewelry she was wearing. I know it is not clear here, but that's why I posted her picture. And I think it is the best dress she ever wore. I usually hate her style LOL.
    Don't you think Demi's dress KINDA OF looks like my black dress, which I wore for our high school graduation party? I think yes <3

    Thanks for passing by and likeing the new design. =]