Mar 22, 2009

You Do Count !!

I always wanted to say this to all the people who thinks that they wouldn't matter,
They wouldn’t count,
That there life is just another,
A waste,
A nothing.
If they are a someone!!
Not just any someone.
But that person that everybody knows,
Dreams to be,
Wish to meet,
Envy his life.
I want to tell all of you:
You don't have to be immortalized in history books,
People don’t have to recognize you in the street,
You don't have to be filthy rich,
And you don’t even have to cure cancer to matter.
You just need to touch one soul,
Bring happiness and joy to one person.
Erase a tear and give a warm hug to a one in need.
By that you'll matter much to this person more than you can ever matter to the whole world if you are that someone!!
And then my friend you'll feel. Your life isn’t such a waste after all. =]

Mar 19, 2009

CoOkie Jar

Attention to all CoOkies out there. It's your queen CoOkie: Me XD

I saw Oprah the other day and she brought Steve Harvey to talk about his new book: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. And from what I saw it seems like some seriously funny shit. I MUST READ IT!!

But then cuz I live in Saudi, I have to wait -I don't know how long- to get the book. T_T

Anywho, at the end of the interview he said that men only need 3 things. Silly me,I forgot the 1st 2. but the 3rd one was: THEY HAVE TO GET THE COOKIE!!

He didn't mean women. he meant sex LOL. And I was like: NOOO please don't ruin me cookie!!

But you know most of the time cookies are women. And I really like our nickname, as you see I'm the Smart CoOkie. =]

If I was a real cookie I would surely be my own recipe of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yumm. I'm good for you but still with a dark, mysterious side, you can't but loose yourself in it :P

So what about you all the girls out there? What type of a cookie are ya ?

Mar 11, 2009

Everything and the Moon


I'm back with more books =]

I finished the Duke and I.
Its really good and lovely with a handsome hunk and I really liked the girl.
But, I felt it was a lot like The Viscount Who Loved Me. I don’t know it felt like it had the same pattern but with different scenarios and dilemmas. :S

Still I advise you all romance lovers to read it. The Bridgerton's family series are highly addictive. =]

I'm a Julia Quinnholic.
I took this quiz the other day: which JQ heroine are you? :

The results fit me quite well. But I don’t know who's this Victoria person?

So I called my Julia Quinn dealer and I screamed: do you have Everything and the Moon?
She was like: yeah I do.
I screamed: I want it tomorrow!!
And she was: OK. I swear I just put in my bag!!
I relaxed a bit and then explained all bout the quiz and that I wanted to know who am I?
She said: aha I see.

Then we blabbed about other stuff.

We hang up.

I was in total shock. Cuz she didn’t ask me where did a take the quiz? And she's the person who has hocked me up in the 1st place :S

A minute later
My mob rang!!

I gave her the site and everything and off she went.

I don’t remember why I'm telling you about this phone call :S

Anyway, I read the book and I finished in a day. I totally LOVE it.
Its my favorite JQ's book so far. Not because I'm like Victoria. Cuz I don’t think I am. Well just a little.
Mmm now I know that what I felt for Anthony from The Viscount Who Love Me was lust, not love. Cuz I'm totally in LOVE with Robert. <3>Romancing Mister Bridgerton.. yaaay!!

Mar 8, 2009

Book Review .. Doc. Smart CoOkie Style!!

Since I didn’t go to college today ( I decided I need a break XD), I'll blab a little or maybe a lot *grinning*, on 3 of the books I read last month. Enjoy!! Or not.
Oh I'm sure you will :P
The Viscount who Loved ME
Julia Quinn

Oh I'm in love!! *blushing* with the heroin, the Viscount, lord Bridgerton, Anthony.
He's mm how should I put it? Devastatingly handsome.
Tall, athletic, brown eyes, chestnut thick hair, perfect cheek bones and his lips were classically beautiful :P

However, this book beauty is not all him its so romantic, smart and seriously funny. I mean you WILL laugh your ass out.
But I'm not that fond of the ending, being not a happy endings person. I was longing for someone to die. (I need my drama)

Actually this book is the 2nd of a series of 8 for the 8 children of the Bridgerton family. I am now reading the 1st " The Duke and I". And so far so good. Jill Barnett says that "Julia Quinn is our contemporary Jane Austen." And I can't agree more. Although I don't know who's the hell this Jill? It written on the back cover.

I'm dying to read " Romancing Mister Bridgerton". It's Colin's book. But I can't find it anywhere. =[
So people in Jeddah please if find it tell me where or if you have it lend it to me. I promise I'll take good care of it *angel face*.

P.S: if you ever going to read for this author –which is very much advisable- don't read the back cover. It gives too much info.


Elizabeth Gilbert

What a brilliant book!!

I loved that fact that she dropped everything and just took off. I wish I can do that, but I can't =[ .

In the eat part she goes to Italy and obviously eat. However if I were her, I'd have done things in this order:
1. Shower myself with art.
2. Eat.
3. Shop till I drop. And I'll become a super model at last yaay . Here's the story of my discovery XD:
Here I am all glammed up, shopping and wondering around in Milan. I walk into Valntino's boutique and I start looking around. I find this amazing red dress. I know I can't afford it but yet I and go and try it on. I walk out of the changing room looking absolutely breath taking and it just happens that my so soon to be best friend, Vlentino is sitting right there. He looks at me and he's out of his mind. He jump up and tell me he needs me for his show tomorrow night. That I'm the perfect girl for it. I'm so flattered but I have to refuse you see I am a doctor not a model (that's what my mom said when I told her I want to be a model LOL). He begs me. And I say no again. He begs some more and offer to give me the dress I'm wearing. Hmm I think a little then say OK. << I know m3 nfsy LOL
4. I eat some more then gag. I have to walk the runway tomorrow :P.
5. I become a super model overnight.
6. You know when in Rome :P

I'm not a big fan of the India part (pray). I just don't believe in the stuff she claims.
The Indonesia (love) part is amazing. The people are so cute. You are just gonna love them.
All to all it’s a really good book with lots of answers. Read it!!

Love in the Time of Cholera
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Let's just cut the crap and put it to this: the best thing about this book is its cover!!
Yeah you heard me the cover!!
No but but blah blah. I know this author won a Nobel prize. I know everybody thinks it’s the most amazing love story of all times. But its simply not!!

This is how I see it: Florentino Ariza was dumped by his teenage sweetheart. She gets married to a doctor, that you will wish for his death in the 1st 60 pages so the story can finally begin. Mean while, Florentino Ariza becomes a man hore, still obsessing over Fermina Daza (and whats with writing their full names every time they are mentioned :S). The doc die and the two get together when they are 80 and somehow they manage to have very bad sex. How in the world did they have Viagra or something in that time? :S
The end.

What a pathetic loser!!

To be honest the last chapter is fairly good. Cuz you would want to know what happens in the end.
And its not just me who hated the book. Its all the people in my book club. And we are good readers. So its not us, it’s the fucking highly over rated book.

But I'm still willing to read One "Hundred Years of Solitude". I only hope its better. Much, much better!!

Wow that was long :P

Mar 5, 2009


Errr I cant sleep. Last week I was suffering from night insomnia. And its driving me crazy. Cuz I have to attend my stupid lectures and labs in the mornings and then I have to study until after midnight. And I don’t have the energy to do either one of them. Which leave me like an idiot, behind in my studies. Which is something so FRUSTRATING!!

I don’t know what's keeping me up all night ? Is it the loud TV and stereo? Or is it the pounding sounds of my endless thoughts?

Those silly stupid thoughts!!

Yesterday I was up all night thinking: is it 7aram to remove the little hairs that are not included in the main bulk of the eyebrows or is it 7alal ? :S
Tell me what do you think? Maybe it’s the right answer. And FINALLY I can sleep tonight. Or maybe I'll come up with another stupid dilemma to think about ALL NIGHT LONG.

Mar 4, 2009

HEEEY I found my theme song !! XD
It so fit my life right now and how I feel about it!! =]

It Only Hurts when I'm Breathing - Shania Twin

Hope life's been good to you

Since you've been gone

I'm doing' fine now--I've finally moved on

It's not so bad--I'm not that sad

I'm not surprised just how well I survived

I'm over the worst, and I feel so alive

I can't complain--I'm free again

And it only hurts when I'm breathing

My heart only breaks when it's beating

My dreams only die when I'm dreaming

So, I hold my breath--to forget

Don't think I'm lying' 'round cryin' at night

There's no need to worry, I'm really all right

I've never looked back--as a matter of fact

It only hurts when I breathe

Mmm, no, I've never looked back--as a matter fact

And it only hurts when I'm breathing

My heart only breaks when it's beating

My dreams only die when I'm dreaming

So, I hold my breath--to forget

Hurts when I'm breathing

Breaks when it's beating

Die when I'm dreaming

It only hurts when I breathe

Shania is so great !! she speaks to me .. yeah only ME :p

1. No, I don’t feel sad cuz I'm in love or something. There are other things in life that can leave you missed up :S

2. Really I'm fine =]

3. Oh and in another subject: they didn’t postpone the GIT quiz T_T man I'm so screwed. PRAY FOR ME!!

Now, now

whats your theme song ?