Mar 19, 2009

CoOkie Jar

Attention to all CoOkies out there. It's your queen CoOkie: Me XD

I saw Oprah the other day and she brought Steve Harvey to talk about his new book: Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. And from what I saw it seems like some seriously funny shit. I MUST READ IT!!

But then cuz I live in Saudi, I have to wait -I don't know how long- to get the book. T_T

Anywho, at the end of the interview he said that men only need 3 things. Silly me,I forgot the 1st 2. but the 3rd one was: THEY HAVE TO GET THE COOKIE!!

He didn't mean women. he meant sex LOL. And I was like: NOOO please don't ruin me cookie!!

But you know most of the time cookies are women. And I really like our nickname, as you see I'm the Smart CoOkie. =]

If I was a real cookie I would surely be my own recipe of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yumm. I'm good for you but still with a dark, mysterious side, you can't but loose yourself in it :P

So what about you all the girls out there? What type of a cookie are ya ?


  1. I wanna be dark chocolate chips cookies, LOL, all bitter and sweet at the same time =P. Now you made me wanna have a piece of cookies, awww hungry!

  2. LOL I always make people hungry for cookies =]. Your one delicious cookie Zeze.