Jul 30, 2009

Frankly My Dear I don't Give a Damn

Just watched Gone With the Wind for the millionth time. It's my all time fav =] .
Anywho my sis Moon joined me near the ending and I dont know if she forgot it or never really saw it before, but her reaction was: WHAT THE FUCK ? and I went like yeah I know I hate the ending, so stupid but she was a real bitch to him.
Then she said: who cares, eish al nhaya al M3O8AH HADY??
LOOOOOOOOOL I don't know about u but the cracked the hell out of me :p
What do u think about the movie? =]

Jul 27, 2009

Life sux YEAH YEAH !!

Made some yummy chocolate pudding today =] .
My friend is having a party this Wednesday. I dont know if I want to go, bs I do know that I CANT!!
Life sux without a driver here in Saudi T_T.
I wanna live somewhere else, where I can drive myself or walk for God sakes. Y dont we have subways like every other country in the world, y dont we use buses like every other fucking place on the planet :S.
Y cant I live in a place where u get to buy the books right after their published and not wait a whole fucking year. Where clothes r here in season and u have all the brands.
Puff. Bottom line is life sux in Saudi Arabia =[
Anywho, there is a little writing competition a medical forum in university is holding. And I want to give it a shot. But the written piece is supposed to be in Arabic.
I wrote this thing about my beloved city Istanbul (dont even think it or I'll hunt u down & kill ya, I dont love it cuz of the stupid Turkish series. It got a part of my soul if u must know) but its kinda of crazy and dark just like my mood LOL. I wanted my friend to read it before I submit it but umm its CRAZY LOL and I dont want to write something else, no time and I just dont feel like it .

Jul 18, 2009

Prison Break

I spent all yesterday and today watching a marathon of PB season 4 on SHOWTIME.

Everything was great, until the end. I fucking hated it. Why does he have to die? WHY DOES MICHAEL HAVE TO DIE?

I'm not the kind of person who likes happy endings. I always think that they are unrealistic, but I really REALLY wanted no make it NEEDED one for PB!!

I'm so annoyed and confused, its fiction right ? so y dont they give us our fucking happy ending ? T_T

Jul 13, 2009


Hey, its been a long time since I wrote something here. Don’t worry u haven’t missed much :p
Any way I was feeling really shitty the past couple of days. u see my driver went home and I made so many plans for this summer and yeah now I cant do none of them.. life sux for a girl in Saudi without a car T_T. Oh and another fucking thing is I'm not traveling, wooha life is only getting better LOL. And u know what I did to make myself feel better I went n watched "Doubt". Ummm I don’t know it made me feel worse, confused and really fuckin annoyed. U know y? its cuz u don’t really know :S n I hate that, I MUST KNOW :@. So I spent another day in a black, blue mood thanks to my amazing timing to watch that movie" yaay me" .
Today thank god I came back to my senses and decided to watch a more cheerful movie so I watched "Yes Man" ( it was the only movie I have that wasn’t depressing). Any way I REALLY LIKED the movie. I know lots of ppl r saying its lame and Jim Carrey is repeating himself and is becoming boring. But I think NOT :P.
I want to be a yes girl so bad but life is against me and I CANT!! I HATE LIFE !! I have lost the well to live. Please if I was ever in ventilator just unplug me. I'm not saying that cuz I'm now depressed, I've thought about it before lots of times and I made my mind. I'm blabbing nonsense now bs I don’t care u don’t have to read if u don’t want to.
Another thing, yesterday I was checking some other blogs and I found one that I really love. I kept reading and reading. This lady is so open and honest and she speaks her mind, talk about every single intimate detail of her life and I find it so amazing and refreshing cuz I'm so bottled up I cant even do that with my closest friends or family. Mom says I'm gonna get sick cuz of that but who cares boho. I'm blabbering again.
Any way I've decided to do the thing in my mind even though everything is against me right now. cuz I'm a yes girl now *wink wink* LOL. Wish me luck o inshallah I really do it mo bs klam XD.
OOh now I remember another reason for me being blue, its that I removed my braces after 16 months and the result wasn’t like I wanted T_T and my brother made me miss the appointment that I had with my doc before he leaves on vacation to scream at him and maybe if things didn’t go my way murder him so I'm stuck was my teeth for another month errrrrrr. Oh and another thing my teeth was tiny winy thingy out of place before the braces. But I still did it cuz I fucking wanted a perfect teeth n my fucking friend said yes do it, u need it. After the 16 months only a tiny changed which leaves the winy which means it isn't fucking perfect. Oh n guess what when I told that fucking friend she told me quit being a brat your teeth didn’t need braces in the first place :@

Good bye XOXO << y5ty 3lia so cute :p