Oct 29, 2010

If I Die Young

The sharp knife of a short life, well I’ve had just enough time..

Oct 26, 2010

First Oral

Hello, guess what I'm done with my first oral exam since 6th grade. What's an oral exam? Sounds dirty right? It's just me? OK. An oral exam it's when you basically get to play super doctor. You take history from the patient, examine them, order investigations, diagnose them, and then counsel and manage them. ALL in 10 minutes. In all fairness, in this exam we just said the examination we were to perform for the sake of time. But still KTEER!

Anywho, as a regular matter in KAU, we didn't have enough time to study and prepare for the exam so I was very nervous. But al7mdullah the case was easy, asthma, and the examiners were so nice. I think? We will know when I get my marks. :P

My only regrets: I didn't ask about previous hospitalization cuz of an attack and I didn't ask the patient to stop smoking. I'm sure I forgot other things but I don't recall them now. Plus I was supposed to "sympathize" with the patient. But she was an ice queen, showed no emotions what so ever. I can't sympathise with that. Marks on sympathy went down the drains. *pout*

Then the doctor asked me a couple of questions about cases I wrote in my log book. It was umm let's just say I answered some and said I don't remember to a couple. :P

All in all I got a "momtaz" from the doc bs hopefully she meant it.

Tomorrow is the final written so wish me luck. :)

Oct 16, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Guess who's birthday was it? Well it's this señorita's 22nd B-day. xD

Al7mdullah I had a blast.

Drew blood for the first time from my friend. Was surprised with a birthday cake the minute I stepped home ♥. Went out with la familia to dinner and then frozen yoghurt. Watched Real Madrid vs Malaga. RM won for ME 1-4 and Cristiano Ronaldo scored 2 goals for ME!

Hug ME

I can honestly say that I am happy today. Thank you Allah for all the blessings I have. To a year full of happiness and gratitude. :)

Oct 5, 2010


Let me take you through my day. I wake up around 6:30 a.m. cuz I must be in the hospital at 7:30, to catch the bus to go to a primary health clinic. The bus driver is a reckless, maniac who wants us all dead but unfortunately always fails and only succeed in mixing us like a happy hour cocktail.

An hour later we arrive at the PHC. We are supposed to observe doctors working their magic on patients and to learn from them some life long valuable skills. We observe all right. We observe the doctors that we don't want to be and if -God forbid we were- we ask the courage to leave this practice to some more worthy, qualified doctors cuz this is LIVES we are messing with!

The PHC is very boring. It's not located in a poor neighbourhood so there aren't many patients. We deal with some doctors crap, walk around looking for something to do, fail, then talk about the Porsche parked outside the PHC, wondering which doc might possibly owns it, we leave, get mixed like a cocktail again, get a major headache, arrive at the university, miss breakfast/lunch or settle for whatever, attend VERY boring lectures till 4:00 p.m., go home. Or sometimes they don't even finish on time and you must fucking stay.

When I finally arrive home, sometimes I'm too tired to even sleep. Like today, that's why I'm writing this. xD
Then I must study. Cuz guess what? On Saturday I have an OSCE exam. Yeah, we only just started. I know! After that you sleep a restless sleep and repeat the cycle all over again. Fun day? So yeah fuck you KAU!

On another note today was a bit different. Still frustrating but different morning cocktail mixing. We went to the Arabian Centre for Natural Treatment. It's owned by doctor and engineer Yahya Koshk, a very interesting person.

At the centre they have a lot of kewl, since fictiony sounding stuff. It's just I wished they demonstrated those therapies they were talking about so we can see for ourselves. If you want to know what I'm talking about Google alternative and complementary medicine :P

Tell me about your day. Hope it's better than mine. :)
And girls don't forget to feel your boobies.