Oct 5, 2010


Let me take you through my day. I wake up around 6:30 a.m. cuz I must be in the hospital at 7:30, to catch the bus to go to a primary health clinic. The bus driver is a reckless, maniac who wants us all dead but unfortunately always fails and only succeed in mixing us like a happy hour cocktail.

An hour later we arrive at the PHC. We are supposed to observe doctors working their magic on patients and to learn from them some life long valuable skills. We observe all right. We observe the doctors that we don't want to be and if -God forbid we were- we ask the courage to leave this practice to some more worthy, qualified doctors cuz this is LIVES we are messing with!

The PHC is very boring. It's not located in a poor neighbourhood so there aren't many patients. We deal with some doctors crap, walk around looking for something to do, fail, then talk about the Porsche parked outside the PHC, wondering which doc might possibly owns it, we leave, get mixed like a cocktail again, get a major headache, arrive at the university, miss breakfast/lunch or settle for whatever, attend VERY boring lectures till 4:00 p.m., go home. Or sometimes they don't even finish on time and you must fucking stay.

When I finally arrive home, sometimes I'm too tired to even sleep. Like today, that's why I'm writing this. xD
Then I must study. Cuz guess what? On Saturday I have an OSCE exam. Yeah, we only just started. I know! After that you sleep a restless sleep and repeat the cycle all over again. Fun day? So yeah fuck you KAU!

On another note today was a bit different. Still frustrating but different morning cocktail mixing. We went to the Arabian Centre for Natural Treatment. It's owned by doctor and engineer Yahya Koshk, a very interesting person.

At the centre they have a lot of kewl, since fictiony sounding stuff. It's just I wished they demonstrated those therapies they were talking about so we can see for ourselves. If you want to know what I'm talking about Google alternative and complementary medicine :P

Tell me about your day. Hope it's better than mine. :)
And girls don't forget to feel your boobies.


    hate is not even enough to describe my feeling s right now.
    f it's about self-directed learning, then I should have stayed at home and SELF LEARN MY SELF!! but guess what .. I go to KAU! and they never even give us the liberty to take off home any time we want :S

    n about today's field visit, I think the man's name was "Yehya" Hamza Koshak f I'm not wrong .. n' indeed he is interesting.

    "And girls don't forget to feel your boobies.".. that just reminded me of something I wanted to tell u about this morning lol xD

  2. I have a question, don't they mean physiotherapy by العلاج الطبيعي?

    Allah y3eenk :/ but I guess they're preparing us for the karf we'll be going through for life (that's what I keep telling myself anyway)

    OSCE exam? For family medicine?

  3. Whoa whoa I'm seeing a whole other side to you in this post!

    What was wrong with the doctors?

  4. Ghada, ya I fixed the name before you say so :P
    What's that you wanted to say? Someone is getting a boob job? :P

    Hind, no, I think they miss-named the centre. They deal with color therapy, iridology, reflexology, ...etc.
    Amen, bs still I think it is torture. Plus it's so boring.
    Yes, that's not normal? :(

    Shahirah, sorry to say that but get used to it. Uni brings the worst in me.
    Well, those docs are only GPs. Their knowledge is very minimal and ancient. A student would be better. They prescribe wrong medication for business reasons and a lot of the times cuz they don't know the right medication. Some are very rude to the patients. And this one doctor literately sent a patient to go home and die. The patient was in a critical condition and she scorned her for coming to her since she isn't her doctor. So she refused to help her and she wouldn't refer her to a hospital and told her to come the next day when her doctor is here.

  5. OMG I miss your blog so very much ♥.. never fail to draw a smile on my face if not creating a laughter....

    i luff u and i miss u and i hope ur OSCE went fine *hugs*

  6. Miss you too sweetness <3
    And it didn't :P Or it was mashy 7alo al 7mdullah.