Sep 27, 2010


Hola amigos. The school year started on Saturday and I really hoped I'd write a witty post of my first day of the fifth year in medical school but I guess that won't be happening. It was tiring, scary and super boring.

I have started my family medicine rotation, I really hope it passes by pleasantly. Today we were supposed to go to a primary health clinic to see it in action. But we waited from 7:30 am to 9-ish and the buses didn't come, so the visit got cancelled for today. Not that I am complaining, cuz I don't really feel like going but I had to wake up extra early for this. The silly thing on my way from the hospital to the campus to attend some lectures, I saw this

So the buses and drivers are present at campus, but we didn't go. Why is that? My friend said maybe because the windows aren't shaded. Which normally would be far fetched but this is KAU and we are in Saudi. So yeah maybe. Could you imagine the horror. Girls in a bus and guys can see them! :/

On a more pleasant subject, I saw Vampires Suck and it is hilarious you will laugh your ass out all through out the movie. They really nailed twilight. Seriously a must watch! xD


  1. Oh that's not a cool thing masakeen walla !

    back to school :( oh yeah i really want to watch that movie :D

  2. Oh mashallah I didn't know you were on your 5th year in medical school, that's awesome! I saw previews of that movie and it looked pretty funny!

  3. Family medicine is... entertaining. Lol.
    Good luck amiga :*

    I'm downloading Vampires Suck now :D

  4. 5th year! Wow! How exciting :) Enjoy it! ( You can tell I'm not a medical student lol)

    Good luck nonetheless and I really wanted to watch VS, but so many people discouraged me but now that you recommend it I'm definitely gonna watch it.

  5. Thanks all xoxo
    But I must warn you, only people who don't like the Twilight saga will find it amusing. Fans found it extremely stupid!

  6. good luck sweetie
    I'm not a fan so it's a must gotta watch it ;D

  7. Mabrouk on getting into 5th year Med! Your family must be so proud =) Btw what are dodah cookies? Are they like a type of cookie? lol