Aug 27, 2009

Biny o Binak

I don't watch Ramadan TV shows, except maybe khwa6er. But yesterday I saw the promo for Biny o Binak and there was Songül Öden & Tuba büyüküstün aka. Noor & Lames.

My first reaction was: LOL.

The second was: I MUST SEE THIS and another LOL!

In today's episode the Saudi freaks went to my beloved city Istanbul and OMG WTH! It was so funny and yfshil! The idiots thought that Arabic Syrian accent used in the translated Turkish soap operas is TURKISH! And it was so freaking hilarious LOL.

But seriously Arab, the Turkish soap operas obsession is so embarrassing. So QUIT IT!
P.S: check the guy in the green shoes. LOL!

Aug 26, 2009

To Dr. Eihab

Dear Dr. Eihab,

Fuck you! How dare you worthless fucking piece of shit say it was my fault? I was the model patient every orthodontist would love to have. No real work just some little straightening. I came on time every month. I kept my teeth clean. I did everything you fucking wanted me to do. And how do you repay me:

1- You took way too fucking long time to do my teeth. (16 months)

2- You didn't fix them completely.

3- You went on holiday right after you removed it, so I can't come complain about them the next day.

4- When I fucking visited you today -after a month. You fucking said that I miraculously changed them and that I didn't put my retainer the hole time.

Well, Fuck you shit head. I put that fucking retainer all the fucking time, except when I ate of course. And it was you who didn't do he's job. YOU FUCK!

And now you tell me that if I want them perfect I have to put the braces AGAIN! Oh God why? What did I do to deserve this? Oh and you want me to put METAL braces? FUCK YOU! I paid for ceramic you shit head.

Anyway, I'll do it. But you better do it right this time. T_T

And in case you don't know this is how my teeth should look like next time:

Or I'm gonna have to kill ya!

P.S: Dentists are NOT REAL DOCTORS!
P.S.S: I didn't want to use this kind of language in Ramadan but you forced me to.

I want to die. I don't want to put braces again. Ya Allah 3fok o r7mtk. T_T

Note to self: Inshallah when you become a doctor, don't ever be a jerk and admit that you are wrong. We are humans. We make mistakes.

Aug 23, 2009

No Smoking in Ramadan

Burak: how r u dodah ?
Dodah: fine
how r u ?

Burak: fine too
Dodah: how is Ramazan ?
Burak: fine but ı can't smoke cigarettes
so ı m bad

Dodah: cigarettes r bad
Burak: no cigarettes r very sweet
Dodah: lung cancer isn't
Burak: not important for me
Dodah: your life is not important?
Burak: yeah
Dodah: ok

This conversation took place this morning on Facebook chat, between myself and my Turkish friend Burak.

It's so sad how he's so hung up on his cigarettes. And it's not just him, smoking is like an endemic in Turkey. I have seen people breaking their fast not with water or any kind of food, but with cigarettes.

I don't think there is a better time for me to say this than Ramadan: People please stop smoking for yourselves first, then for your families and for us your fellow human beings. We DESERVE to breath clean air.

Aug 22, 2009

Oops GG in Ramadan

Can you believe it's Ramadan and I'm watching Gossip Girl. LOL I feel so bad, but what to do? I found out that I didn't see the last 2 episodes of season 2.

*spoiler alert*

Chuck and Blair finally end up together and he said "I love you too".

Awwwwww I love him, I love her and I love their love and hate relationship.

But I have to say he looks fatter in those 2 last episodes. He must shape up for next season. Oh I can't wait for it.
But still I love Chuck for who he is. I LOVE HIM HE'S SO SWEET! LOL my friends think I'm insane and that he's disgusting. But oh they don’t know.

I want a love just like theirs LOL <3

BB People Out There: HELP!

So I want to use the BB messenger bs I don’t know how. I added a couple of my friends by their PIN but I didn’t get anything back & I don’t know if they were added or not?

I put my PIN as an FB status and on twitter so my other friends can add me & a couple of them say they will, but still I got nothing. :S

Did they not accept yet and the others didn’t add me? Wla there is something wrong?

Btw I still didn’t operate the BB service from my mobile company, is it necessary for the instant messaging to work?

Help me I'm so confused. =[

Aug 20, 2009

Take Your Fing Finger Off that Pause Button

Finally, an interesting day in the life of CoOkie. Plus it was HAPPY! I feel so giddy LOL.

Oh but it wasn’t all kisses and hugs from the start. I honestly wanted to strangle someone. Anyone.

Ok. Ok. I'll tell ya all about it. :p

My friend Yara lives in the states and I only get to see her once a year, which sucks. And she's been here for more than a week, but I didn’t get to see her. Guess freaking why? *drum rolls*
Its cuz her DRIVER left the next day after her arrival and as I never fail to remained you, mine is away too.

Anyway, we couldn’t leave such a pickle in the way and so decided to meet today for lunch at Casper & Gambini's . They did invent cabs you know :P
I can't possibly go in a cab alone. So of course I asked my sisters to come along. But then suddenly out of nowhere, its one of their friends birthday and her sister is throwing her a surprise party in the.. yeah u guessed it the fucking morning! I mean what the hell? Morning? Which means afternoon cuz no one is on time. Its KSA HELLO NO RESPECT FOR TIME!

And CoOkie turns all gloomy and sad once again. Puff. But then I remember our other friend G came back from Malaysia yesterday and she wants to see Yara. So I called her & asked her to join us. maybe she'll pick me up, but guess what? LOL. She said: "Oh I'd love too. I miss you both so bad, BUT my DRIVER just left on holiday THREE!". I said: " hail a cab. That’s what we're gonna do".
She laughed and said no.

The drivers issue: coincidence? I think NOT!

P.S: They should fucking seriously allow us fucking women, their other fucking halves to fucking drive. So we don’t have to fucking put our lives on fucking hold once our fucking drivers went away on holidays or shit. Ok?

I called Yara & I told her the bad news. But then she told me to ask my sisters where is their friend's house so they'll drop me off on their way to a near restaurant . I said "ok I'll call ya back" .
I went to ask them and they were not going. The surprise party was canceled. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. LOL. Back on plan. =]

And CoOkie meets Yori =D. Blah blah we had a nice lunch, some gossip and uh fun. CoOkie leaves happy.

Then I went and bought.. oh yes I did.. a beautiful Black Berry =D. Ooh I'll call him Mr. Bibi.
Mr. Bibi makes me so happy and a little bozzy bozzy. I think I love him. Xoxo.

5la9 enough about my day. Uh uh uah. Not so fast. I still want to blab. I'm now watching Desperate Housewives season 5. and:
1. I feel so sorry for Gabby. She's such a sweet heart and an amazing wife and mom.
2. Lynette isn’t my favorite character anymore. I kinda dislike her now.
3. I'm loving Bree.
4. MJ is so cute and he really makes me sad. 7aram 7boo.=[
5. That FREAK Eddie's husband, marrah y5wef :S

On another subject. I tried to read an ebook from WeRead an application on FB. Bright Shinny Morning By James Frey. Which I'm sure I'm gonna love, cuz I'm just in love with James. But the ebook thingy didn’t work for me so eye tiring. So I'm gonna read something else I picked up today: Who's That Girl.

LOL I could seriously hear someone say "I don’t fucking care". Well its MY blog and I have nothing else to say. =D

Oh no wait. Ramadan Kareem everyone XOXO.

Aug 18, 2009

Why This Summer is The Suckiest of Them ALL?!

1. The fucking jerks who'll all burn in hell.
2. No driver.
3. No Istanbul or any other place i.e. stuck in Jeddah.
4. No training.
5. No recharging with green.
6. She's making me feel guilty for something I didn’t do nor I'll EVER think of.
7. The books I want aren’t here yet.
8. All plans for the summer went down the drain cuz of no.2 .
9. My hopes are raised then sent tumbling down.
10. I just found out that I'm taking labs and imaging next year which makes me feel suicidal.

Aug 17, 2009

A Prisoner of Birth

Just finished A Prisoner of Birth and OMG I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!

Its been a long time since I read something this unputdownable, amazing and thrilling.
You all must move you’re asses to the nearest book store and buy it. It’s a MUST READ!

Aug 8, 2009

My First Surgery

It was RAINING that day in JEDDAH! And we didn’t have classes for 3HOURS!
The girls were either playing in the rain or ditching the university and heading to lunch in that nice, rare weather. That is all except of me, Z, A and G. We went to the hospital. To try to get into a surgery. Hehe.

We got to the surgery ward and talked to the chief surgeon and he said" OK! but you have to change into scrubs. The nurses will kill you if they saw you like this here".
So, we went and wore SCRUBS FOR THE FIRST TIME! YAY. LOL.

In the changing room, I first took off my jeans and shirt than wore the scrubs. Duhh! But when I got out, A was wearing it over her clothes. So I went back and did the same. It was very uncomfortable. I took them off AGAIN! But this time I kept my shirt under the scrubs LOL. When I got out my friends saw me and decided to do as I did, so they went back to change AGAIN!
After we FINALLY all got dressed we took a few pics. Dude it was our first in scrubs XD.

Then we returned to the surgical ward and they gave us INTERNS BADGES! Oh that was awesome. Then a stupid surgeon came and scold us for showing up unannounced and that no one have time to show us around. My response was "m3 nfsk the chief already said yes" << I didn’t really say it of course :P

An anesthesiologist came and showed us around. Then she asked one surgeon if we can watch and he said YES!

It was a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal). It was AMAZING! And less dramatic than regular surgeries- good for first timers.

At one point the doc asked us about the ligaments attached to the gall bladder and we didn’t know the answer. Ouch!
He said:" your third year medical students and you don't know that?! You took Anatomy right?"
We said:" well, we didn’t study it yet. We are in the integrated system and we didn’t take the GIT yet".
He didn’t talk ,ask not even look at us after that. LOL. Shame on us.
To tell ya the truth, if he asked me now after I took it, I still won't be able to answer him. :P
Come on dude ask about something easier. Ligaments ? Nobody remembers them :S

Anywho, we watched the surgery through monitors. He was cutting those ligaments he loves so much and cauterizing the arteries. And it was insane I wanted to yank that laparoscope from his hands and CUT! Awaa I wish I did. It seemed so easy and he cuts so slowly.

Another thing that I loved was the surgical theater. It was brand new, high tech, all touch screens stuffies and gadgets. LOVE!
G kept on nudging me and said " I want to take pics of everything. It's so amazing". I said "are you kidding me they'll kill us and think we are taking pics of the patient".

After an hour and a half, he was finally able to start pulling the gall bladder through the patient's belly button. And let me tell ya that thing looked big in the monitors. So I thought how in the world it will pass through!
But then it did, the gall bladder is out and it looked so small.
Ha? Why was he struggling ?
If it was me I would have pulled it in a sec. LOL :P

Puff. The surgery was over and off we go running to change, then go back to campus and attend a tutorial that has nothing to do with surgery but with a brain surgeon.

Ahh what a day! =]

Aug 7, 2009

Same Old

Glitter Graphics
Glitter Graphics from

I'm so bored. I do nothing but sleep, read and watch TV. I have a lot on my mind and I have a lot to do. But all I can seem to do is make lists and not fulfill them. What's wrong with me I feel so angry and I don’t want to talk to no one.

I'm waiting for my summer training to start. But I haven't heard anything from the hospital. They said in August and now a week passed and nothing. =[

A couple of days ago I finished One Hundred Years of Solitude. And OMG its unbelievably BRILLIANT!
When I first started reading I was thinking I know it will suck just like Love in the Time of Cholera why am I wasting my time. I kept on reading and then thought that he's either a genius or a complete idiot. I find his way of writing very unique. I couldn't make my mind until I read the last sentence in the book and chills went through my body. And then I knew he's a complete GENIUS!
I love the book and its now one of my favs. <3

Anywho, now I'm reading another Julia Quinn, Brighter than the Sun, and it’s a fun, light read.

Oh and a few months back, I finished Julia's Bridgeton family series and none of them is good as The Viscount who Loved Me. But still they were a fun read instead of the medical books and the preparations for the exams. :P :p
Don’t know what I'm gonna read next. Any suggestions?

Aug 1, 2009

Moving to Turkey <3

And OMG I must live in Istanbul !!

After high school, I actually asked mom if I can continue my studies in Istanbul. But she said no, cuz medicine isn't that good there and that I will need at least a year to LEARN TURKISH!! Cuz apperently 40 words isn't enough. Err. Although I can read and write some.

I said ok. I applied here in zft al 6een o studied medicine.

After a year from that, one of my relatives accidently missed applying for university here in Saudi. So her parents allowed her to study in Istanbul. My reaction was: WTF? THAT BITCH! LOL. But she did speak Turkish fluently. " mashallah m7 a7sdha lol" :P :p

Now I'm sentenced to stick here for at least 4 years to finish zft al 6een medicine. And ya Allah I can't stay here any longer. Please ya Allah its eating me alive and that girl in the interview said she's less angry so I must move and be the plesent person everyone whish I would be. Look at my feet even they look hapier there :P :p.