Aug 27, 2009

Biny o Binak

I don't watch Ramadan TV shows, except maybe khwa6er. But yesterday I saw the promo for Biny o Binak and there was Songül Öden & Tuba büyüküstün aka. Noor & Lames.

My first reaction was: LOL.

The second was: I MUST SEE THIS and another LOL!

In today's episode the Saudi freaks went to my beloved city Istanbul and OMG WTH! It was so funny and yfshil! The idiots thought that Arabic Syrian accent used in the translated Turkish soap operas is TURKISH! And it was so freaking hilarious LOL.

But seriously Arab, the Turkish soap operas obsession is so embarrassing. So QUIT IT!
P.S: check the guy in the green shoes. LOL!


  1. Lol! I totally agree. I hate people who are obsessed with these soaps. Sooo dramatic. With a really ugly accent:P

  2. loool just figured out el shoes :P weeh meta bt6l3 bl tv?

  3. It's on MBC,around 8ish KSA time, after 6ash ma 6ash.

  4. Wow that shoes is annoying!

  5. I don't enjoy Turkish soap operas. They're so long and super-boring, to speak the truth. But a confession, I love Tash ma Tash xD

  6. C, hoa o his friend kollhom 3la b39'hom annoying LOL.

    Bahrain Fashion, if you enjoy 6ash ma 6ash you will enjoy this too. I think its funnier and I'm not a big fan of 6ash ma 6ash or Saudi comedies.

  7. I hate turkish shows! and how the translation is in Syrian makes them nothing but super stupid! never bothered to watch any of them ..

  8. Wow mashallah all my readers are sane people, who are not caught up in the Turkish soaps mania. Yaay.
    Which makes me wonder where are the freaks? LOL :p