Aug 18, 2009

Why This Summer is The Suckiest of Them ALL?!

1. The fucking jerks who'll all burn in hell.
2. No driver.
3. No Istanbul or any other place i.e. stuck in Jeddah.
4. No training.
5. No recharging with green.
6. She's making me feel guilty for something I didn’t do nor I'll EVER think of.
7. The books I want aren’t here yet.
8. All plans for the summer went down the drain cuz of no.2 .
9. My hopes are raised then sent tumbling down.
10. I just found out that I'm taking labs and imaging next year which makes me feel suicidal.


  1. Awwww hun look at the bright side...Try to go out shopping or eat something or ice cream or chocolate or anything just to cheer you up!

  2. If I did that I'll end up broke and fat << LOL talking about looking at the glass half empty :P

    No, I have a feeling things will look up soon.
    Thanx cutey for the support XOXO.