Aug 20, 2009

Take Your Fing Finger Off that Pause Button

Finally, an interesting day in the life of CoOkie. Plus it was HAPPY! I feel so giddy LOL.

Oh but it wasn’t all kisses and hugs from the start. I honestly wanted to strangle someone. Anyone.

Ok. Ok. I'll tell ya all about it. :p

My friend Yara lives in the states and I only get to see her once a year, which sucks. And she's been here for more than a week, but I didn’t get to see her. Guess freaking why? *drum rolls*
Its cuz her DRIVER left the next day after her arrival and as I never fail to remained you, mine is away too.

Anyway, we couldn’t leave such a pickle in the way and so decided to meet today for lunch at Casper & Gambini's . They did invent cabs you know :P
I can't possibly go in a cab alone. So of course I asked my sisters to come along. But then suddenly out of nowhere, its one of their friends birthday and her sister is throwing her a surprise party in the.. yeah u guessed it the fucking morning! I mean what the hell? Morning? Which means afternoon cuz no one is on time. Its KSA HELLO NO RESPECT FOR TIME!

And CoOkie turns all gloomy and sad once again. Puff. But then I remember our other friend G came back from Malaysia yesterday and she wants to see Yara. So I called her & asked her to join us. maybe she'll pick me up, but guess what? LOL. She said: "Oh I'd love too. I miss you both so bad, BUT my DRIVER just left on holiday THREE!". I said: " hail a cab. That’s what we're gonna do".
She laughed and said no.

The drivers issue: coincidence? I think NOT!

P.S: They should fucking seriously allow us fucking women, their other fucking halves to fucking drive. So we don’t have to fucking put our lives on fucking hold once our fucking drivers went away on holidays or shit. Ok?

I called Yara & I told her the bad news. But then she told me to ask my sisters where is their friend's house so they'll drop me off on their way to a near restaurant . I said "ok I'll call ya back" .
I went to ask them and they were not going. The surprise party was canceled. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. LOL. Back on plan. =]

And CoOkie meets Yori =D. Blah blah we had a nice lunch, some gossip and uh fun. CoOkie leaves happy.

Then I went and bought.. oh yes I did.. a beautiful Black Berry =D. Ooh I'll call him Mr. Bibi.
Mr. Bibi makes me so happy and a little bozzy bozzy. I think I love him. Xoxo.

5la9 enough about my day. Uh uh uah. Not so fast. I still want to blab. I'm now watching Desperate Housewives season 5. and:
1. I feel so sorry for Gabby. She's such a sweet heart and an amazing wife and mom.
2. Lynette isn’t my favorite character anymore. I kinda dislike her now.
3. I'm loving Bree.
4. MJ is so cute and he really makes me sad. 7aram 7boo.=[
5. That FREAK Eddie's husband, marrah y5wef :S

On another subject. I tried to read an ebook from WeRead an application on FB. Bright Shinny Morning By James Frey. Which I'm sure I'm gonna love, cuz I'm just in love with James. But the ebook thingy didn’t work for me so eye tiring. So I'm gonna read something else I picked up today: Who's That Girl.

LOL I could seriously hear someone say "I don’t fucking care". Well its MY blog and I have nothing else to say. =D

Oh no wait. Ramadan Kareem everyone XOXO.


  1. lol u honestly cracked me up ;p u got some way with words girl!

  2. Aww sweetie glad you have fun!!

  3. wow there were many plans and off hhehehee hey there :D mnzemaan ma gemt atabee3 desperate housewives but its awesome tv show anyways mbarek 3leej el shahar ^_^

  4. Mobark 3lina o 3liky. Thanks for passing by =]