Aug 22, 2009

BB People Out There: HELP!

So I want to use the BB messenger bs I don’t know how. I added a couple of my friends by their PIN but I didn’t get anything back & I don’t know if they were added or not?

I put my PIN as an FB status and on twitter so my other friends can add me & a couple of them say they will, but still I got nothing. :S

Did they not accept yet and the others didn’t add me? Wla there is something wrong?

Btw I still didn’t operate the BB service from my mobile company, is it necessary for the instant messaging to work?

Help me I'm so confused. =[

1 comment:

  1. 5la9 thank you no one. :P
    I found out that you have to operate the service first. LOL dumb dumb me. :p