Dec 31, 2009


Happy New Year
Kisses & hugs & lady bugs
Wish you all the best & I hope its so much better than all the rest.
Quick, who did you kiss at midnight? :P

Dec 30, 2009

ER Drama

Hello. I know your mad. You miss me & my drama and I haven't written anything in along time. I was busy, tired and depressed. But here I am today and I miss you all XOXO.

2 days ago, I was fasting plus going through a VERY bad PMS. I came late so I didn't know that my dearest Z is sick. She left in the middle of the session & then J went after her. I didn't think much of it cuz I thought maybe they are being extra-nerdy and went to take a case, since I heard them talking about doing such, a day before.

The session is over. I stay in the class room cuz I was filling up some papers with some of my friends. The rest of the group vanished.

Me and the friends go to the cafeteria. And I show them what PMS really means.

The break ends, and we go to attend our next session. We meet up with the other girls. They talk and laugh and then suddenly by MISTAKE they mention that Z is in the ER. PMSing-me freaks out. "WTF? was she sick? Why didn't anyone tell me? Are you insane? ". J tries to calm me down "she knew that you would be worried sick so she didn't want you to know". Me scream some more, then call Z "why didn't you tell me". The other end of the phone "Z is sleeping now. I'm her sister". Me "oh sorry, how is she? Fine? Good. Bye". Me scream at the group some more and the phone rings. Its Z, they gave her an IV and she said she wanted me there with her and wanted to tell me in the session but was afraid the doctor would get upset. Translation: J is a liar. I told her they just told me and that I'm coming now. I went with S. She too wasn't informed till I told her. And we both are Z's best friends. Why the hell haven't the others told us is beyond me? And then lying about it?

I see Z and she lightens up immediately. And with every minute passing she was looking better al7mdullah. After an hour we were waiting for the doctor and of course she was wishing for a cute doc. He came and he's not any where near cute. But that didn't stop her. She was flirting and laughing big time LOL. " Hey doc I missed my session because of this and I made my friends miss it too". Him "I'll give you a sick leave". Z " you have to give my friends too LOL and its CNS. 5la9 enta lazm tshr7lna LOL". He didn't respond, lowered his head and started writing. Z " sorry ana mos6lah al yoom LOL". WTV bla bla bla. She goes home as good as new.

Yesterday, G closed the closet door on her little finger. It got swollen and very painful. Today she tells N. N tells her to go to the ER and get an X-ray. G asks me to come along. Me and G go to the ER. We ask an intern what to do? He's not cute but he tells us what to do. :P

We went to the X-ray room, talk to the dude and then he tells me " lo sm7ty a6l3y barra". Waja3 fi shklk I know. He should have said "lo sm7ty atf9'ly" or something. :S

We go back to the intern, see the X-ray and there was a fracture. He tells us to go to the trauma room and wait for the orthopaedic surgeon. Z and S3 join us. The surgeon came and what a cutey XD. He acts all funny and charming with G. Z laughs at her and say "btdl3 btdl3". Me laugh at Z and mouth to her "a7lan min ur doc". S3 was laughing for an unknown reason LOL. He tells her the treatment plan then went to consult the specialist since she is a medical student and he can't screw her up. We wait and wait then cute doc and the specialist show up and tells G she needs surgery. Plastic or ortho? Her choice. Me go like plastic for sure LOL. Its not major surgery al7mdullah and she still needs to see the consultant bs al 7mdullah, blslamah inshallah XOXO.

There is some more stupidity bs I'm not in the mood. :/

Note to girls: when a guy looks, smiles or even talks to you it doesn't mean he cares. So stop acting stupid. Ana marrrrrah 6fsht mn al hbl. Allah yhdeekom. LOL
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Dec 9, 2009

Bad Friends

I have a fucking case presentation this Saturday. There are no good cases at that pathetic excuse for a hospital. All very complicated & old people who don't wanna fucking look at you, let alone talk to you. I have to go in the weekend. And I'm fucking sick, I'll probably infect the patient with more shit. On top of that my friends won't go with me. Why?
A) I already made plans
B) I want to study < yeah right
C) my mom don't want me to go on the weekend cuz it might rain & the hospital will drown again & no one will know I'm there & I'll die.

Al7mdullah it's not graded.
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Dec 7, 2009

Scrubs Story

Hello boys & girls. Today I'll tell you a story that is only Disney material.
Once upon a time, a hospital in far-middle-east-away named Kapo Atona was ruled by a nice awesome dean, called Addy. Dear old Addy was summon by a higher power to be much more than the dean of medicine. Addy couldn't refuse & left his unfortunate students to a mean old new dean named Zolar.

Zolar was a strict old fashioned stone headed dean. He hated colors, patterns, fashion & beauty. Uniqueness wasn't a word in his dictionary. His vision of a well controlled hospital is hundreds of walking replicates. You see copies are easier to control. All of them the same. None will stand out. So a dress code he enforced & a scrub underneath a white coat it will be.
But that's not it. Zolar thought that's not enough. Wearing scrubs isn't enough to make an army of look alikes. You see there is this wide see of colors & styles out there. He couldn't possibly let Kapo Atona run wiled like a circus show. So he must enforce one color. No, one shade of that color.

Experts on bad taste & how to look ugly were brought from all over the world. Meetings & meetings were held to come up with the unflattering color Kapo Atona's girls going to ware.

The guys were already asked to ware ciel blue scrubs by dean Addy. It wasn't an injustice decision like this one. You see the guys asked for it, when they decided to come to Kapo Atona with their baggy, low wasted jeans & their boxers showing. The curly shaggy hair didn't help either.

After weeks of debating they settled on the dreadful color of the tale of the most famous fish in history, Ariel. The girls in Kapo Atona were appalled by such color. Well, maybe not all of them but our sheroin -the fair maiden Ayzim- sure did.

Ayzim met Ariel two years ago in a ball held in the crystal castle in far-middle-east-away. And let's just say, Ariel stole Ayzim's date, spilled cranberry juice all over her dress and slapped her with her tale accidentally on the face. That tale's color was not a color Ayzim wants to see and most certainly wear ever again. But hey Zolar's commands were umm commands.
So she & some other Kapo Atona girls went looking for this hideous color. Some made jokes, that they will wear red head scarfs to match Ariel's hair. And oh was that going to be an ugly seen.

The thing that Zolar didn't count for is that this color was a sub-color more than a real color. And let's face it far-middle-east-away is so far that sometimes some sub-colors looses its way before reaching it. Luckily for Ayzim, this sub-color was long lost with Ariel's trip back to the deep deep ocean.

Zolar was furious. He gathered his bad taste experts again & started brain storming. What color would make them look pale & ugly? Lucky for Kapo Atona's girls, Zolar & his experts weren't the kind of men to learn from their mistakes. So they picked another seaweed sub-color that they themselves couldn't find. And settled by telling the girls to bring scrubs with a color bluer & darker than the sample they have provided. How & who in the world know what sub-color is that? They didn't even provide this sub-color's name! Obviously such sub-color was not found. And another debate was going to take place.

The girls were bored & annoyed from such madness over a freaking color! So a suggestion was offered to wear the same ciel blue color as the guys. It is the most popular scrubs color after all. Oh but no. How could Zolar approve of such unheard of thing? Yes he wants them all to be the same. But how in the world would he tell if the person in front of him is a female or a male?
WOW In far-middle-east-away the 2 genders looked a like apparently? Or perhaps they were a mutant species with both female & male physical characters in one body? One over comes the other of course or how could have they be labeled as females or males in the first place. I don't know about you boys & girls but this far-middle-east-away land is looking more bazaar every second.
Another debate & another unheard of sub-color was chosen. Another unfound sub-color that is.
Weeks have passed by & still the scrubs color national dilemma was still unsolved. Zolar was getting desperate. Those girls were still parading around in their skinny pants & he's loosing face. He must act fast. Does that mean he have to compromise? It must be. It's his only choice. So he gets down of his high thrown & approves of the ciel blue. I know what you are thinking: God help us, how in the world would we know which sex is which? Ahh but there's a twist my lovely boys & girls. The brilliant Zolar already has a fix. The ciel blue the girls must wear is a tinge darker than the guys' ciel blue. (m3 nfso o Allah y3eeno 3la nfso 8olo ameen)

The thing is the tinge-darker-ciel-blue is very, whats the word? ridiculous & who would have the time to go look for it. Ayzim & some other sensible friends bought the normal ciel blue scrubs.

They didn't think Zolar was stupid enough to compare between the scrubs & what shade they are in? Doesn't the dean of medicine have something else better to do? Oh but how they were wrong. Some rumor was spread that not only every body should wear the same exact shade but also the same exact freaking fabric, made by the same exact tailor. Now now, here Ayzim's draws the line. What kind of injustice is this? Besides, a few years back Cinderella ruined her dress & she hates all tailors now. I know you think Ayzim has an issue with every princess out there? Anger management courses? I'll be sure to tell her.
Today after a 2 weeks break, some were wearing their blue scrubs, including Ayzim. Everyone was wearing a different shade of blue. So far no objections. But the question remains: will Zolar & Kapo Atona's staff will be like the Jews giving so much importance & asking Moses about the color of the cow they need to slaughter? Or would they just let it go? After all, It's not like it's a national security issue.
The End

P.S: I'm sick. This insanity can not be held against me.

Dec 6, 2009

Another Bowl Of Randomness

Back to the hospital tomorrow. And I must wear scrubs. Blue scrubs. To tell ya the truth I'm not very fond of that. It feels like I'm wearing PJs. Don't get me wrong. I love my PJs. It's just that I don't like to ware them publicly. And another thing, they are too big. I'm afraid the pants may fall down. LOL I'm serious. I got XS but still they are TOO FREAKING BIG!

Talking about sizes. I want to be a size zero. It's kinda of my new hope. Not goal, cuz I ain't going to work to make it happen.

This past week, I was watching 90210 season 2. It's soooo good. And -I'm sorry to say- better than this season of GG.

I liked this one guy. Mark- the guy who took the naked pics of Annie- he's super cute. And after I've finished watching the 11th episode I think I'm developing a crush on Teddy. He's just like a big fuzzy teddy bear LOL.

It's seems like every girl in this show have great eyes. I'm telling you the false eye lashes industry or the mascara industry are getting pretty good. Oh and those girls have the hottest bodies. They all look like a size zero and I want that. Please G if you are reading this, tell me I already look like them :P

P.S: Adriana doesn't count. I'm way thinner than her.

What else? ummm yeah. I have 2 neurology sessions tomorrow. I'm prying to God that it's not with that doctor who thinks of me as Miss Dumb Dumb. I better go revise some stuff.

Nov 26, 2009

No Eid For Jeddah

That rain ended up in a disaster. I guess it was more of a punishment than a blessing. People, cars, houses, for God sakes HOSPITALS DROWNED. The situation is so screwed up. And they expect 4 more days of rain & floods. People are asked by the civil defense, not to leave their houses.

KAUH hospital. My hospital. Drowned. The basement floor drowned. No electricity. No nothing. People are dying. I have heard that its been evacuated.

National Guard Hospital, announced code black.

I seriously can't focus my thoughts. If you want to read some more, here & here.

Allah yr7m all the people who have died in this tragedy. My heart goes to their families & to the people in Makkah.

I believe it was a punishment from Allah to some & to show us how really screwed up things are. I hope we wake up before further damage happens & for the people who are responsible to be held accountable.

يا رب ألطف بنا و اعفو عنا أنت أرحم الراحمين

Nov 25, 2009

It's raining rain hallelujia. It's a miracle people its raining since before 8am in the morning till now: 12 something pm -at least in my neighborhood. :p

It feels like the afternoon & its still noon. The mood is so gloomy. I feel like the day is over before it even begun. Translation: I don't feel like studying. :P

They also say that Jeddah drowned AGAIN LOL. Wallah 7alah this city nor its people are used to rain & I find it really funny.

Al 7mdullah 3la al rain o inshallah it visits again this year.
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Nov 22, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Just finished it. And I'm not impressed. Dan Brown is repeating himself and it's getting boring.
The tale have the same pattern as the 2 others. A phone call at the middle of the night, off he goes, involvement with the law, long chase, problems solving, dramatic twists and oh once again he saves the day.

I'm also not very fascinated by the story or the characters. They have no depth. And it's pretty much obvious who is this Malakh villain. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you. But I will give Dan this, even though I knew, I was sick to my stomach when he reviled it. Such a cruel, sick truth.

And another thing, I believe in the presence of Malakh-like people in this world. People with wealth who have & done everything. Who are empty, shallow & bored out of their minds. Who will go seek fulfilment & be blinded by a dark illusion. And will do whatever to achieve that illusion. I like this about Dan. He does some very well studied villains. =]

Oh and Dan, the Bible wasn't rewritten by humans to hide the precious information it held from the unenlightened people.

Now, what to read next? Act Like A lady Think Like A Man? Or The Kite Runner? Or maybe I should really start studying. :/

Best Compliment

Lucky you, I'm in the mood to blabber. XD
The best compliment I ever had was from Dr. Roaa Jamjom. It was at the end of a PBL session (Problem based learning, 10 girls, a doc, a hypothetical case & we try to diagnose & treat the hypothetical patient). Anyway, at the end the doc must evaluate our performances. So she was telling every girl about what she did good & what she must work on for the next time. Then it was my turn. She looked at me & smiled, then said " CoOkie you are Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. Do you know her? And I say that in the best possible way. Cuz I love her, but some people don't".
Me: "That's the nicest thing someone ever said to me! THANK YOU".
I loved Dr. Roaa before & I loved her even more after. Cuz I'm really a lot like Christina & I love her.

I don't know if you have seen the new guy from Mercy West. But he's supper cute. Blue eyes, olivey complection, charming smile & tall. Super cute. And this super cute doc likes my beloved Christina, but she's blowing him off cuz she loves Hunt. Yeah I know eww.

Yeah we loved that first forced kiss & thought it was awesome. But now after all the drama of his tortured soul, it's getting disgusting. And besides his kisses are repulsive. He moves too much.

Anyway, since I'm Christina too. I must have a say in this madness. Dump Hunt, so he can go to that new doc he loves and you take that super cute doc. Problem solved & everyone is happy. People I should be a writer on that show. :P
Anyway what was the best compliment you ever received?

Nov 18, 2009


*Shows Review*

A Start with quoting James Frey & an end with an amazing performance from Lady Gaga, are a guarantee that this GG episode rocked.

Doesn't the dress looks like its made by a lame ass Middle-Eastern designer?

And about that stupid threesome -a9lan who would want to have a twosome with that Dan, let alone a threesome- V looked way more hotter than stupid Hillary.

S is a bitch. "That line got all blurry" fi 3eenik. He's still a married congressman. If you don't care about his marriage, care about his fucking career. But LOVE the outfit. :P

House MD is getting boring & Grey's Anatomy is getting so much better.

*Uni Crap*

Sat: I had a case presentation which went well al 7mdullah. =]

I didn't know who was the doc who's gonna be evaluating me until minutes after the presentation. And to my shock he was the dude in the H1N1 flu add in the hospital. My face turned to WTF? And my friends died from laughing at me. :P

Mon: We celebrated S's 2 months & 4 days belated birthday- she was counting LOL.

Wed: I LOVE orthopedics. For 2 reasons:

  1. My uncle.

  2. They are the sweetest most organized, systematic, simple, considerate surgeons in the world.

And for the other surgeons, you really need to be given sexual harassment seminars. Sweet talking is one thing but NO TOUCHING!


Nov 17, 2009

One Bad Day!

I woke up early. Got dressed. Checked my FB account & saw who's my date for today- in the FB application. Got Bradley Cooper for the 2nd time. Thought to myself it's gonna be a wonderful day. Minutes later, I was proved otherwise.

I got a PING on my BBm, then a message telling me where is the class held. I was surprised to get it so early from my friend who shows up minutes before every session. So I BBmed her back "Doesn't the session starts at 10?"

S: "No, it starts now. Didn't you check your messages last night".

Me check again and OMG it starts at 9. I'm screwed. I'm gonna be at least half an hour late. So S talks for the doc for me, telling him I'm gonna be late. He says it's gonna be OK, but I shouldn't say al slam alikom when I come in. Me BBmed S back: "Why shouldn't I say al slam alikom :S"

S: "So you don't disturb him ya mo5"
Seriously? M3 nfso.

I was really freaking out cuz I was late. I HATE being late. I try to tell myself enter with a charming smile & everything will be alright.

I couldn't smile. And he was asking the girls one by one about everything!

I freaked out even more. I didn't read anything about this session. I'm gonna be the dumb girl who showed up late. T_T.

He asks me. A faint of a smile crosses my lips & I say sweetly " I don't know". He ignores me & moves on. Then again, it's my turn. I couldn't even carry myself to smile and again "I don't know". Then again, I don't bother speaking English "ma a3rif". Again, I don't bother making eye contact with him "ma a3rif". And again and again and again. I got really irritated, I hate feeling stupid. I even said ma a3rif to a couple of things that I actually knew, just to pass the time. Al 7mdullah I wasn't the only one LOL. He lost hope on 3 of the girls and stopped asking them. He told Z "some girls just don;t care enough to read". I kept praying he loses interest in me PLEASE GOD LET HIM LOSE HOPE, can't he see I'm a complete idiot, I will never get something right.

But then the unexpected happened and I actually bothered & answered & it was freaking right. It was a silly question but whatever. Then he asked me a difficult one & OMG the dumb girl got it right again. I could see his pupils dilate. He was freaking staring at me from surprise LOL.

Finally the session ended, and it was time for him to sign the attending sheet. I didn't sign cuz I didn't get the chance since I was late. And let me tell you this my only comfort was that he doesn't know my name. But then he asked "all of you are here?" and our leader said "Yes, except CoOkie didn't get to sign" & she pointed at me. He stares & my name then at me. Oh God no. Now dumb dumb has a name. T_T

Then my day didn't get any better. I heard a bad story then a bad news, that really shook me & made me sick to my stomach. Hope the night is better. I must study for tomorrow's sessions. Don't wanna be Miss Dumb-Dumb again.

P.S: thanks to my friend
Fadiosis for the new header. You made my night XOXO.

Nov 13, 2009

Food & Blogs The Ultimate Combo

I'm in such a blessed state of joy al 7mdullah. I just watched Julie & Julia and it just made me mellow down in to my soul.

I am completely & utterly in love with this movie. I mean whats there not to love? Food? Love. books & writing? Love. Blogs? Love. Sweet romance? Love. Meryl Streep? LOVE!

Mryel was such a delight. So funny & dramatic. Loved her performance to bits & pieces. And she & her husband were so cute together. I loved them. And when he said " Julia your the butter to my bread & the breath to my life" I was speechless. Isn't that the most romantic thing ever? ♥

On the other hand I seriously disliked this Julie person. And I don't think Amy Adam was a good match, she's far too cute & nice to play her. Why did I dislike her? Well I have read that she has mentioned in her 2nd book that she cheated on her husband while she was doing the Julie & Julia thing. If he is as half as sweet & considerate as in the movie, how could she?

What else? Oh the food was awesome. I'm so in the mood to cook. Oh scratch that I mean EAT! You know its one of my dreams to go to France & learn how to cook professionally. =]
I also want to go to Europe. Eat & shop my way through it. I've only been to 3 European countries. I so badly want to visit the rest. Now preferably. =]

Anyway, I have to go to bed ASAP. I have a very early, busy morning tomorrow. And I'm very out of the ordinary scared. I hope I do well. I'll bore you & tell you all about it later. For now wish me luck & Bon appetit. =]

Nov 11, 2009


Today I'm in the mood for gossiping. The juicy kind: guys. :P

  1. We stalked & searched until finally, we knew what is that resident's name. I also got his beeper number. You know just in case we want to page him for nothing & make him suffer too. =]
How did I found out his name? That's another story. My friend added me to a BlackBerry messenger medical group. One of the guys was a resident. So I had to ask.
Me: Hey doc, do you know all the urology residents?
Him: yes. Why?
I gave him a summary for that long story.
He laughing so hard & asking me to describe the guy.
Me: He's not white wla asmar, medium height, 7ali8 3la al wa7id & kinda of 3ree9'.
Him: I know someone who looks like this bs he's white.
Me-thinking: He's Saudi white bs not real white. My friend advised me not to say that LOL.
Me: Ok. He's white.
Him: yeah I know him.
Me: 6yeb whats his name?
Him: wallah he's very nice & kind bs maybe he was bored that day o6l3o fikom.
Me: yeah whats his name?
Him: -
Me: wallah I don't hate him. Just give me his name. I want to know.
He gave me the name XD
Me: Thanks a lot doc.
Now I'm sure he went & told him about this conversation. And now he thinks 7ajah tanyah LOL.
M3 nfso. We are just marrah mla8eef.
2. There is this asshole, fuck head intern who thinks we like him & let me tell ye he's butt ugly & looks like a silly gay boy.
The ass added my friend S on the BBm. He took her PIN from that medical group.
He doesn't talk so she deleted him.
We were in some patients room, with a patient. He was with another patient. His patient was a little boy that my friend Z likes. So she waved at the little boy. The ass thought the wave was for him. Then S said this is the intern who added me & I deleted him. I think he heard her & thought 7ajah tanyah. The fuck head ever since started acting weird around us. Stupid weird, like-I'm-ignoring-you-cuz-you-might-rape-me-or-something. Seriously what the fuck? I really want to kick his sissy ass. waja3.
3- I saw a guy who at first I thought he looks like Ahmed Dawood from Star Academy. Whom I very much loved LOL. But then I googled Ahmed & that guy looks even more gorgeous LOL.
5sarah he wasn't wearing a lab coat or scrubs. Bs he was walking with a guy who did. So maybe? :P :p
Got any boy gossip? Please do share. =]

Nov 8, 2009

I Miss You Toto

*Ding dong* History class time.

First of all you must know I'm half Uyghur. 2nd of all, Azerbaijani, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turkish people, Turkmen, Uyghur and Uzbeks, are all basically the same Turkish race that just got separated cuz of wars with the Chinese & Russians. Today, some got their independence and some sadly didn't.

For alot of the Turks who escaped the war to different parts of the world, Turkey is the home away from home. And the Turkish people are so welcoming to them cuz I don't know but maybe they consider them royalty cuz their ancestors are the Othmani emperors.

Why am I telling you this? Cuz I'm an Istanbul-holic & I want people to get off of my back when I talk about my beloved eternal city. It's ridiculous how people never noticed that I unstoppably incorporate Istanbul in every conversation except after the popularity of the Turkish soap operas.

Anyway I miss Istanbul so freaking much. It hurts. =[

I miss my cousins. Even though I consider them a major pain in the ass when I am there. I miss walking around & shopping and just breathing its lovely air. I miss the see & the fairy boats. I miss dondurmas, döners & baklawas.

Hehe funny thing, I was watching Asi and she was going to Istanbul for business. So her dad showed her a picture of him, her 7 months pregnant mom & her older sister in Istanbul. He asked her to go to the same place & take a picture. Whats so funny? Well, my mom & her mom have pictures in Istanbul before she got married. And then 21 years ago she went with my dad and took pictures at the same places & she was 7 months pregnant with me. 2 years ago we went to the same places & took pictures. LOL coincidence? I think not. :P

Anyway I've turned to a big slacker lately & I just don't fucking care. I need a brake NOW! Al7mdullah al Hajj vacation is in a week yay. But I must study cuz I have my midterms after. =[

LOL I'm being an ass too, picking on some people & making them hate me. It's not like they are innocent or anything. Actually they are big asses but I wont let it slide anymore & I will put a magnifier to every fucking mistake. So be afraid. Be very afraid. :P

Oct 30, 2009

A Rotten Egg

I wanted to bake some cookies, but that went down the drain. I broke the egg on the cookie mix - I know I should have done that on a separate bowl- and it was rotten. The smell was unbearable, the worst thing I ever smelled & I've been around alot of cadavers & some seriously nasty chemicals. Ewww I can still smell it on the tips of my fingers. =[
You can guarantee, I ain't baking or eating eggs in the near future.

It's the end of October the Breast cancer awareness months, so I must leave you with this message:

Oct 27, 2009

An Encounter With A Resident

We have been clerking -asking patients to give us history- for a couple of days now, but NO one wants to talk to us and even the one dude I talked to yesterday was ... Well, lets just say he doesn't count!

Today me & G went clerking in the female & male medical wards for half an hour & still no one wants to talk to us. I have reached a point where I'll start begging the patients "Pleaaaaaaaaaaase. I didn't take a decent history since Little K. PLEASE talk to me" and I'll add some tears to soften their hearts. I have even thought of storming in and scare the hell out of them with a " You were misdiagnosed. I'm the equivalent of Dr. House. I'm YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF SURVIVAL! If you don't talk to me NOW, you WILL die!".

Thank God G suggested that we go to the ER, since one of the doctors told us that the people there are bored from waiting for a doctor to see them. On our way we met Z and off we go.
We were the only students there. There weren't many patients that early in the morning. But thankfully we found one old man in some room and he delightedly agreed to talk to us. Hallelujah.
Z started talking to him and then out of no where this resident stormed into the room, closed the door, pulled the curtains shut, then said "Secure the patient's privacy. 5 marks lost" and then stood next to the patient and stared at us. I was like umm should we leave? Z said " 3n eznak" and was about to take off. He stopped her and then said introduce yourself. I was like to you or to the patient? We already did that. We were like the three stooges LOL. He said it again. So I said "I'm D, 4th year medical student". He looked at Z and she said "n7na sana rab3ah" with a hand gesture that implied this is too advance for me LOL. He looked at G and asked her to introduce herself. She did. Then Z again & finally she did LOL.

Then he asked Z about the history, since she was the one interviewing the patient. She said it & he said it was perfect. =]
Then it was dumb dumb me's part. He asked me to put my ID on my chest insted of attached to my lower pocket. I was very nervous and freaked so as I was trying to do so I dropped it and took for ever to put it on LOL. Then he asked me to describe the patient or something like that. Before that I must say he was speaking English and refused to answer us when we spoke Arabic and he looked Saudi. So I was very confused cuz he acted like he didn't understand what we are saying. Back to the describing, I didn't know what to describe exactly? So I told him " I don't get what you want from me" in a very shaky voice, that my friends later told me it was like I was speaking to an Indian or something LOL. He didn't fucking answer me & grabbed the patients urine bag. So I said "He has hematuria". Then he said "Baksh" to Z "your the daughter of surgeon A. Baksh. He was so aggressive with me". She said "NO, my dad is very nice o 6yeb and he's not a doctor". The idiot then said he was being scary cuz he thought she was his daughter. :/

Then he started asking about the causes of hematuria. He was like D what is lala? Z what is todolo? G what is bla? poor G said something wrong then when she said another thing which was right & in fact the patients diagnosis. He screamed at her saying something that I don't remember. You can say her confidence was shattered for now. Z said that maybe the urine is red cuz he's using some TB medication. He told her " lo jbtih tkony sha6rah". Now he speaks Arabic? Anyway I told him which drug "Rifampcin" and Z said "D sha6rah kman LOL".
Then he asked some questions that we didn't know its answers, so he told us to read about them and that he has memorized our faces & will ask about them next time he sees us. The 1st thing I did when I got home today, is open my medicine books & I read all about them. Ask me now! =]

Later today, we wanted to know his name. I'm sure I heard him introduce himself or how would we have known he's a resident in urology. He didn't have his ID on, and he had the audacity to question me about where I hanged mine? I guess cuz we were freaked out we didn't remember his name. Z was obsessing & fussing about her not wanting to see him ever again, then wanting to prove herself. Although mashallah he said she's an A type student. So stop fussing!

Oh and we saw him again later on. He was talking to someone. Z saw him and ran. I turned my face to look & he looked straight at me. Z then again obsessed about him seeing her running LOL. I told her "Yes he saw you and now he's telling his friend & laughing at you". :P

I'm very much happy about this encounter, besides the fact that I felt so DUMB when he asked me to describe the patient. It was an exam like atmosphere and it made me want to learn even more. Thank you doc whoever you are. =]

Oct 23, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Just watched The Ugly Truth and Ouch. I still have a smirk on my face. I loved it. it's my favourite kind of blind, funny, sexy and romantic.

And Eric Winter, the orthopedic surgeon that she wants to land, is such a hottie. Yummy.

The ugly truth is there aren't many cute doctors out there. It's just a TV myth. But it's not like women care about their looks. Once they hear the word doctor they go insane. LOL. The uglier truth is that doesn't apply to female doctors. :P

But I must set the record straight. I know many people think & say that female doctors & medical students are unattractive & sloppy. It's OK I fell for it too. But now I have learned that it's just a myth set by a jelous girl who didn't get into medical school. Seriously we are smoking hot!

We study in a different campus than the other girls. I have been there, wallah we are so much better looking and we put so much less make up. And once my friend told me she showed our pics to one of her friends & she was shocked of how beautiful we looked & didn't believe that we are medical students. The fact that we are not always out & about socializing with people doesn't mean we are ugly. You just forgot how we look. :P

Oh hold your pants. Don't get offended. I'm just defending the weaker species. My species.
The beautiful truth is we, all girls are gorgeous. =]

Oct 22, 2009

Chuck Bass Was Kissed By A DUDE!

Finally al 7mdullah last week is OVER! I had the history presentation which was frustrating. And the last 2 days I attended The 5th Scientific Meeting for Saudi General Surgery Society, plus my sessions in the hospital.

After I registered & paid for the conference, they told us if we don't attend 4 out of the 6 sessions we won't get an attendance certificate. WHAT THE HELL? I attended part of every session & I got my certificate yay. :P

I took this fuzzy picture while laughing cuz my friend was laughing at the girls heads & the sound of the flash. LOL m3 nfsha.
It's strange how perfect strangers sometimes care about you more than the fucking people that act as your friends. Thank you Martin you made my day & you are the sweetest person ever. <3
*spoiler alert*
Oh yeah your dying to know. Chuck was kissed by a guy in the 6the episode of GG. It was sweet & all Blair's fault. That will gurntee some spice in their life. The lovey dovey couple are getting boring. Oh & chucky lost some weight, he looks better. =]
If you don't want to spoile it further don't watch the video.

Oct 19, 2009

Injustice Pisses Me OFF!

We are supposed to give 3 history presentations. The 1st one is just practice, not graded. The 2nd 5 marks. The 3rd 15. So we have to make the MOST of the 1st. But obviously not all the doctors assigned to grade us are aware or even understand what we need & are graded based on from what we don't give a shit about. So freaking normally the picking of who's girl going to present in front of which doctor is random. And that is or actually was the case. Until our group leader whom I like & respect mush SCRWED UP!

She changed everything based on her own preferences or whichever reason she had. And she might not have known or maybe she did, but she ended up with the best doctor. She put me in the last group & in the freaking afternoon, both things which I hate. And she didn't even bother to tell me when & with whom until I freaking asked. I ended up with a shitty female resident. That honestly I don't think I benefited much from her. I'm still confused.

Don't get me wrong if my name was assigned to her, I wouldn't have mind much cuz I nor anyone in my level would have a say in this. But that wasn't the case. She put herself in a questioned position, I'm pissed & I have the freaking right to be so!

Oct 15, 2009


Fuck. The clock just stroke 12. I'm officially 21. And this day will pass like the rest of them, cuz I already had 2 parties to celebrate my 21th B-day. I can't be greedy and ask for a THIRD one on the real day or can I ? :p

The 1st was with my family on my birthday by Hijri calender. The 2nd was in April I guess. It was a surprise party thrown by my friends. And it was a total freaking SURPRISE! I mean 6 months before the real B-day LOL. What were they thinking?

They got me a diamond ring. Love you guys. =]

mmm I feel nothing. I don't want to be old. Please no I-wish-you-live-a-hundred-more-years wishes. I hate them!

On another notice, I just got this freaky message on Facebook, that made me die from laughing:

i swear my heart only belong 2 u , everybody should know that but perfect time will come , and we will be 2gether4ever :)

I have no idea who's the idiot who sent it bs mn jed LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Dream on sucker LOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Oct 14, 2009

I Won :P

Day 1

*Foshia head scarf*

I went with my friends to Little K's room and she pulled the covers on her face & pretended to sleep. The second we left she jumped out of bed. I saw that!

Day 2
* Green head scarf*

I went with Z and little K was sitting & chit chatting with another patient. We asked her if she would pretty please give us her history. She refused & threw us out!

Day 3
* Green head scarf*

My friend M told me she promised to play Uno with Little K and asked me to come along.
I did & she allowed me to examine her. She told me that my palpitation is like a massage LOL. Hopefully now I learned the right way. Thank you Little K. =]

M played with her Uno & they had a bet if M lost she'll get her a bouquet of white & red flowers. M played to lose, but the cards didn't seem to agree with that plan. We had to cheat LOL. We told M the colors of K's cards. Yellow was jaundice, blue was cyanosis and red was redness, but next time it will be erythema. :P

Little K was going to win a couple of times but she didn't seem to want to end the game and I'm sorry but we have a lecture to attend in less than 5 minutes we HAVE TO GO! So I told M " She does not want the game to end". K looked at me & said " Btw I know what you guys are saying". She said it in Arabic but still I was shocked. I didn't think she understood English, cuz she looks so young, 8 at the most. Besides we were talking to each other in English and she didn't seem to understand. So I asked about her age and she was 17 0_0. A few seconds later she ended the game. I felt sooooooooo BAD!

I met L- the patient next to her. Such a sweet girl.

Day 4
* Foshia head scarf*

I went with my friend to take history from sweet L. Little K was watching us, then we started talking, then she brought the Uno & I played with her. I played to WIN! But I LOST BIG TIME! Then she suggested that if I win I can take her history 0_0.

I WON! And began to take her history. Let me tell you this Little K is a very sarcastic, funny, stubborn little girl. Taking history from her was a bit challenging. At first she was answering me in English, but when I asked her how old is she? she said seventy. I said "Oh y3ny you are sb3een or did you mean seventeen". :P She smiled & didn't answer. Then I asked her do you want me to ask you the questions in English? She said yes. I asked. She said I was speaking Chinese. I was so relieved. She does not know English.

I continued taking history from her & sometimes I got medical terms she heard the doctors use, some her real complains and some weird stuff LOL. I was asking her if she has any abdominal pain? She said no & I moved on to the next question. Then suddenly she had a huge grin on her face & told me she has "LIVER pain". I was like huh? You have LIVER pain? What do you mean you just said you have no abdominal pain? She said" I have liver pain. Right liver pain" and touched her liver! :/

Liver pain didn't make any sense in her condition and NO ONE say "I have LIVER PAIN" so I was doubtful but she did have gall bladder stones 3 years ago so I asked "Describe the pain?". She said "Those doctors are squeezing & hurting my liver. I want to kick them like a donkey". I was like LOOOOOOOOOL that's not real liver pain, they were just examining you. Move on. She kept on telling me I have joint pain, which again doesn't make any sense. Then I understood that some neurologist visited her last night & hit her with the hammer a few times. Poor girl LOL.

At one point M came & asked her if she got the flowers? She said yes and thanked her, but then she asked about the girl with the green head scarf? I was like what? That's me. She said "No that girl didn't know how to examine, she was massaging me". Again me! LOL. She refused to believe that the girl in the green scarf is the same girl she's talking to in the foshia head scarf. But that's OK, cuz I don't think she likes her much. :P

Foshia, green or blue I won and got her history. Yay me. :P
P.S: this story happened over the last 2 weeks. I just mentioned the days that mattered.
P.S.S: everyone wanted to take her history. That makes me special. =P

Oct 10, 2009


It's been a week since my last post. Not because there is nothing to talk about, cuz my life is pretty much hectic right now. It's just that I'm not sure I can talk about my patients. You know cuz of the doctor patient confidentiality, but then again I'm no doctor & I didn't take any oath. :/

I love my schedule it's like kindergarten. Most days I only have to attend 2 hours, but of course we stay longer. Geeks I know. :P
Anyway, I have been busy last week learning how to & taking history from patients. At first I was very nervous to do it solo, but once I did it, al 7mdullah it came natural to me. =]
This week we started the examination. I'm not so thrilled about it. I will practice on my friends cuz the patients are very sick to be touched and squeezed by immatures.

I'm just amazed how many people are stupid enough to sell their souls to the devil for money? And are OK with hurting innocent people? Even though what they are doing in Islam is out of question 7aram and kofr? The unfortunate thing is that they look & act respectable fooling most people, so you can't accuse them of what they really are, cuz you won't be believed. I hope they enjoy burning in hell.

Oct 3, 2009

4th Year- Day 1

Hellllllllllo clinical years. Hoa. I just came back from the hospital & guess what? I didn't take surgery nor medicine yaay. It was just orientation & some lame talk. I'm excited it seems like a good module. And cuz it's new we are all gonna PASS! =]

Anyway today my friend picked me up & we went to the uni's hospital. The second I met my friends it was like we never parted a day. We kissed and hugged then my friend M started screaming & showed me her copy of The Lost Symbol. Naturally I started screaming too. LOL We LOVE books. No it's not in Saudi till another month, she got it from the UAE.
Through the orientation we talked about books & laughed when people laughed then asked "What did he say?" then laughed some more LOL.

While the orientation the doctor told us to stop smiling LOL. Told the guys to be more respectful & don't dress like idiots just to be cool. :P
Here is one of his stories:

He saw a guy sitting & eating in a corridor and next to him was a girl and they were talking. The doc thought that the situation was a little bit "romantic" but thought it's better not to say so. So, he stared at the guy and the guy stared back. Then the guy said "fi shy?". The doc didn't want to say why are you sitting with this girl alone with romance filling the air? So he said "Didn't you know that it's not allowed to eat here?". The jerk looked the doc up side down and checked the whole place, then said "I don't see a don't-eat-here sign". The doc said "Oh so I should write it in every hall & room in the hospital?" The jerk responded by " SHOOF!". The doc got scared. You see he's a small cute man. The jerk continued " I know B " B is a big someone. The doc said " Well I know someone who is bigger". But he didn't tell him who cuz he didn't know if he's bigger or not LOL. And then said " Listen punk, take off cuz I have started to get pissed". Well, those weren't his exact words but I forgot. :P
Anywho the story is so much funnier when Dr. Al -Jiffery tells it. :/

Move on to a more stupider boring subject. So, I delayed getting a new lab coat till late last week. And when I went to order a new one they told me it'll take 10 day to be ready. I said no I don't want to wait that long so I bought an already made one. The problem is it's short above my knees. And I don't know if it's OK to wear it in the hospital, since it's Saudi & all. Plus I don't want the girls to think I'm a slut or anything cuz I always wear skinny pants. You would be surprised how judgmental those girls can be. And to tell yeah the truth I could give a shit if it's short but I don't want people to talk. Tell me what do you think?

Oct 2, 2009


Tomorrow I'm going back to school, or in my case hospital. I'm scared LOL. It feels like a new chapter of my life. Hopefully it will be a happy one with less drama. Whom am I kidding? This is medical school. With less traumatic annoying drama.
My day will start at 9 a.m. which is a HUGE improvement. I hope it's not just tomorrow. I have medicine & surgery. The rest of the schedule will be known tomorrow.
Last year 4th year student, took a WEEK orientation cuz it's the beginning of the clinical years. But apparently we are a bunch of extra ordinary geniuses and we don't need orientation. Good for us LOL.

I got my metal braces a few days ago and I absolutely hate it. It's sharper and irritating. But I look OK. Not as freaky as I thought I would look. =]
And I just realized that I'm so stupid & I should have waited till I get my hospital ID. Cuz now my mouth will look like a fish & my smile won't be cute.

I also finished the book I was reading Chances. It's really entertaining. I love it & can't wait to read the sequel. But it's not for everyone. This is one of its reviews "Should be called 'The Godfather Goes to Bed'" - Cable News Network

P.S: that's not why I liked it. :P

Sep 24, 2009

Housy HOusy, I Love U Housy

Just saw House MD season 6 premiere and OMG it's AMAZING! Kicks GG's ass. It's so heart warming. I almost cried LOL! Oh better run to Facebook and ruin it for my friends. =P

Before I watched it, I was so sad & depressed. You know when everything is crashing around you and you just try to hold on. But then, this one little thing pisses you off & you can't freaking take it anymore. That's how I feel right now. And the cherry on top of my cake was Mr.Bibi. My blackberry won't connect with the internet and I don't know why? Me so sad! =[

Another thing is, I was happy that school is coming up, but I'm not any more. I don't wanna go. I'm so used to costing & doing nothing. And I don't want to meet people. =[

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Yesterday the 23rd of September 2009, was KAUST inauguration ceremony. It's an international, graduate-level research university, located in Thuwal - Saudi Arabia.

I'm gonna say it right up front: I'm so jealous from the people who are going there!

I want them to open a medical college and also make it for undergraduates. I mean you call a person with an MD in medicine a doctor and you also call them that if they have a PhD. So what I'm asking totally make sense. :P

Check it out. =D

Main KAUST campus from the Sea Steps

South Research Laboratory Buildings at Sunset

Administration Building Rotunda from main campus plaza at sunset

KAUST Library at night

KAUST Nanofabriation Laboratory Interior

Campus Greenhouses

KAUST Library from the Sea Steps

© 2009 J.B. Picoulet – S. Lourié

And it's all made from echo friendly material, got the best, high technology and it's supposed to become one of the top 10 best universities in the world. How amazing? I'm so proud. Go Saudi, go! =D

Sep 23, 2009

GG And Happy Bday KSA!

Gosssssssssip girl's second episode is so much better. I LOVE IT! I'm still so excited. I want Monday to come now! LOL
But, mmm Chuck is making me feel sick. I love him but what's with the jewelry? So disgusting. And he should really lose some weight ,gain some muscles and add some extra centimeters to his height. If he could. :P

I like Serena's outfits. Except the last one very fugly. And she's such a stupid girl. What is she five? :/ VERY ANNOYING!
Blair, ya nass I love her. She's so cute. Oh and Nate's new girl and Carter are also super cute.
What I hate about lonely boy:
1. His voice.
2. His hair.
3. His stupid attitude.
4. The fact that he's not so lonely any more.
5. And his short brother. No tall guys in America wanna act? :/

Ok that's it no more spoiling. :P But on another subject, today is KSA national day. So I decided to over look all the negatives and look at the brighter side of Saudi and what I like about it. Here we go:
1. I like king Abdullah and his new university. Today is the opening ceremony. So exciting, I want to go. =[
2. I don't have to pay to go to college. On the contrary they pay me. XD
3. I don't have to have great hair all the time- but I do have it- and dress to impress. I only have to put on an awesome abaya and I'm rocking it. :P
4. I did Hajj and I can go to Makkah and AL-Madinah whenever I want. =]
5. They have great Islamic classes at schools. The fact that people misinterpret Islam here and claim they act by it is the reason why I hate Saudi.

Mmm I can't think of anything else. I want a parade. =[

Sep 18, 2009

Who's That Girl?

I love Alexandra. Her books are fun and light reads, that I very much like. But this one made me cry!
It's about this girl, Charlotte who meets her twenty-one-year-old self Lottie.

Charlotte is an uptight, stressed, professional, responsible, hard working girl.
Lottie is fun, care free, flirty, ... etc.

Charlotte tries to give advice to Lottie to fix her life and to avoid some traumatic experiences.

So why did I cry? Well, I'm more like the thirty-something Charlotte and I'm only 20 T_T
I want to look back at my life and see how crazy it was. how much fun I had. Dude I seriously need to let loose more often and stop fucking stressing over everything. But on the bright side I already use sun screen which means I'll have a great skin when I'm thirty. :P
And I do share one thing with Lottie. I still believe in me & my dreams. There is still hope for me right?=]

In books I read, I always mark the pages with lines I LOVE. In this book I only marked this:

19. Cheap shoes suck. Save up and buy designer.

Because there are some things in life that are worth spending money on, and Jimmy Choos are one of them.

Soooooooo true I can't agree more

Sep 14, 2009


Spotted Shakira AND Pink wearing the same dress at the VMA's on the red carpet.

I would really freak out if that happened to me. A9lan it's not that good of a dress. :/
What do you think?

Oh and Patrick Swayze Died at Age 57, after a struggle with pancreatic cancer. RIP. =[

Ahhhh I'm dying to see GG. Stupid Gossip Girl on twitter is totally spoiling it. Don't read CoOkie, don't read. =[

Sep 13, 2009

Yay or Nay?

What do you think of giving a gift certificate to a girl? Yay or nay?

They BOTH Freaking Suck!

I'm sure you saw the pathetic STC commercial, trashing Mobily Broadband. And if you didn't cheak it out.

It's funny and I kinda of believe it LOL.

I was really hoping that Mobily would response with an even lower commercial. So we people at homes would have our laughs. But they were very diplomatic and polite. :/

Anywho, I think this establish the stupidity and the shameless competition those two phone companies are having. But that does not clear up, who is better? No worries the answer is with moa. NONE!

I am a proud soon to be former STC client. They robbed me blindly over the years. I didn't really gave a shit my dad was paying the bills. :P

Anyway, last month I bought my Mr.Bibi aka BlackBerry and Mobily have a better deal with the BlackBerry services than STC. Plus mom was nagging me to switch companies for along time, so I said what the hell I'll try them. My mom had an extra Mobily Sim card that was prepaid, so I took it. I prepaid for the BlackBerry service and was up a and running perfectly. But not for long. Cuz since I don't like the prepaid thingy, I went and changed it to a bill. The fucked up women who changed it for me didn't tell me I lose all services I paid for when I change to a bill. So I lost my BlackBerry service and I barley used it for 2 WEEKS!
They told me I have to pay again, so after along argument I caved and said OK. Then when I wanted to order the service again, they sent me a message telling me I already have it. I called and asked WTF? They told me call after 48 hours! WHAT?! :S
2 days pass, I call they say they fixed it and I have to apply again. I try to do that but out of a sudden I have no phone service. WTF? I call again and they say I have to update my information. I do that but I have one info. missing. I DONT FUCKING HAVE IT! BL8OAH Y3NY? The creep told me I must and that they wont give me the service back if I didn't.

Ya 7bibi one is a big fat ass thief and the other is a fucking screw up and a thief. You both SUCK BIG TIME!

On another note, loved thzee2 AL -Shegrey to the people elly mhy mtrbiah o ma 3ndha e7sas wla fikr.
Remind me to tell you about my business meeting with him or not. :P

Oh and GG starts tomorrow YAAAAAAAAY. Of course I wont watch tom. but even so YAAAAAY.
Yesterday on the Late Show, Leighton Meester aka Blair was on. She said there will be lots of sex, partying and clothes in season 3. YAAAAAAAAAY. LOL I'm obsessed I know and there are no head bands in college.5la9 I'm done. :P

Sep 11, 2009

Learning Turkish

Hey people check out this site:

It is a language teaching site and it's soooooooo awesome!

my friend Fadiosis hooked me up with it. Thanks sweets XOXO.

Sep 5, 2009

My Life in Pictures

- Go to Google image search.
- Type in your answer to each question.
- Choose a picture from the first 5 images
- Use this website
( to make your collage.
- Save the image for use .
- Post and tag your friends.

{ Questions }
1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I tag anyone who reads my bolg. =D

Sep 3, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

First of all I'm a huge HUGE fan of the X-men series. And today FINALLY I saw X-Men Origins Wolverine and it was AWESOME. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And no I'm not just saying that cuz my future lovey is the star. :P

Yeah I LOVE Hugh Jackman.

I also love Reyan Renolds and he's in the movie too. Yaay. But he was pretty mush scarry at the end.

I wasn't a big fan of who played Gambit. He's my favirote X-men and this guy isn't hot enough to play him. I hope they change him in the next movie LOL.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, MOVE IT, GO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. :p :P