Nov 26, 2009

No Eid For Jeddah

That rain ended up in a disaster. I guess it was more of a punishment than a blessing. People, cars, houses, for God sakes HOSPITALS DROWNED. The situation is so screwed up. And they expect 4 more days of rain & floods. People are asked by the civil defense, not to leave their houses.

KAUH hospital. My hospital. Drowned. The basement floor drowned. No electricity. No nothing. People are dying. I have heard that its been evacuated.

National Guard Hospital, announced code black.

I seriously can't focus my thoughts. If you want to read some more, here & here.

Allah yr7m all the people who have died in this tragedy. My heart goes to their families & to the people in Makkah.

I believe it was a punishment from Allah to some & to show us how really screwed up things are. I hope we wake up before further damage happens & for the people who are responsible to be held accountable.

يا رب ألطف بنا و اعفو عنا أنت أرحم الراحمين


  1. It's rlly heartbreaking , i'm so sorry. i watched a video of the highway disaster and i couldn't watch till the end. speechless .
    We have to keep praying and asking god for help.
    الله يرحم موتانا وموتى المسلمين.

  2. I know.. Its very sad and frightening somehow.. =(

    you know, im very shocked to hear hospitals flooded, thats a tough situation.

    i do believe diasters can be a punishment but there are also scientific explanations to things..

    I will keep praying for them :(

    if it rained today, we will not leave home (staying inside for eid huh? That will be really boring)

  3. its supposed to 3eed and everyone should be happy celebrating it..

    this is veryyy sad :( :(
    allah e9aber their families

  4. Mashallah
    walah it's weird 'n scary
    i hate the rain

    haPpy 3eeD though of the rain =p

    enjoy it

  5. Awww try to cheer up sweetie :(

  6. This wasn't that much heavy rain believe me if it happens elsewhere it will not turned to be a tragic night. The problem is in Jeddah itself and the people who are responsible about those bad facilities. Come on! could anyone imagine that there's no drains in most of the tunnels. Cars and people have drwoned and died there. Guess what! no one tried to take out those died bodies inside the tunnels. They're waiting to some miracle. Who's resbonsible for that damaged? Let's think for a moment. Oh we don't have to think. It's obvious..

  7. Frightening! I remember when my house in Bombay got flooded on 26/07/2006.. I was depressed for over a month from all the loss and the disgusting mess that my house was.. It has now almost made me hydrophobic.

    But I can imagine how much worse it must have been at a hospital. Hope all's well now!