Nov 13, 2009

Food & Blogs The Ultimate Combo

I'm in such a blessed state of joy al 7mdullah. I just watched Julie & Julia and it just made me mellow down in to my soul.

I am completely & utterly in love with this movie. I mean whats there not to love? Food? Love. books & writing? Love. Blogs? Love. Sweet romance? Love. Meryl Streep? LOVE!

Mryel was such a delight. So funny & dramatic. Loved her performance to bits & pieces. And she & her husband were so cute together. I loved them. And when he said " Julia your the butter to my bread & the breath to my life" I was speechless. Isn't that the most romantic thing ever? ♥

On the other hand I seriously disliked this Julie person. And I don't think Amy Adam was a good match, she's far too cute & nice to play her. Why did I dislike her? Well I have read that she has mentioned in her 2nd book that she cheated on her husband while she was doing the Julie & Julia thing. If he is as half as sweet & considerate as in the movie, how could she?

What else? Oh the food was awesome. I'm so in the mood to cook. Oh scratch that I mean EAT! You know its one of my dreams to go to France & learn how to cook professionally. =]
I also want to go to Europe. Eat & shop my way through it. I've only been to 3 European countries. I so badly want to visit the rest. Now preferably. =]

Anyway, I have to go to bed ASAP. I have a very early, busy morning tomorrow. And I'm very out of the ordinary scared. I hope I do well. I'll bore you & tell you all about it later. For now wish me luck & Bon appetit. =]


  1. the movie is on my computer to watch, and when i read your first words i thought oh boy it's gonna be my movie for tonight but why why why did you mention what your friends say !!! now i have second opinion, lol.

  2. LOL No, you must watch it tonight. I better remove that part. :P

    And besides, my friend is neither a foody or a blogger. What would she know?

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  4. My sister and I were planning to watch it,the trailer was interesting!! and ur review is a lovely one <3

    LOL guess what girl I am never bored of your actions,write about it later on

  5. I just watched the trailer, marra y7ammis!!
    I love Amy Adams :D

  6. not interesting in cooking but guess what, I have always dream t of learning cooking in France hehehe I always think their food is kind of healthy and stay us skinny i duno why:P

  7. LOL thanks Candy XOXO.

    Bliss, me too <3

    AP, butter is healthy? LOL. I think they stay skinny cuz the eat small portions & walk a lot.

  8. The movie was very interesting, I wouldn't expected to be so good to be honest. Because I wasn't interested in the cook part of it but when I watched, I learn how to make love even from very simple things, like cooking, blogging, dreaming :)

  9. I googled and saved like 10 recipes off the internet after watching this movie..Aren't the food shots so appetizing??

    And hey, Amy Adams wasn't bad at all!