Nov 22, 2009

The Lost Symbol

Just finished it. And I'm not impressed. Dan Brown is repeating himself and it's getting boring.
The tale have the same pattern as the 2 others. A phone call at the middle of the night, off he goes, involvement with the law, long chase, problems solving, dramatic twists and oh once again he saves the day.

I'm also not very fascinated by the story or the characters. They have no depth. And it's pretty much obvious who is this Malakh villain. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you. But I will give Dan this, even though I knew, I was sick to my stomach when he reviled it. Such a cruel, sick truth.

And another thing, I believe in the presence of Malakh-like people in this world. People with wealth who have & done everything. Who are empty, shallow & bored out of their minds. Who will go seek fulfilment & be blinded by a dark illusion. And will do whatever to achieve that illusion. I like this about Dan. He does some very well studied villains. =]

Oh and Dan, the Bible wasn't rewritten by humans to hide the precious information it held from the unenlightened people.

Now, what to read next? Act Like A lady Think Like A Man? Or The Kite Runner? Or maybe I should really start studying. :/


  1. The kite runner's a good one. Sick story though. Haven't read this Dan Brown, but usually I'm a fan

  2. Haven't read any of Dan Brown's books, ma y7amsoon marra.

    Definitely go for The Kite Runner, It's amazing!! <3

  3. Never read any of Dan's. I saw his movie though ( The da vinci code ). I rlly didn't understand anything! The bad guy was the good guy and the good guy was the bad guy to me ;\ , so complicated!

    Read Allan & Barbara Pease's books , FUN and wonderful! and u probably should start studying.

  4. I hate it when the authors keep on repeating the same thing in their other books :( That's not good!!

  5. Kite Runner,this book is amaaaazin' <3 <3

    I read many posts and articles for lost symbol,and they are ALL hating the book for the same reason.I won't read it.

    for now: I say go and face your precious books ;p

  6. The Kite Runner's pretty good. The only Dan Brown book I've read is the Da Vinci Code.

  7. wow.. :\ .. ummm, i'm not sure what should i say. i haven't read it yet, about the style, if u're talking about "da vinci code" and "angels and demons", i simply love it. the way they are. religious, the long chase, and everything u mentioned!!! it's (dan's) style after all :p...

    u fired me up :p.. i wanna read it... but i have five novels to finish *stupid series*...
    thnx for ur review... love uuuuuuuu mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥

  8. Trevelyana, great. Sick is what I like. :P

    Bliss, I will inshallah.

    Mad Art, I never saw the movie. But the book is AMAZING & I'm sure its less confusing.
    I'm going to check their books. Thanks.

    C, yeah. You would think they should be more creative.

    LOL Candy, I have my surgery book in my lap right now. :P

    Bookworm, then you might give Angels & Demons a try. It's really great.

    Fadiosis, LOL great someone is motivated after all. Read it then let me know what you think.