Nov 18, 2009


*Shows Review*

A Start with quoting James Frey & an end with an amazing performance from Lady Gaga, are a guarantee that this GG episode rocked.

Doesn't the dress looks like its made by a lame ass Middle-Eastern designer?

And about that stupid threesome -a9lan who would want to have a twosome with that Dan, let alone a threesome- V looked way more hotter than stupid Hillary.

S is a bitch. "That line got all blurry" fi 3eenik. He's still a married congressman. If you don't care about his marriage, care about his fucking career. But LOVE the outfit. :P

House MD is getting boring & Grey's Anatomy is getting so much better.

*Uni Crap*

Sat: I had a case presentation which went well al 7mdullah. =]

I didn't know who was the doc who's gonna be evaluating me until minutes after the presentation. And to my shock he was the dude in the H1N1 flu add in the hospital. My face turned to WTF? And my friends died from laughing at me. :P

Mon: We celebrated S's 2 months & 4 days belated birthday- she was counting LOL.

Wed: I LOVE orthopedics. For 2 reasons:

  1. My uncle.

  2. They are the sweetest most organized, systematic, simple, considerate surgeons in the world.

And for the other surgeons, you really need to be given sexual harassment seminars. Sweet talking is one thing but NO TOUCHING!



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  2. 9aba7 il 5air..
    haj break is next week for us =S
    hv fuuuuun girl
    can't wait to watch eps 10 of GG!!!
    21 is the best age ever,ENJOY :D

  3. hahahahahahaha, next time use "spoiler alert" coz i haven't realize what i'm reading til i reached "uni crap" :p

    second, WHO IS THAT DOCTOR O_O" ???
    i don't remember some1 with that head? LOL

    and thirrrd... u're the second girl i hear saying that she loves orthopedics ....

    and about the other surgeons... u're damn right.. they forget themselves or i dunno what else r they doing :S ... gal examination gal !!!

  4. LOL I was just bitchin about Gossip Girl to my brother on bbm .. Seriously this show is getting lame! and Lady GaGa scared me to be honest! why does she act as a retard?
    "Doesn't the dress looks like its made by a lame ass Middle-Eastern designer? "
    that's EXACTLY what I thought ..
    I Hate Vanessa and I hate Hillary Duff and the line is a dot to Serena coz she honestly passed it b sharaf!

    watch Accidentally On Purpose if you're not already, this show is hilaaaaaaaarious!
    love u,

  5. Ok that picture is scary! Anyway I don't watch GG, I watch only season one and I felt its so different from the books! The books are way way way better!

  6. 9ba7 al noor Candy. Hehe it's one of the few pros in Saudi: long hajj vacation. XD

    Fadiosis, I realized I forgot "spoiler alert" but I did write "shows review" :P
    His name is Dr. Hussam but I don't know his last name.
    And about the other surgeons, yareet bs examination. la y3mlo nfshom by9'rbo wla just being cute. :S

  7. Mosha, LOL & yeah it's really getting lame. But I liked this episode. =]
    I'll try this show. Thanks for the suggestion XOXO.

    C, hmm interesting. I might give the books a read. =]

  8. haha I just can't believe about Dan argh I hate him :/ and happy birthday :D

  9. Thanks but it's my friend S's Bday =]

  10. Everything you said about Gossip Girl was EXACTLY what was on my mind!!
    Trying to get their ratings high by adding a threesome? LAME.