Nov 22, 2009

Best Compliment

Lucky you, I'm in the mood to blabber. XD
The best compliment I ever had was from Dr. Roaa Jamjom. It was at the end of a PBL session (Problem based learning, 10 girls, a doc, a hypothetical case & we try to diagnose & treat the hypothetical patient). Anyway, at the end the doc must evaluate our performances. So she was telling every girl about what she did good & what she must work on for the next time. Then it was my turn. She looked at me & smiled, then said " CoOkie you are Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy. Do you know her? And I say that in the best possible way. Cuz I love her, but some people don't".
Me: "That's the nicest thing someone ever said to me! THANK YOU".
I loved Dr. Roaa before & I loved her even more after. Cuz I'm really a lot like Christina & I love her.

I don't know if you have seen the new guy from Mercy West. But he's supper cute. Blue eyes, olivey complection, charming smile & tall. Super cute. And this super cute doc likes my beloved Christina, but she's blowing him off cuz she loves Hunt. Yeah I know eww.

Yeah we loved that first forced kiss & thought it was awesome. But now after all the drama of his tortured soul, it's getting disgusting. And besides his kisses are repulsive. He moves too much.

Anyway, since I'm Christina too. I must have a say in this madness. Dump Hunt, so he can go to that new doc he loves and you take that super cute doc. Problem solved & everyone is happy. People I should be a writer on that show. :P
Anyway what was the best compliment you ever received?


  1. Oh, that IS a good compliment! I still haven't watched this season's Greys. I'll prolly watch it all in one go.

    Hm..the best compliment I remember is when I was back in college, soph year, a tough prof that taught me saw me in the hall and came to ask me something. Then he said "one day you will achieve great things. You will surprise everyone, maybe even yourself, but I won't be surprised" - apparantly he expected me to do great things. LOL, well, I'd like to tell him that I'm STILL waiting for that day, if ever :p

  2. well .. u right dodah !! that is one super duper hotty cuty guy! XD
    n dumb Christina better likes him before he sweeps away from her fingres! =]

  3. So you look like Christina Yang from Grey's anatomy :D

    hmmm the best compliment was,

    from my best friend that I dance better than shakira :s

  4. Bookworm, that's a very lovely compliment. Hopefully one day you'll live up to it. =]

    Anonymous, Ghada? if so please next time sign your name so I can know. =]

    Oh NOOO Candy, I look nothing like her. I'm just like her. In her behavior, way of thinking & character stuffies.
    If true your dancing is awesome :P

  5. yup.. that's me =)
    sorry , i didn't know how to sign my name .. i've discovered that just now.

  6. Good for you Judie :P
    Now tell me, what was the best compliment you've ever received?

  7. it's hard to tell actually ..
    i don't mean to brag ..honestly ! but i had many .. n it's hard to differentiate which of which r the best !!

    but u know what .. THANK YOU!!!
    you've just inspired me ! =D
    i promise u .. u will know soon =)

  8. Haha! I'm a christina too, soo many people have told me. There's a lot to be said for bluntness---there're just too many people that beat around the bush--it's tiring.

  9. Mmm My best compliment mmmm wait wait I'm counting :P

  10. FINALLY, there's someone in this world who loves christina . i love her so much , she's a bitch sometimes but no one's perfect . << i'm 100% sure that you're christina without the bitchy attitude;p .
    Ugh,there's two ep left on season 3 but i'm so bored of the same drama over and over again!
    but that guy would make me watch it again ;$

    Keep on the good work , i know christina would ;)

  11. Judie, if you can't tell that mean you haven't had that ONE, that really touched your heart. Cuz I'm sure all of us a had a million compliments through out our lives.
    And your welcome. Aren't I the most inspiring person on earth? :P

    Trevelyana, life would be so much easier if more Christinas were around.

    C, finish counting then come back :P

    LOL Mad Art, define bitch? :P
    The 4th & 5th seasons are boring, but the 6th is so much fun.
    Aww thank you baby, I will XOXO.