Nov 8, 2009

I Miss You Toto

*Ding dong* History class time.

First of all you must know I'm half Uyghur. 2nd of all, Azerbaijani, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Turkish people, Turkmen, Uyghur and Uzbeks, are all basically the same Turkish race that just got separated cuz of wars with the Chinese & Russians. Today, some got their independence and some sadly didn't.

For alot of the Turks who escaped the war to different parts of the world, Turkey is the home away from home. And the Turkish people are so welcoming to them cuz I don't know but maybe they consider them royalty cuz their ancestors are the Othmani emperors.

Why am I telling you this? Cuz I'm an Istanbul-holic & I want people to get off of my back when I talk about my beloved eternal city. It's ridiculous how people never noticed that I unstoppably incorporate Istanbul in every conversation except after the popularity of the Turkish soap operas.

Anyway I miss Istanbul so freaking much. It hurts. =[

I miss my cousins. Even though I consider them a major pain in the ass when I am there. I miss walking around & shopping and just breathing its lovely air. I miss the see & the fairy boats. I miss dondurmas, döners & baklawas.

Hehe funny thing, I was watching Asi and she was going to Istanbul for business. So her dad showed her a picture of him, her 7 months pregnant mom & her older sister in Istanbul. He asked her to go to the same place & take a picture. Whats so funny? Well, my mom & her mom have pictures in Istanbul before she got married. And then 21 years ago she went with my dad and took pictures at the same places & she was 7 months pregnant with me. 2 years ago we went to the same places & took pictures. LOL coincidence? I think not. :P

Anyway I've turned to a big slacker lately & I just don't fucking care. I need a brake NOW! Al7mdullah al Hajj vacation is in a week yay. But I must study cuz I have my midterms after. =[

LOL I'm being an ass too, picking on some people & making them hate me. It's not like they are innocent or anything. Actually they are big asses but I wont let it slide anymore & I will put a magnifier to every fucking mistake. So be afraid. Be very afraid. :P


  1. LOOL@ the coincidence
    yaa 3eed il ath7a holiday is comin' soon,hv some partience gurl ;p,we are ALL waiting for it :D

    yaaay you are half turkish,I luVe halfies people :D

  2. I never went to istanbul, but i would love to ;D . i went to spain once and ate at a DELICIOUS restaurantcalled istanbul , god i can still taste the yummy food they served <3 .

  3. Candy, we have a break mn bdyat al Hajj mo zikom bs al eid :P

    Mad Art, a7la food, food Turkey <3

  4. My friend is also an Istanbolaholic! Her mother has Turkish origins and I think they go to Istanbul every summer or something. She and her sisters know every bit of the city and she can't stop talking about it, she tried to teach me Turkish but I don't know WHY I HATE THE LANGUAGE! I seriously don't know what I have against the language? She keeps throwing Turkish good mornings and good nights at me and in between, and sometimes I leave the room! LOL..

  5. LOL I like your friend. I don't speak Turkish but I can read & I know like 40 words. :P
    And I always try to teach them to my friends. I know they don't care but they sit & listen. How polite are they? =]