Oct 30, 2009

A Rotten Egg

I wanted to bake some cookies, but that went down the drain. I broke the egg on the cookie mix - I know I should have done that on a separate bowl- and it was rotten. The smell was unbearable, the worst thing I ever smelled & I've been around alot of cadavers & some seriously nasty chemicals. Ewww I can still smell it on the tips of my fingers. =[
You can guarantee, I ain't baking or eating eggs in the near future.

It's the end of October the Breast cancer awareness months, so I must leave you with this message:


  1. feel your boobies -_-" ??
    u ran out of expressions :P ????
    that's funny though... about the rotten egg
    DEAR GOD !!! O_O" !!

  2. awww don't let one rotten egg ruin the baking experience, now :)
    It's really fun. Try it with unrotten eggs ;)

    LOL Thank you for that link - made my day
    "I felt my boobies, did you?" haha priceless :P

  3. lama tsaween cookies dezeeli abee ;p

  4. We all have our messy days in the kitchen, but it really shouldn't stop you from baking cookies :)
    Sooner or later you're gonna miss it lol

    I literally felt my boobies -bismellah 3alehm allah y7fa'6hm-

  5. wee3 ><"
    a9lan i haaate cooking..

    i felt them, ya 7afeth ,allah yeb3ed 3annah il amrath..

  6. Fadiah, I didn't make it up. Click on the link.

    Immaturely Mature, hey welcome to my blog. =]
    I love baking, but for the time being I don't think we should see each other. :P

    LOL OK Khalid :P

    Bliss, I miss it already. I want cookies =[

    Candy, baking is not cooking :p
    I hate cooking too.

    Ameen Allah y7f6'na o yb3d 3nn all the illnesses. Keep on feeling your boobies girls *wink wink* :P

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  8. COOKIES, Yummy < . you won't stop baking them, i know that. unless your thinking of changing your nickname ;p .
    and i'm pretty sure you'll eat eggs like always, how can you have breakfast without eggs ?! ;O

    I felt my precious boobies <3 they were like "wt's wrong mama ?" (i touch them when i take a shower or something,lol.so it was weird.)

    Can you give me the recipe ? i rlly would like to bake cookies <3 .
    and my boobies says hi Doc ^^"

  9. LOOOOOOOOOOL true I can't stop. Me & the cookies are soul mates. <3
    & I don't eat brekfast at weekdays :P

    Keep feeling yor little girls. Allah y5likom lb39'. =]

    This is my favourite baking site, it got amazing recpies: http://www.joyofbaking.com

  10. ooh atleast u tried a baking which i never did or will:P my boobs are small to feel:(:P bs yeah me feeling them(a)

  11. Hehe I know that kind of bad smell! Really a big turn off for baking mood!

  12. AP, it's so much fun, but let someone else check the eggs for ya. You never know :P

    C, turn off o bs? I never wanna see eggs again :P

  13. That happened to me once!! It's a traumatic experience :s it letteraly smells like something DEAD and it's a strong smell that last and last and last y33333 :/
    Bss if you do bake cookies, I wouldn't mind some, I have an empty jar on my desk '^,

  14. I'm not alone. Another fellow human being went through this traumatic experience & survived. :P

    Sounds like I have to open a bakery LOL. The thing that you don't know is CoOkie don't share cookies. I go cookie monster errrrr. :P

  15. noooooooooooo not the cookies!!!! ;O

    I aint feeling my boobies, you perv! haha

  16. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. loved the last line...

    hmm, i always break the eggs into the mix,,, never thought of a rotten egg before!

  17. Skittles, lol it's sexy to feel your boobs in public :P

    Standy, better start do it separately. Believe me it's not worth the risk.