Oct 14, 2009

I Won :P

Day 1

*Foshia head scarf*

I went with my friends to Little K's room and she pulled the covers on her face & pretended to sleep. The second we left she jumped out of bed. I saw that!

Day 2
* Green head scarf*

I went with Z and little K was sitting & chit chatting with another patient. We asked her if she would pretty please give us her history. She refused & threw us out!

Day 3
* Green head scarf*

My friend M told me she promised to play Uno with Little K and asked me to come along.
I did & she allowed me to examine her. She told me that my palpitation is like a massage LOL. Hopefully now I learned the right way. Thank you Little K. =]

M played with her Uno & they had a bet if M lost she'll get her a bouquet of white & red flowers. M played to lose, but the cards didn't seem to agree with that plan. We had to cheat LOL. We told M the colors of K's cards. Yellow was jaundice, blue was cyanosis and red was redness, but next time it will be erythema. :P

Little K was going to win a couple of times but she didn't seem to want to end the game and I'm sorry but we have a lecture to attend in less than 5 minutes we HAVE TO GO! So I told M " She does not want the game to end". K looked at me & said " Btw I know what you guys are saying". She said it in Arabic but still I was shocked. I didn't think she understood English, cuz she looks so young, 8 at the most. Besides we were talking to each other in English and she didn't seem to understand. So I asked about her age and she was 17 0_0. A few seconds later she ended the game. I felt sooooooooo BAD!

I met L- the patient next to her. Such a sweet girl.

Day 4
* Foshia head scarf*

I went with my friend to take history from sweet L. Little K was watching us, then we started talking, then she brought the Uno & I played with her. I played to WIN! But I LOST BIG TIME! Then she suggested that if I win I can take her history 0_0.

I WON! And began to take her history. Let me tell you this Little K is a very sarcastic, funny, stubborn little girl. Taking history from her was a bit challenging. At first she was answering me in English, but when I asked her how old is she? she said seventy. I said "Oh y3ny you are sb3een or did you mean seventeen". :P She smiled & didn't answer. Then I asked her do you want me to ask you the questions in English? She said yes. I asked. She said I was speaking Chinese. I was so relieved. She does not know English.

I continued taking history from her & sometimes I got medical terms she heard the doctors use, some her real complains and some weird stuff LOL. I was asking her if she has any abdominal pain? She said no & I moved on to the next question. Then suddenly she had a huge grin on her face & told me she has "LIVER pain". I was like huh? You have LIVER pain? What do you mean you just said you have no abdominal pain? She said" I have liver pain. Right liver pain" and touched her liver! :/

Liver pain didn't make any sense in her condition and NO ONE say "I have LIVER PAIN" so I was doubtful but she did have gall bladder stones 3 years ago so I asked "Describe the pain?". She said "Those doctors are squeezing & hurting my liver. I want to kick them like a donkey". I was like LOOOOOOOOOL that's not real liver pain, they were just examining you. Move on. She kept on telling me I have joint pain, which again doesn't make any sense. Then I understood that some neurologist visited her last night & hit her with the hammer a few times. Poor girl LOL.

At one point M came & asked her if she got the flowers? She said yes and thanked her, but then she asked about the girl with the green head scarf? I was like what? That's me. She said "No that girl didn't know how to examine, she was massaging me". Again me! LOL. She refused to believe that the girl in the green scarf is the same girl she's talking to in the foshia head scarf. But that's OK, cuz I don't think she likes her much. :P

Foshia, green or blue I won and got her history. Yay me. :P
P.S: this story happened over the last 2 weeks. I just mentioned the days that mattered.
P.S.S: everyone wanted to take her history. That makes me special. =P


  1. Mabroooooook =D

    What was her condition exactly?
    Poor girl.

  2. LOOOOL that is so fun! You misunderstand a girl age from 8 to 17? That's a lot of difference :P Your study is so fun, make me wanna study medicine as well :D! Sometimes hospital could be so fun, I remember the days I stayed in hospital, the nurses are funny!

  3. Fun ! lol , she's funny too .
    I would like to stay in hospital for 3 days "as a patient" and have a fun Doc , You maybe ;p

  4. Bliss, Allah ybark feek =]
    She has sickle cell anemia, that's why she looks so small. But she came to the hospital for a different reason.

    LOL C, it's not my fault. People with this disease look so young. =[
    Yeah it's fun but I always want to cry. I feel so sorry for the patients. I'm happy you had a good hospital experience. I don't think I would like being hospitalized.

    Mad art, yeah she was such a delight and a pain in the ass :P
    Inshallah you don't need that sweety. But do come for a check up =]

  5. mashallah

    pravoo :)
    nice way to take a history

    l'll try it soon...

  6. Yeah playing uno is the best way. :P
    Do tell when you try it.