Oct 27, 2009

An Encounter With A Resident

We have been clerking -asking patients to give us history- for a couple of days now, but NO one wants to talk to us and even the one dude I talked to yesterday was ... Well, lets just say he doesn't count!

Today me & G went clerking in the female & male medical wards for half an hour & still no one wants to talk to us. I have reached a point where I'll start begging the patients "Pleaaaaaaaaaaase. I didn't take a decent history since Little K. PLEASE talk to me" and I'll add some tears to soften their hearts. I have even thought of storming in and scare the hell out of them with a " You were misdiagnosed. I'm the equivalent of Dr. House. I'm YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF SURVIVAL! If you don't talk to me NOW, you WILL die!".

Thank God G suggested that we go to the ER, since one of the doctors told us that the people there are bored from waiting for a doctor to see them. On our way we met Z and off we go.
We were the only students there. There weren't many patients that early in the morning. But thankfully we found one old man in some room and he delightedly agreed to talk to us. Hallelujah.
Z started talking to him and then out of no where this resident stormed into the room, closed the door, pulled the curtains shut, then said "Secure the patient's privacy. 5 marks lost" and then stood next to the patient and stared at us. I was like umm should we leave? Z said " 3n eznak" and was about to take off. He stopped her and then said introduce yourself. I was like to you or to the patient? We already did that. We were like the three stooges LOL. He said it again. So I said "I'm D, 4th year medical student". He looked at Z and she said "n7na sana rab3ah" with a hand gesture that implied this is too advance for me LOL. He looked at G and asked her to introduce herself. She did. Then Z again & finally she did LOL.

Then he asked Z about the history, since she was the one interviewing the patient. She said it & he said it was perfect. =]
Then it was dumb dumb me's part. He asked me to put my ID on my chest insted of attached to my lower pocket. I was very nervous and freaked so as I was trying to do so I dropped it and took for ever to put it on LOL. Then he asked me to describe the patient or something like that. Before that I must say he was speaking English and refused to answer us when we spoke Arabic and he looked Saudi. So I was very confused cuz he acted like he didn't understand what we are saying. Back to the describing, I didn't know what to describe exactly? So I told him " I don't get what you want from me" in a very shaky voice, that my friends later told me it was like I was speaking to an Indian or something LOL. He didn't fucking answer me & grabbed the patients urine bag. So I said "He has hematuria". Then he said "Baksh" to Z "your the daughter of surgeon A. Baksh. He was so aggressive with me". She said "NO, my dad is very nice o 6yeb and he's not a doctor". The idiot then said he was being scary cuz he thought she was his daughter. :/

Then he started asking about the causes of hematuria. He was like D what is lala? Z what is todolo? G what is bla? poor G said something wrong then when she said another thing which was right & in fact the patients diagnosis. He screamed at her saying something that I don't remember. You can say her confidence was shattered for now. Z said that maybe the urine is red cuz he's using some TB medication. He told her " lo jbtih tkony sha6rah". Now he speaks Arabic? Anyway I told him which drug "Rifampcin" and Z said "D sha6rah kman LOL".
Then he asked some questions that we didn't know its answers, so he told us to read about them and that he has memorized our faces & will ask about them next time he sees us. The 1st thing I did when I got home today, is open my medicine books & I read all about them. Ask me now! =]

Later today, we wanted to know his name. I'm sure I heard him introduce himself or how would we have known he's a resident in urology. He didn't have his ID on, and he had the audacity to question me about where I hanged mine? I guess cuz we were freaked out we didn't remember his name. Z was obsessing & fussing about her not wanting to see him ever again, then wanting to prove herself. Although mashallah he said she's an A type student. So stop fussing!

Oh and we saw him again later on. He was talking to someone. Z saw him and ran. I turned my face to look & he looked straight at me. Z then again obsessed about him seeing her running LOL. I told her "Yes he saw you and now he's telling his friend & laughing at you". :P

I'm very much happy about this encounter, besides the fact that I felt so DUMB when he asked me to describe the patient. It was an exam like atmosphere and it made me want to learn even more. Thank you doc whoever you are. =]


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL no no I truly laughed out loud
    that was soo entertaining to read and would’ve made a hilarious episode “you pick the show” ;D
    more plz

  2. LOL Thanks hun. It obviously belongs to Scrubs. :P

  3. lol

    oh my god
    that dude really had it in for u girls!

  4. LOOOOOOL you guys are funny,il medicine school shakelha actions X actions :D

  5. eshda3wa, yeah he scared the hell out of us :p

    AP, thanks =]

    Candy, LOL yeah never a moment of boredom.

  6. looool
    like it!
    thanks 4 sharing this :)

  7. @_@
    why did he "da5al" 3ar'9 ?? i hate such ppl :S
    i love them at the end of the session only :p... still that's actionous story to tell :P

  8. LOL mn jd I only loved him after the session :P

  9. Sheesh how intimidating, but i'm guessing it's the good kind :D
    He can be influencial though without the yelling and screaming - i can't take that :S
    Good luck on your medical school journey :)))

  10. to be honest he only yelled once maybe. But he was scary & aggressive.
    Thanks babe =]

  11. At first I was angry at him, I was thinking, he's just a resident, who does he think he is? :@ o b3den when I finished reading, I'm thinking that his intentions were good, that is a smart way of teaching ;) you'll remember him and the causes of hematurea for a long time :p