Oct 23, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Just watched The Ugly Truth and Ouch. I still have a smirk on my face. I loved it. it's my favourite kind of blind, funny, sexy and romantic.

And Eric Winter, the orthopedic surgeon that she wants to land, is such a hottie. Yummy.

The ugly truth is there aren't many cute doctors out there. It's just a TV myth. But it's not like women care about their looks. Once they hear the word doctor they go insane. LOL. The uglier truth is that doesn't apply to female doctors. :P

But I must set the record straight. I know many people think & say that female doctors & medical students are unattractive & sloppy. It's OK I fell for it too. But now I have learned that it's just a myth set by a jelous girl who didn't get into medical school. Seriously we are smoking hot!

We study in a different campus than the other girls. I have been there, wallah we are so much better looking and we put so much less make up. And once my friend told me she showed our pics to one of her friends & she was shocked of how beautiful we looked & didn't believe that we are medical students. The fact that we are not always out & about socializing with people doesn't mean we are ugly. You just forgot how we look. :P

Oh hold your pants. Don't get offended. I'm just defending the weaker species. My species.
The beautiful truth is we, all girls are gorgeous. =]


  1. I love that movie so much! Its so funny and romantic! What about law student? I'm a law student? Does that make me ugly too? LOOOOL kidding :P

  2. my first visit,lovely blog..
    I loved the movie,its my fav. types of movies.

    il9ara7a LOL,why everyone thinks that medical students aren't hotty,my friend is a medical student and she is damn hotty,bel3aks when i see doctors whether females or males in hospitals,under their coats,they are super sexy wearing the most fashionable clothes,they must be models!!

  3. LOL C, no law students are safe. :P

    Thanks Candy. =]
    Love your way of thinking, yareet kol al nass like you. :P

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Duha i love ur post... ♥
    u're amazing... i wanted to watch the movie but since i hate katherine hieghel (walla madri aish ismaha) i couldn't watch it... though i'm drowning in LOVE with gerard butler (smitten smiley).... and well of course we're hotter and cuter than the "other campus" girls.... Duhaaaaaaaaa
    here's an idea... make a new post... specifically for "the other campus" girls... i believe it'll be the most readable :P:P:P
    go on girl... u're getting better everyday...

    p.s. sorry again for my very long comments :\

  5. *Applause*
    Bravo!! yeah that's the spirit!!

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  7. You know, i never really thought of it! the whole not applying to female doctors thing lol it's so dumb!

  8. Fadiah, thanks sweety. You are so kind. <3
    Don't mind Kathrine, I don't like her too. But the movie is amazing & Gerard have mercy, espically in the dancing seen ohlala.
    LOL I can't write more about the other campus girls. You want my inbox to flod with hate mail? :P Besiddes I don't know much about them.

    Bliss, thanks hun.
    Yeah it's dumb & only cuz men feel thretened by sucessful women in whichever field. :S

  9. Hahaha well I think the hottest girls are Hoe's than any majors no offense :P jk:P i dont think so :Panyways I have seen dr.s ladies are quite good natural looking and fit so depends. I'm dying to see that movie !

  10. LOL What's "Hoe's"? My mind is going to wrong places. :P

  11. First visit !
    Ur blog is nice I like it :) o like the way u express ur feelings !
    Keep it up.