Oct 19, 2009

Injustice Pisses Me OFF!

We are supposed to give 3 history presentations. The 1st one is just practice, not graded. The 2nd 5 marks. The 3rd 15. So we have to make the MOST of the 1st. But obviously not all the doctors assigned to grade us are aware or even understand what we need & are graded based on from what we don't give a shit about. So freaking normally the picking of who's girl going to present in front of which doctor is random. And that is or actually was the case. Until our group leader whom I like & respect mush SCRWED UP!

She changed everything based on her own preferences or whichever reason she had. And she might not have known or maybe she did, but she ended up with the best doctor. She put me in the last group & in the freaking afternoon, both things which I hate. And she didn't even bother to tell me when & with whom until I freaking asked. I ended up with a shitty female resident. That honestly I don't think I benefited much from her. I'm still confused.

Don't get me wrong if my name was assigned to her, I wouldn't have mind much cuz I nor anyone in my level would have a say in this. But that wasn't the case. She put herself in a questioned position, I'm pissed & I have the freaking right to be so!


  1. Arghh 'Miss who think she knows everything' I hate this kind of people! So unfair wallah I felt its so unfair!!

  2. Awww i'm so sorry to hear that :(

  3. hi deer

    there is no marks on Hx presentation

    the marks will be on the case presentation only

    don't worry

    it always happens in KAAUH

  4. C & Bliss thanks for the support XOXO.

    Baree8, it's not about the marks bs 5la9 mshy 7alik.

  5. thats why i hate to be a leader so i wont be blamed :P naah no worries u better tell her what you think u know, it'll better for both

  6. Duha... :\ i dunno what to say.. about the "random" picking of the girl who'll present... well u already know that since last year... this university stress me out EVERY. SINGLE. DAY !!!

    and who's ur leader -_- " ??? so i can beat her up??? -_-" ???
    how could she change everything to her preferences and forgets about the others :@ ??? this is wayyyyyyy tooo annoying :@

    Allah y3eeenik ♥

  7. AP, yeah me too.

    Fadiah, umm my leader is one of the best it was just a lapse of judgment I guess. I will let it go.