Oct 15, 2009


Fuck. The clock just stroke 12. I'm officially 21. And this day will pass like the rest of them, cuz I already had 2 parties to celebrate my 21th B-day. I can't be greedy and ask for a THIRD one on the real day or can I ? :p

The 1st was with my family on my birthday by Hijri calender. The 2nd was in April I guess. It was a surprise party thrown by my friends. And it was a total freaking SURPRISE! I mean 6 months before the real B-day LOL. What were they thinking?

They got me a diamond ring. Love you guys. =]

mmm I feel nothing. I don't want to be old. Please no I-wish-you-live-a-hundred-more-years wishes. I hate them!

On another notice, I just got this freaky message on Facebook, that made me die from laughing:

i swear my heart only belong 2 u , everybody should know that but perfect time will come , and we will be 2gether4ever :)

I have no idea who's the idiot who sent it bs mn jed LOOOOOOOOOOOL. Dream on sucker LOOOOOOOOOOOOL.


  1. LOOOOL who is that freak?! But it's AWWWW, if its from someone you love! Happy birthday sweetie :D and many many happy returns! Btw 21 is not old! What about me???? I'm 22 T_T

  2. LOL no he's definitely not an Aww. I'm sure he's just an ass playing around. :P
    Thank you sweety. 21 is middle aged, 22 is a granny. :P

  3. Lool , maybe he thought you were his GF or somethin' ;p
    I'm rlly hating the "Teen ages" i want the 20s <3 , lucky you :(

  4. LOL I'm his GF & I'm not even in his list of friends?
    Enjoy your teens, take your time. Believe me your not missing on anything. It's not like I can drink now? Or move out? Or drive a freaking car? I'm same old me, except some little extra freedom.

  5. oh gosh Happy Birthday and we both are on 21 :D sexy but old:P have I let u down? naaah get used to it;) ur on legal age babe

  6. Thanks babe. Yeah sexy but old. :P
    Dude seriously I should stop considering the 20s as old. The 30s are the new OLD! :p

  7. Happy Birthday!!!
    Alot say that 21 was one of their best years! hope it is for you :)

  8. Haha granny *spank spank**chasing after smart cookie*

  9. Thanks Bliss. I hope every year is better than the previous. =]

    *Smart CoOkie running & shouting "You can't catch me granny"* :P
    ^^ Joke. You are the fountain of youth. :P