Sep 24, 2009

Housy HOusy, I Love U Housy

Just saw House MD season 6 premiere and OMG it's AMAZING! Kicks GG's ass. It's so heart warming. I almost cried LOL! Oh better run to Facebook and ruin it for my friends. =P

Before I watched it, I was so sad & depressed. You know when everything is crashing around you and you just try to hold on. But then, this one little thing pisses you off & you can't freaking take it anymore. That's how I feel right now. And the cherry on top of my cake was Mr.Bibi. My blackberry won't connect with the internet and I don't know why? Me so sad! =[

Another thing is, I was happy that school is coming up, but I'm not any more. I don't wanna go. I'm so used to costing & doing nothing. And I don't want to meet people. =[

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Yesterday the 23rd of September 2009, was KAUST inauguration ceremony. It's an international, graduate-level research university, located in Thuwal - Saudi Arabia.

I'm gonna say it right up front: I'm so jealous from the people who are going there!

I want them to open a medical college and also make it for undergraduates. I mean you call a person with an MD in medicine a doctor and you also call them that if they have a PhD. So what I'm asking totally make sense. :P

Check it out. =D

Main KAUST campus from the Sea Steps

South Research Laboratory Buildings at Sunset

Administration Building Rotunda from main campus plaza at sunset

KAUST Library at night

KAUST Nanofabriation Laboratory Interior

Campus Greenhouses

KAUST Library from the Sea Steps

© 2009 J.B. Picoulet – S. Lourié

And it's all made from echo friendly material, got the best, high technology and it's supposed to become one of the top 10 best universities in the world. How amazing? I'm so proud. Go Saudi, go! =D

Sep 23, 2009

GG And Happy Bday KSA!

Gosssssssssip girl's second episode is so much better. I LOVE IT! I'm still so excited. I want Monday to come now! LOL
But, mmm Chuck is making me feel sick. I love him but what's with the jewelry? So disgusting. And he should really lose some weight ,gain some muscles and add some extra centimeters to his height. If he could. :P

I like Serena's outfits. Except the last one very fugly. And she's such a stupid girl. What is she five? :/ VERY ANNOYING!
Blair, ya nass I love her. She's so cute. Oh and Nate's new girl and Carter are also super cute.
What I hate about lonely boy:
1. His voice.
2. His hair.
3. His stupid attitude.
4. The fact that he's not so lonely any more.
5. And his short brother. No tall guys in America wanna act? :/

Ok that's it no more spoiling. :P But on another subject, today is KSA national day. So I decided to over look all the negatives and look at the brighter side of Saudi and what I like about it. Here we go:
1. I like king Abdullah and his new university. Today is the opening ceremony. So exciting, I want to go. =[
2. I don't have to pay to go to college. On the contrary they pay me. XD
3. I don't have to have great hair all the time- but I do have it- and dress to impress. I only have to put on an awesome abaya and I'm rocking it. :P
4. I did Hajj and I can go to Makkah and AL-Madinah whenever I want. =]
5. They have great Islamic classes at schools. The fact that people misinterpret Islam here and claim they act by it is the reason why I hate Saudi.

Mmm I can't think of anything else. I want a parade. =[

Sep 18, 2009

Who's That Girl?

I love Alexandra. Her books are fun and light reads, that I very much like. But this one made me cry!
It's about this girl, Charlotte who meets her twenty-one-year-old self Lottie.

Charlotte is an uptight, stressed, professional, responsible, hard working girl.
Lottie is fun, care free, flirty, ... etc.

Charlotte tries to give advice to Lottie to fix her life and to avoid some traumatic experiences.

So why did I cry? Well, I'm more like the thirty-something Charlotte and I'm only 20 T_T
I want to look back at my life and see how crazy it was. how much fun I had. Dude I seriously need to let loose more often and stop fucking stressing over everything. But on the bright side I already use sun screen which means I'll have a great skin when I'm thirty. :P
And I do share one thing with Lottie. I still believe in me & my dreams. There is still hope for me right?=]

In books I read, I always mark the pages with lines I LOVE. In this book I only marked this:

19. Cheap shoes suck. Save up and buy designer.

Because there are some things in life that are worth spending money on, and Jimmy Choos are one of them.

Soooooooo true I can't agree more

Sep 14, 2009


Spotted Shakira AND Pink wearing the same dress at the VMA's on the red carpet.

I would really freak out if that happened to me. A9lan it's not that good of a dress. :/
What do you think?

Oh and Patrick Swayze Died at Age 57, after a struggle with pancreatic cancer. RIP. =[

Ahhhh I'm dying to see GG. Stupid Gossip Girl on twitter is totally spoiling it. Don't read CoOkie, don't read. =[

Sep 13, 2009

Yay or Nay?

What do you think of giving a gift certificate to a girl? Yay or nay?

They BOTH Freaking Suck!

I'm sure you saw the pathetic STC commercial, trashing Mobily Broadband. And if you didn't cheak it out.

It's funny and I kinda of believe it LOL.

I was really hoping that Mobily would response with an even lower commercial. So we people at homes would have our laughs. But they were very diplomatic and polite. :/

Anywho, I think this establish the stupidity and the shameless competition those two phone companies are having. But that does not clear up, who is better? No worries the answer is with moa. NONE!

I am a proud soon to be former STC client. They robbed me blindly over the years. I didn't really gave a shit my dad was paying the bills. :P

Anyway, last month I bought my Mr.Bibi aka BlackBerry and Mobily have a better deal with the BlackBerry services than STC. Plus mom was nagging me to switch companies for along time, so I said what the hell I'll try them. My mom had an extra Mobily Sim card that was prepaid, so I took it. I prepaid for the BlackBerry service and was up a and running perfectly. But not for long. Cuz since I don't like the prepaid thingy, I went and changed it to a bill. The fucked up women who changed it for me didn't tell me I lose all services I paid for when I change to a bill. So I lost my BlackBerry service and I barley used it for 2 WEEKS!
They told me I have to pay again, so after along argument I caved and said OK. Then when I wanted to order the service again, they sent me a message telling me I already have it. I called and asked WTF? They told me call after 48 hours! WHAT?! :S
2 days pass, I call they say they fixed it and I have to apply again. I try to do that but out of a sudden I have no phone service. WTF? I call again and they say I have to update my information. I do that but I have one info. missing. I DONT FUCKING HAVE IT! BL8OAH Y3NY? The creep told me I must and that they wont give me the service back if I didn't.

Ya 7bibi one is a big fat ass thief and the other is a fucking screw up and a thief. You both SUCK BIG TIME!

On another note, loved thzee2 AL -Shegrey to the people elly mhy mtrbiah o ma 3ndha e7sas wla fikr.
Remind me to tell you about my business meeting with him or not. :P

Oh and GG starts tomorrow YAAAAAAAAY. Of course I wont watch tom. but even so YAAAAAY.
Yesterday on the Late Show, Leighton Meester aka Blair was on. She said there will be lots of sex, partying and clothes in season 3. YAAAAAAAAAY. LOL I'm obsessed I know and there are no head bands in college.5la9 I'm done. :P

Sep 11, 2009

Learning Turkish

Hey people check out this site:

It is a language teaching site and it's soooooooo awesome!

my friend Fadiosis hooked me up with it. Thanks sweets XOXO.

Sep 5, 2009

My Life in Pictures

- Go to Google image search.
- Type in your answer to each question.
- Choose a picture from the first 5 images
- Use this website
( to make your collage.
- Save the image for use .
- Post and tag your friends.

{ Questions }
1. What is your name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What is your hometown?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What is your favorite movie?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What is one word to describe yourself?
10. How are you feeling right now?
11. What do you love most in the world?
12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I tag anyone who reads my bolg. =D

Sep 3, 2009

X-Men Origins Wolverine

First of all I'm a huge HUGE fan of the X-men series. And today FINALLY I saw X-Men Origins Wolverine and it was AWESOME. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And no I'm not just saying that cuz my future lovey is the star. :P

Yeah I LOVE Hugh Jackman.

I also love Reyan Renolds and he's in the movie too. Yaay. But he was pretty mush scarry at the end.

I wasn't a big fan of who played Gambit. He's my favirote X-men and this guy isn't hot enough to play him. I hope they change him in the next movie LOL.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, MOVE IT, GO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. :p :P

Sep 1, 2009

Why can't you be like Wall.E?

I was raised and taught to clean up after myself and NEVER leave a mess, especially in public! And till this day if I couldn't find a garbage can I put my trash in a plastic bag or if I couldn't find that either put it in my designer bag until I find one. But sadly not everyone care as much as I do to keep our country clean.

Yesterday's episode of Khwater reminded me of something I used to think when I was a kid. Unfair as it may seem, I always thought that people in the lower social economic class are the ones who are making all the mess and leaving filth behind them. But thankfully I was proved wrong three years ago.

One of my high school graduation gifts was to go to camp "I Will Be", which was hosted by Dr. Sanaa Abid. It was one of my most cherished experiences that taught me a lot. One of the things I learned was: even RICH people can be dirty and disgusting.

We were going to a somewhat privet beach in Al-Durra, so some of the girls were making homemade or in this case camp-made tanning lotions that are made of juices and they stored them in the juice boxes. So far so good, right?

We went there and we swam, rode jet skies and some bathed in the sun to get a tan. Then it was Maghreb and it was time to go. I don't need to tell you how filthy the place was I kept picking juice boxes and ships and biscuit bags and they didn't seem to end. I stayed calm until I saw the juice boxes they used for their tanning lotions floating in the sea. Then I got really PISSED! I started screaming at them: what kind of people are you? Do you have no respect? And other things that I thought but couldn't say.

Anyway, the girls in that camp were from BIG, RICH families from all around Saudi and still they acted like complete pigs. Ella mn r7m rabby of course.

And that my friends what changed my mind forever. Poor & rich people are both the reason why our country is a dumpster!

P.S:I advise you all to go watch Wall.E and learn from him. Plus he's such a romantic LOL.