Sep 18, 2009

Who's That Girl?

I love Alexandra. Her books are fun and light reads, that I very much like. But this one made me cry!
It's about this girl, Charlotte who meets her twenty-one-year-old self Lottie.

Charlotte is an uptight, stressed, professional, responsible, hard working girl.
Lottie is fun, care free, flirty, ... etc.

Charlotte tries to give advice to Lottie to fix her life and to avoid some traumatic experiences.

So why did I cry? Well, I'm more like the thirty-something Charlotte and I'm only 20 T_T
I want to look back at my life and see how crazy it was. how much fun I had. Dude I seriously need to let loose more often and stop fucking stressing over everything. But on the bright side I already use sun screen which means I'll have a great skin when I'm thirty. :P
And I do share one thing with Lottie. I still believe in me & my dreams. There is still hope for me right?=]

In books I read, I always mark the pages with lines I LOVE. In this book I only marked this:

19. Cheap shoes suck. Save up and buy designer.

Because there are some things in life that are worth spending money on, and Jimmy Choos are one of them.

Soooooooo true I can't agree more


  1. i luv the quote! so so true!

    I think i'm gonna try to read for Alexandra.. light reads can be really fun. ;D

  2. Looks interesting. I only read 'Be Careful What You Wish For' and i loved it :)

    I've been trying to find a reason to read "Who's That Girl', i wanted something now i do...thanks! I'm so adding it to my list.

  3. That's sounds like a nice book, gonna give it a try. I sounds like 30s too, how sad! I was stressed over everything! After all the sickness I went through, I just realized that relaxation is really important. Sometimes, you just need to buy something to pamper yourself! Give yourself a treat, it definitely worth it! I love the quote as well!

    Btw, Jimmy Choo and I were born in the same hometown LOOOOL!

  4. interesting ...thanks for sharing swee6ie:)

  5. SKITTLES, yeah its real fun. =]

    Bliss, but you know what? I liked Be Careful What You Wish For more. I hope you enjoy this one. =]

    C, oh lucky you. You must be very talented. =D

    AP, your welcome swee6ness:P

  6. i should give it a try ill finish kite runner first its a must

  7. How is The Kite Runner? I'm thinking about adding it to my list.