Sep 13, 2009

They BOTH Freaking Suck!

I'm sure you saw the pathetic STC commercial, trashing Mobily Broadband. And if you didn't cheak it out.

It's funny and I kinda of believe it LOL.

I was really hoping that Mobily would response with an even lower commercial. So we people at homes would have our laughs. But they were very diplomatic and polite. :/

Anywho, I think this establish the stupidity and the shameless competition those two phone companies are having. But that does not clear up, who is better? No worries the answer is with moa. NONE!

I am a proud soon to be former STC client. They robbed me blindly over the years. I didn't really gave a shit my dad was paying the bills. :P

Anyway, last month I bought my Mr.Bibi aka BlackBerry and Mobily have a better deal with the BlackBerry services than STC. Plus mom was nagging me to switch companies for along time, so I said what the hell I'll try them. My mom had an extra Mobily Sim card that was prepaid, so I took it. I prepaid for the BlackBerry service and was up a and running perfectly. But not for long. Cuz since I don't like the prepaid thingy, I went and changed it to a bill. The fucked up women who changed it for me didn't tell me I lose all services I paid for when I change to a bill. So I lost my BlackBerry service and I barley used it for 2 WEEKS!
They told me I have to pay again, so after along argument I caved and said OK. Then when I wanted to order the service again, they sent me a message telling me I already have it. I called and asked WTF? They told me call after 48 hours! WHAT?! :S
2 days pass, I call they say they fixed it and I have to apply again. I try to do that but out of a sudden I have no phone service. WTF? I call again and they say I have to update my information. I do that but I have one info. missing. I DONT FUCKING HAVE IT! BL8OAH Y3NY? The creep told me I must and that they wont give me the service back if I didn't.

Ya 7bibi one is a big fat ass thief and the other is a fucking screw up and a thief. You both SUCK BIG TIME!

On another note, loved thzee2 AL -Shegrey to the people elly mhy mtrbiah o ma 3ndha e7sas wla fikr.
Remind me to tell you about my business meeting with him or not. :P

Oh and GG starts tomorrow YAAAAAAAAY. Of course I wont watch tom. but even so YAAAAAY.
Yesterday on the Late Show, Leighton Meester aka Blair was on. She said there will be lots of sex, partying and clothes in season 3. YAAAAAAAAAY. LOL I'm obsessed I know and there are no head bands in college.5la9 I'm done. :P


  1. oh u sounded so angry at them LoL ,ALLaaaaah GG bs wait lesh kella sex 3ad sheno en6ale3 porn:/ akeed lazim feeh clothes:P

  2. Of course I'm angry. I'm phoneless. =[
    LOL I didn't tell them to fill it with sex :P

  3. i was gonna talk about f(*#ed up screwed up son of a w&)*($ those two companies....
    no single curse gives them what they really deserve... especially STC.... but then u wrote it before i did :D... well done.. and the last got me confused :S....
    about applying, updating ur info, calling after 48 ..

  4. Fadiah, you should definitely write about them. I'm sure you had a very different experience and those two are really asking for trashing.
    Al 7mdullah I got my service back. =D

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ "asking for trashing"...
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i'm really laughing hard.... hahahaha