Sep 1, 2009

Why can't you be like Wall.E?

I was raised and taught to clean up after myself and NEVER leave a mess, especially in public! And till this day if I couldn't find a garbage can I put my trash in a plastic bag or if I couldn't find that either put it in my designer bag until I find one. But sadly not everyone care as much as I do to keep our country clean.

Yesterday's episode of Khwater reminded me of something I used to think when I was a kid. Unfair as it may seem, I always thought that people in the lower social economic class are the ones who are making all the mess and leaving filth behind them. But thankfully I was proved wrong three years ago.

One of my high school graduation gifts was to go to camp "I Will Be", which was hosted by Dr. Sanaa Abid. It was one of my most cherished experiences that taught me a lot. One of the things I learned was: even RICH people can be dirty and disgusting.

We were going to a somewhat privet beach in Al-Durra, so some of the girls were making homemade or in this case camp-made tanning lotions that are made of juices and they stored them in the juice boxes. So far so good, right?

We went there and we swam, rode jet skies and some bathed in the sun to get a tan. Then it was Maghreb and it was time to go. I don't need to tell you how filthy the place was I kept picking juice boxes and ships and biscuit bags and they didn't seem to end. I stayed calm until I saw the juice boxes they used for their tanning lotions floating in the sea. Then I got really PISSED! I started screaming at them: what kind of people are you? Do you have no respect? And other things that I thought but couldn't say.

Anyway, the girls in that camp were from BIG, RICH families from all around Saudi and still they acted like complete pigs. Ella mn r7m rabby of course.

And that my friends what changed my mind forever. Poor & rich people are both the reason why our country is a dumpster!

P.S:I advise you all to go watch Wall.E and learn from him. Plus he's such a romantic LOL.


  1. Lovely and thoughtful post! No matter how rich and how poor people is, some of them are really lazy and filthy and no disciplin. Plus some of them are really no manners :<

    Yea I love wall E and plus he's such a romanctic, haha XD! Don't be bother by these kinda people, some people just lacked of disciplin and this kinda disciplin should be taught since small, I don't think by screaming and yelling at them would make them understand and be better :<

  2. I know screaming won't work. I was just so frustrated and pissed, that's way I couldn't control myself.

    Thanks for your sweet comment XOXO.

  3. No matter ow rich they are, some people are just plain filthy! Annoys me..

    And I love WALL E!! xD

  4. BF, oh isn't Wall.E the cutest! =D
    Thanks for passing by XOXO.

  5. I think what '9o7a meant was that "rich" ppl would be more aware of these stuff, maybe got a better education, better raising or whatever...
    exposing to these factors makes u think that such ppl could at least show better behavior when they're in groups.
    But the fact is ignorant are ignorant.. what u said '9o7a pains me a lot coz even closed places like (al-durra) has been messed up, no wonder that our (public) beach is soooo fucked up. with such ppl in this community i guarantee that we're getting lower with every passing year :(.. and khawatir is really pressing on the wounds... hopefully ppl change... hopefully....
    amazing post... i totally love it ♥
    سوري عالإطالة :)

  6. Oh Fadiah, don't apologize. That exactly what I used to think. That they have better education and were taught the right manners hence they act upon them. But the truth is they just have people to clean up after them.
    I too pray that things change to the better. Thank you for your amazing comment and for totally getting it XOXO.

  7. eee i knew that hehehe i love wall-e so actionable romantically

  8. LOL! zain tsween feehom! The thing is that they just don't give a shit. I see guys open their car windows and throw pepsi cans and I know that there's nothing i can do abt it. ;@

  9. AP, good one "actionable romantically" LOL.

    SKITTLES, you can go kick their asses or just give them a piece of your mind. :P
    But seriously, governments should make them pay for such a sick behavior.

  10. I have such a problem with the people in public places who toss their garbages everywhere!!

  11. btw '9o7a... i watched wall - E... I"M IN LOVE WITH HIM.. and btw.. there is a quiz "which picsar character r u" and I got wall -E... loooooooooooooooooooooool
    he's really neat and organized ... hehehehhehee
    and ROMANTIC too :p

  12. His Sweetheart, thanks for passing by. =]

    Fadiah, LOL good for you. I LOVE him too. He's the most romantic thing EVER! XD

  13. Cool post, I wanna watch the video but it didn't work..
    I do the same, I keep my trash in my bag till I reach a can and throw it there. But not all my family does the same thing, so I guess it is a personal thing, not only related to education and the way you were raised...

  14. I think MBC removed the video from YouTube cuz of the copy rights. Anyway I changed the link you can watch it now. Btw it's episode 11.

    Awareness and care have a lot to do with how a person behave.

    Thank you for your comment. =]