Sep 14, 2009


Spotted Shakira AND Pink wearing the same dress at the VMA's on the red carpet.

I would really freak out if that happened to me. A9lan it's not that good of a dress. :/
What do you think?

Oh and Patrick Swayze Died at Age 57, after a struggle with pancreatic cancer. RIP. =[

Ahhhh I'm dying to see GG. Stupid Gossip Girl on twitter is totally spoiling it. Don't read CoOkie, don't read. =[


  1. I would totally freak out too if that happen to me! People will be comparing who's better, hate it! Plus it would be so embarrassing :( Shakira is prettier! The dress is not that nice, agreed with you!

  2. now that's really ouch !! fashlaa !! omg he died :( he's the best lyrical dance <3

  3. LOL that really sucks!! but I do think that pink is just too laid back to care. shakira might freak a little ;D

    did you see wut kanye did to taylor swift?!! I was so SHOCKED! He's such an arse as brits say! poor taylor :-o

  4. C, yeah Shakira looks prettier, but I like how Pink's little tattoo is showing under her dress. =]

    AP, yeah I know he was such a great dancer. =[

    SKITTLES, at first I didn't see it. But a lot of celebrities were trashing him on twitter especially Katy Perry she went bazooka LOL. Even Obama called him a jackass. & mn jd poor Taylor.

  5. Yea I don't see why they were wearing the same one..=\ it's embarassing tho! I mean shkthr the ma7alat!!=O 9dfa =p

  6. The dress is ugly, who cares anyways ;p

    Miskeen Patrick Swayze :(
    I'm so in the mood to watch Ghost again!!

  7. Charmbracelet, you would think they have stylists bringing them designer clothes before they get to stores, so these things don't happen. But apparently not. :/

    Bliss, yeah the dress is really ugly!
    Never really liked that movie. :P << I know wierd LOL.

  8. i loved the dress on Pink more... she looks 3arbajeya and that's why it looked good... shakira is sort of a bit girly for such a dress...

    anyway.. what did kayne do to taylor ?? O_O"

  9. LOL you do have a good point.

    Taylor won best music video award. And she was on stage wanting to give her speech. Kayne jumps on stage snatch the mike and say Beyonce is the one with the best video LOL. Bs b3deen Beyonce when she wins, she gives Taylor her time to say her speech. Aww how nice.

  10. قليل أدب... :\
    اش يبغى من عمره ذا ؟؟؟
    لووووول متعصب خخخخخ

  11. shakira looked 100000x the boots