Sep 24, 2009

Housy HOusy, I Love U Housy

Just saw House MD season 6 premiere and OMG it's AMAZING! Kicks GG's ass. It's so heart warming. I almost cried LOL! Oh better run to Facebook and ruin it for my friends. =P

Before I watched it, I was so sad & depressed. You know when everything is crashing around you and you just try to hold on. But then, this one little thing pisses you off & you can't freaking take it anymore. That's how I feel right now. And the cherry on top of my cake was Mr.Bibi. My blackberry won't connect with the internet and I don't know why? Me so sad! =[

Another thing is, I was happy that school is coming up, but I'm not any more. I don't wanna go. I'm so used to costing & doing nothing. And I don't want to meet people. =[

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  1. i'm so downloading house!

    LOL i know exactly how that feels! when you're sooooo down and you just need a push to burst out into tears!

    oh well, school is bound to happen eventually ;S

  2. I'm too busy with finals to watch anything! I super hate school!

  3. SKITTLES, you so go do that. :P

    C, good luck on your finals babe. Mashallah we haven't started & you are having finals. :/

  4. looool .. so u posted it from ur BB , ha! =D
    n i was just like u, i was having the same feelings u had before i watched it. n just when i saw my dear sweet thing ever HOUSE , my day turned to be a WONDERFUL day, or shall i say night :P

  5. LOL now yow agree it's a good enough reason to get a BB? :p
    Oh isn't Housy the medicine to our souls LOL.