Sep 24, 2009


Yesterday the 23rd of September 2009, was KAUST inauguration ceremony. It's an international, graduate-level research university, located in Thuwal - Saudi Arabia.

I'm gonna say it right up front: I'm so jealous from the people who are going there!

I want them to open a medical college and also make it for undergraduates. I mean you call a person with an MD in medicine a doctor and you also call them that if they have a PhD. So what I'm asking totally make sense. :P

Check it out. =D

Main KAUST campus from the Sea Steps

South Research Laboratory Buildings at Sunset

Administration Building Rotunda from main campus plaza at sunset

KAUST Library at night

KAUST Nanofabriation Laboratory Interior

Campus Greenhouses

KAUST Library from the Sea Steps

© 2009 J.B. Picoulet – S. Lourié

And it's all made from echo friendly material, got the best, high technology and it's supposed to become one of the top 10 best universities in the world. How amazing? I'm so proud. Go Saudi, go! =D


  1. Now that's a thing to be PROUD of !
    It rlly looks Ummm NEW , and gives me the feeling to go and study there .
    GR8 <333

  2. I canceled my application for scholarship there :( They don't have my major :( Its really pretty!

  3. Mad Art, inshallah you study there. =]

    C, yeah it's only limited to sciences & technology and even in that I think they have some shortage. But they are just starting, so I'll give them a brake. :P

  4. That's something i would love to brag about :)

  5. I know. Isn't she just a beauty? =D

  6. ohh .. THE PLACE OF MY DREAMS !=D
    i really pray for it to be the ship that will help to rise us above all =D

  7. Yeah it's an amazing place, but I must disagree. Going back to real Islam & Qur'an is the thing that will rise us above all.