Oct 3, 2009

4th Year- Day 1

Hellllllllllo clinical years. Hoa. I just came back from the hospital & guess what? I didn't take surgery nor medicine yaay. It was just orientation & some lame talk. I'm excited it seems like a good module. And cuz it's new we are all gonna PASS! =]

Anyway today my friend picked me up & we went to the uni's hospital. The second I met my friends it was like we never parted a day. We kissed and hugged then my friend M started screaming & showed me her copy of The Lost Symbol. Naturally I started screaming too. LOL We LOVE books. No it's not in Saudi till another month, she got it from the UAE.
Through the orientation we talked about books & laughed when people laughed then asked "What did he say?" then laughed some more LOL.

While the orientation the doctor told us to stop smiling LOL. Told the guys to be more respectful & don't dress like idiots just to be cool. :P
Here is one of his stories:

He saw a guy sitting & eating in a corridor and next to him was a girl and they were talking. The doc thought that the situation was a little bit "romantic" but thought it's better not to say so. So, he stared at the guy and the guy stared back. Then the guy said "fi shy?". The doc didn't want to say why are you sitting with this girl alone with romance filling the air? So he said "Didn't you know that it's not allowed to eat here?". The jerk looked the doc up side down and checked the whole place, then said "I don't see a don't-eat-here sign". The doc said "Oh so I should write it in every hall & room in the hospital?" The jerk responded by " SHOOF!". The doc got scared. You see he's a small cute man. The jerk continued " I know B " B is a big someone. The doc said " Well I know someone who is bigger". But he didn't tell him who cuz he didn't know if he's bigger or not LOL. And then said " Listen punk, take off cuz I have started to get pissed". Well, those weren't his exact words but I forgot. :P
Anywho the story is so much funnier when Dr. Al -Jiffery tells it. :/

Move on to a more stupider boring subject. So, I delayed getting a new lab coat till late last week. And when I went to order a new one they told me it'll take 10 day to be ready. I said no I don't want to wait that long so I bought an already made one. The problem is it's short above my knees. And I don't know if it's OK to wear it in the hospital, since it's Saudi & all. Plus I don't want the girls to think I'm a slut or anything cuz I always wear skinny pants. You would be surprised how judgmental those girls can be. And to tell yeah the truth I could give a shit if it's short but I don't want people to talk. Tell me what do you think?


  1. What a day! very interesting :)
    I don't think it looks that short, it's okay cause it's just temporary.

    My first day starts tomorrow enshallah
    Wish me luck!!

  2. I hope you have a great day and year XOXO.

  3. duhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u're sooooooo funny... i swear i was gonna talk about the same thing dr. jiffery talked about but i was asleep all day and night... and couldn't focus ... i was busy editing the story u read... anyhow.. i love the way u put it... the vocab u used... GOD LOOOOOOOOOL that was really funny... and about the lab coats... u'll be surprised to know the (naw3eya) of sluts u'll see in the hospital... screw them... if u're wearing skinnies all the time, then i guess u should start wearing scrubs instead... short labcoats are ok.. believe me :)... nice post.. u're always perfect at writing :D... and sorry again for blabbing in ur blog.. LOL.. i love to blab here :P

  4. LOL I don't think I'm THAT funny. :P
    Scrubs are a good idea. Thank you. =] And honey I love your blabbing & if you want the truth you are not blabbing enough. XOXO.

  5. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL .. sooooo FUNNY indeed!! u said it all,u even mentioned me lool XD
    i like that story pretty much specially the part when he said : "SHOOF!" loool
    u know .. we r sooooooo lucky to have Dr. Al -Jiffery n Dr. Al-Hebshi to b our chiefs in this module =]
    i loved our first day ♥
    al7mdu lellah it turned out to be like what i've expected exactly =]

    nice post!! love it =]

  6. effff people always find something to talk about! ppl suck! let's kill ppl!

    I'd go with do wutever you want and dont give a shit, but then again, ppl talk. stupid ppl.

    skinny pants rock! sexy stuff! woohoo!!!

  7. Ghada, LOL I just read it again and I laughed cuz I remembered him telling it. So maybe that's why you two think it's funny. :P
    I wish all our days were like that cuz I didn't like day 2 much.
    Glad you liked it XOXO.

    Skittles, oh I wish we could kill them. :P
    I just got a longer lab coat. Let the gossip stop. And now I can wear my sexy awesome skinny pants, guilt free. =D

  8. wow Dr. :P
    naaah never mind, just wear whatever u feel like it o shako slut :/

  9. love teh blog

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  10. AP, thanks sweety. Don't mind the sick Saudi mentality.

    He, I love your blog too & I'm always checking it. =]