Nov 17, 2009

One Bad Day!

I woke up early. Got dressed. Checked my FB account & saw who's my date for today- in the FB application. Got Bradley Cooper for the 2nd time. Thought to myself it's gonna be a wonderful day. Minutes later, I was proved otherwise.

I got a PING on my BBm, then a message telling me where is the class held. I was surprised to get it so early from my friend who shows up minutes before every session. So I BBmed her back "Doesn't the session starts at 10?"

S: "No, it starts now. Didn't you check your messages last night".

Me check again and OMG it starts at 9. I'm screwed. I'm gonna be at least half an hour late. So S talks for the doc for me, telling him I'm gonna be late. He says it's gonna be OK, but I shouldn't say al slam alikom when I come in. Me BBmed S back: "Why shouldn't I say al slam alikom :S"

S: "So you don't disturb him ya mo5"
Seriously? M3 nfso.

I was really freaking out cuz I was late. I HATE being late. I try to tell myself enter with a charming smile & everything will be alright.

I couldn't smile. And he was asking the girls one by one about everything!

I freaked out even more. I didn't read anything about this session. I'm gonna be the dumb girl who showed up late. T_T.

He asks me. A faint of a smile crosses my lips & I say sweetly " I don't know". He ignores me & moves on. Then again, it's my turn. I couldn't even carry myself to smile and again "I don't know". Then again, I don't bother speaking English "ma a3rif". Again, I don't bother making eye contact with him "ma a3rif". And again and again and again. I got really irritated, I hate feeling stupid. I even said ma a3rif to a couple of things that I actually knew, just to pass the time. Al 7mdullah I wasn't the only one LOL. He lost hope on 3 of the girls and stopped asking them. He told Z "some girls just don;t care enough to read". I kept praying he loses interest in me PLEASE GOD LET HIM LOSE HOPE, can't he see I'm a complete idiot, I will never get something right.

But then the unexpected happened and I actually bothered & answered & it was freaking right. It was a silly question but whatever. Then he asked me a difficult one & OMG the dumb girl got it right again. I could see his pupils dilate. He was freaking staring at me from surprise LOL.

Finally the session ended, and it was time for him to sign the attending sheet. I didn't sign cuz I didn't get the chance since I was late. And let me tell you this my only comfort was that he doesn't know my name. But then he asked "all of you are here?" and our leader said "Yes, except CoOkie didn't get to sign" & she pointed at me. He stares & my name then at me. Oh God no. Now dumb dumb has a name. T_T

Then my day didn't get any better. I heard a bad story then a bad news, that really shook me & made me sick to my stomach. Hope the night is better. I must study for tomorrow's sessions. Don't wanna be Miss Dumb-Dumb again.

P.S: thanks to my friend
Fadiosis for the new header. You made my night XOXO.


  1. girl u simply are interesting, these situations happen once in a life time :p..
    i love the brain change during the session when u're ms. dumb dumb and suddenly u get to be the "chess player" as one of the docs said about me... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    this is amazing coOkie...
    ms. dumb dumb has a name coz now she's ms. genius :P... enjoy that feeling !!

  2. LOL I soo don't qualify as a Miss genius. I'm sure he was surprised of the fact that I have some brain activity after all.

  3. LOL i can imagine that... u know the best part is when u said "ma a3rif" instead of "i don't know"... OMG i'm just laughing while imagining u with a blank look on ur face... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  4. I'm the "famous late princess" LOOOL, I'm late for everything!

  5. "Miss late" is my nickname at college LOL
    and I just had my first warning hehe

    sometimes its relieving to be Dumb cuz being smart head costs alot :D

  6. C, I'm usually late for everything too, but not for classes(this year at least. :P

    FS, I don't know about that. But being a dumb dumb in medical school is so not appreciated.

  7. LOOL :P
    being on time was never one of my habits.

    one more thing,you are one of th most interesting girls in the whole world wide :D

  8. cookie it isn't just "not appreciated"...
    it's "humiliating" sometimes that some ppl hate medschool and leave to interior designing :p..
    LOOOOOL.. it depends on how much مويا وجه do u have... he3 he3

  9. Awww thanks Candy. And you are one of the nicest girls in the whole wide world XOXO.

    LOL Fadiah eish 89dik? I should leave to interior designing? But I would suck even more :P
    It was one bad lousy day. Inshallah it'll never happen again =]