Nov 25, 2009

It's raining rain hallelujia. It's a miracle people its raining since before 8am in the morning till now: 12 something pm -at least in my neighborhood. :p

It feels like the afternoon & its still noon. The mood is so gloomy. I feel like the day is over before it even begun. Translation: I don't feel like studying. :P

They also say that Jeddah drowned AGAIN LOL. Wallah 7alah this city nor its people are used to rain & I find it really funny.

Al 7mdullah 3la al rain o inshallah it visits again this year.
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  1. Hehe its raining in Riyadh too =D
    The weather always finds ways to effect our moods ^^

  2. Aww i woke up this morning to the sound of it around 7,30 Am.. Ao niiiice = and i felt drowsy didnt study =P

  3. My mood is gr8 and happy when it's raining and cold !
    just keep praying for god so it keeps raining ;)
    My dad is on his way to Mekka , and i think he's gonna stop in Jeddah for couple of hours becaus of the rain , i hope nothing happens ;(
    is it that strong and dangerous ?

  4. Dee Dee, it seems like it's raining every where in KSA today. Inshallah ykoon 5eer. =]

    Stylish Girl, this weather is so not meant for studying. I'm carrying my book with me but I can't read it. :P

    Mad Art, It stopped raining in Jeddah & I'm prying it stops in Makkah. At least until after al Hajj. Inshallah your dad is fine, don't worry. I've heard on the news that they closed the road from Jeddah to Makkah & also from Madinah.
    Allah y3een al 7ojaj.

  5. yaaaaaaaaay,mashallah!!!
    a7eb hal jaw <3
    and may it visit us very soon!!

  6. Mashaaaalaaaaa ;D

    mabrook 3alekom el ra7maaa ;D

    I cant waaaaaait to smell the rain's smell .. wallaa fee smell ;p dont laugh ;p

    cant wait to rain here fe dubai ;D

    i remmeber when we were kids .. hehe.. when it heavly rains, I go out with my shampoo and take a quick shower under the rain ;p

  7. rain is nature's greatest symphony :)

  8. Candy, inshallah it will. =]

    Simple Girl, LOL I know that smell. But I don't like it :P
    I never showered under the rain. Next time that's a must. Brilliant idea LOL.

    Errant, true. And sometimes tragedy.