Nov 11, 2009


Today I'm in the mood for gossiping. The juicy kind: guys. :P

  1. We stalked & searched until finally, we knew what is that resident's name. I also got his beeper number. You know just in case we want to page him for nothing & make him suffer too. =]
How did I found out his name? That's another story. My friend added me to a BlackBerry messenger medical group. One of the guys was a resident. So I had to ask.
Me: Hey doc, do you know all the urology residents?
Him: yes. Why?
I gave him a summary for that long story.
He laughing so hard & asking me to describe the guy.
Me: He's not white wla asmar, medium height, 7ali8 3la al wa7id & kinda of 3ree9'.
Him: I know someone who looks like this bs he's white.
Me-thinking: He's Saudi white bs not real white. My friend advised me not to say that LOL.
Me: Ok. He's white.
Him: yeah I know him.
Me: 6yeb whats his name?
Him: wallah he's very nice & kind bs maybe he was bored that day o6l3o fikom.
Me: yeah whats his name?
Him: -
Me: wallah I don't hate him. Just give me his name. I want to know.
He gave me the name XD
Me: Thanks a lot doc.
Now I'm sure he went & told him about this conversation. And now he thinks 7ajah tanyah LOL.
M3 nfso. We are just marrah mla8eef.
2. There is this asshole, fuck head intern who thinks we like him & let me tell ye he's butt ugly & looks like a silly gay boy.
The ass added my friend S on the BBm. He took her PIN from that medical group.
He doesn't talk so she deleted him.
We were in some patients room, with a patient. He was with another patient. His patient was a little boy that my friend Z likes. So she waved at the little boy. The ass thought the wave was for him. Then S said this is the intern who added me & I deleted him. I think he heard her & thought 7ajah tanyah. The fuck head ever since started acting weird around us. Stupid weird, like-I'm-ignoring-you-cuz-you-might-rape-me-or-something. Seriously what the fuck? I really want to kick his sissy ass. waja3.
3- I saw a guy who at first I thought he looks like Ahmed Dawood from Star Academy. Whom I very much loved LOL. But then I googled Ahmed & that guy looks even more gorgeous LOL.
5sarah he wasn't wearing a lab coat or scrubs. Bs he was walking with a guy who did. So maybe? :P :p
Got any boy gossip? Please do share. =]


  1. a7mad dawood?
    akhaf hatha 3idnena? :P we have an a7mad dawood lookalike here too.. LOOOL

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL dhuha u broke the record... seriously !!!! ????
    i mean that ass... I WANT TO SEE HIM !!!
    check my last post i've got just the same O_O
    not habal bs the same as the encounter with ur resident..
    except that mine is a 5th medic :S
    and i've GOT to see ur fuck head intern
    can't stop laughing wallah !!!

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  4. this is a LOOOOL post,post much more often..
    wallah I don't have a thing in ma mind right niw to share about

  5. AOAO, aren't Ahmed's look alikes the best? :P
    Thanks babe xoxo.

    LOL Fadiah, I cant show point him out to you. He'll go & complain to the security wla a big doctor "That girl is eyeing me suspiciously. HELP ME". FUCK HIM. T5ily today he was wearing a baby terquaz scrubs, zy 78 sfanah. He got GAY written all over him.

    Candy, lol sure will do. A9lan fi stories I forgot to tell. :P

  6. LOOOOL boys, too bad that I don't have boys gossip coz B pick me to school and take me home and I don't talk to any boys, LOOOL :P

  7. I have lots of gossip but I'm supposed to pretend to be an angel cuz I'm Saudi and that is how we live :p LOL

  8. hahaha 7lwa mnch, naah I don't have any :( im boring girl!

  9. LOL C, you don't have to talk to them, just watch their stupidity. :P

    ohDear, how lame. No body knows you here. You can spell. =]

    AP, no your not boring. Your just not paying much attention to the other sex. :P

  10. LOOOL I did that actually!! I love to observe the "he thought that he is so cool" move!

    I'll be back ;)

  12. looooooool really i enjoy reading this post
    btw may be i kno the guy who looks like ahmed dawood but the funny part we calld him 3abd alna9er darweesh if u kno him :P
    keep posting :)

  13. Mad Art, waiting for you. =]

    OMG LOL Ohood, I just googled 3abd alna9er darweesh & I soooooo don't think he's the same guy.