Dec 6, 2009

Another Bowl Of Randomness

Back to the hospital tomorrow. And I must wear scrubs. Blue scrubs. To tell ya the truth I'm not very fond of that. It feels like I'm wearing PJs. Don't get me wrong. I love my PJs. It's just that I don't like to ware them publicly. And another thing, they are too big. I'm afraid the pants may fall down. LOL I'm serious. I got XS but still they are TOO FREAKING BIG!

Talking about sizes. I want to be a size zero. It's kinda of my new hope. Not goal, cuz I ain't going to work to make it happen.

This past week, I was watching 90210 season 2. It's soooo good. And -I'm sorry to say- better than this season of GG.

I liked this one guy. Mark- the guy who took the naked pics of Annie- he's super cute. And after I've finished watching the 11th episode I think I'm developing a crush on Teddy. He's just like a big fuzzy teddy bear LOL.

It's seems like every girl in this show have great eyes. I'm telling you the false eye lashes industry or the mascara industry are getting pretty good. Oh and those girls have the hottest bodies. They all look like a size zero and I want that. Please G if you are reading this, tell me I already look like them :P

P.S: Adriana doesn't count. I'm way thinner than her.

What else? ummm yeah. I have 2 neurology sessions tomorrow. I'm prying to God that it's not with that doctor who thinks of me as Miss Dumb Dumb. I better go revise some stuff.


  1. I tried my uncle's scrub once. i gotta tell u i don't rock this look ! i look like a nanny when i wear them ;\ .
    size zero is too thin , size one or two is better believe me . it gives me the feeling that i'm alive (A) .
    But good luck with that ;*

  2. Thanks Khalid, but it's not my job yet. =]

    Mad Art, I'm already a size 2. Really is there a size 1? that would be a good compromise. Cuz for one summer I became a size zero but people said I look too thin & it's not pretty.

  3. Mmmmm I wish I'm size zero or weight 45kg :( But if I become size zero, I would look like a stick :P coz of my height. Arabs no need false eyelashes :P

  4. No there isn't . i just made it up ;p .
    stay size 2 . it's healthier ;)

  5. actually cookie i like scrubs. they r so much comfortable!
    but i don't like the color .. still i like'm!

    n yeah .. u do look like them , so don't even think about getting thinnier!
    u look pritty as u r now =)

    i like teddy .. he's not bad .. but i have this wierd feeling 'bout him .. so he better be good to silver .. heyya mahi na89a !
    but liam .. sweet liam .. he's sooooo CUTE! i loved when he felt so sad for naiomy after getting jin down .. what a gentilman!! ^_^

  6. C, some of them need it. :P

    Mad Art, LOL.

    G, yeah comfortable like PJs.
    LOL thanks. I know I do :P
    I think I'm like Silver & I'm gonna cut my hair like hers. =D

    looooooooooooooool 3la Liam. He has the most kissable lips bs he's TOO WHITE!