Dec 30, 2009

ER Drama

Hello. I know your mad. You miss me & my drama and I haven't written anything in along time. I was busy, tired and depressed. But here I am today and I miss you all XOXO.

2 days ago, I was fasting plus going through a VERY bad PMS. I came late so I didn't know that my dearest Z is sick. She left in the middle of the session & then J went after her. I didn't think much of it cuz I thought maybe they are being extra-nerdy and went to take a case, since I heard them talking about doing such, a day before.

The session is over. I stay in the class room cuz I was filling up some papers with some of my friends. The rest of the group vanished.

Me and the friends go to the cafeteria. And I show them what PMS really means.

The break ends, and we go to attend our next session. We meet up with the other girls. They talk and laugh and then suddenly by MISTAKE they mention that Z is in the ER. PMSing-me freaks out. "WTF? was she sick? Why didn't anyone tell me? Are you insane? ". J tries to calm me down "she knew that you would be worried sick so she didn't want you to know". Me scream some more, then call Z "why didn't you tell me". The other end of the phone "Z is sleeping now. I'm her sister". Me "oh sorry, how is she? Fine? Good. Bye". Me scream at the group some more and the phone rings. Its Z, they gave her an IV and she said she wanted me there with her and wanted to tell me in the session but was afraid the doctor would get upset. Translation: J is a liar. I told her they just told me and that I'm coming now. I went with S. She too wasn't informed till I told her. And we both are Z's best friends. Why the hell haven't the others told us is beyond me? And then lying about it?

I see Z and she lightens up immediately. And with every minute passing she was looking better al7mdullah. After an hour we were waiting for the doctor and of course she was wishing for a cute doc. He came and he's not any where near cute. But that didn't stop her. She was flirting and laughing big time LOL. " Hey doc I missed my session because of this and I made my friends miss it too". Him "I'll give you a sick leave". Z " you have to give my friends too LOL and its CNS. 5la9 enta lazm tshr7lna LOL". He didn't respond, lowered his head and started writing. Z " sorry ana mos6lah al yoom LOL". WTV bla bla bla. She goes home as good as new.

Yesterday, G closed the closet door on her little finger. It got swollen and very painful. Today she tells N. N tells her to go to the ER and get an X-ray. G asks me to come along. Me and G go to the ER. We ask an intern what to do? He's not cute but he tells us what to do. :P

We went to the X-ray room, talk to the dude and then he tells me " lo sm7ty a6l3y barra". Waja3 fi shklk I know. He should have said "lo sm7ty atf9'ly" or something. :S

We go back to the intern, see the X-ray and there was a fracture. He tells us to go to the trauma room and wait for the orthopaedic surgeon. Z and S3 join us. The surgeon came and what a cutey XD. He acts all funny and charming with G. Z laughs at her and say "btdl3 btdl3". Me laugh at Z and mouth to her "a7lan min ur doc". S3 was laughing for an unknown reason LOL. He tells her the treatment plan then went to consult the specialist since she is a medical student and he can't screw her up. We wait and wait then cute doc and the specialist show up and tells G she needs surgery. Plastic or ortho? Her choice. Me go like plastic for sure LOL. Its not major surgery al7mdullah and she still needs to see the consultant bs al 7mdullah, blslamah inshallah XOXO.

There is some more stupidity bs I'm not in the mood. :/

Note to girls: when a guy looks, smiles or even talks to you it doesn't mean he cares. So stop acting stupid. Ana marrrrrah 6fsht mn al hbl. Allah yhdeekom. LOL
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    Z is such a innocent gurl .. she better slows down a tiny bit before going wild, she's funny though lool =)

    i know some of what just happened today was a bit annoying n unnecessary,but it was also funny ,joyfull & overwhelming =)

    n I TOOOOTALY agree with ur last note!

    i loved today in the hospital .. it was a nice day after all =)

    btw, thanx for accompanying me today.. i really appreciate it =D

  2. n ohhh.. my fingers marra look weird but not bad lool :P
    but the fracture is not abvious here .. put the X-ray pic :P

  3. LOOOL you guys checking out the doctors always?!

  4. you've been missed waaayed <3
    happyyyy new year ;**
    LOOOL i can't stop laughing at this post,very entertaining ;D
    ma etshoof shar ur friend..

  5. You welcome Judy :P
    I want to go with you to the appointment. Please, me want to see a minor surgery. =D
    The X-ray pictures aren't good. I wish I took them myself. But I'll put them.
    Inshallah your finger doesn't hurt XOXO.
    But I have to say, you handled it very well mashallah. I kinda wanted to cry when he said surgery LOL.

    LOL C, umm what an embarrassing question. Yes, I think so but I just check the young ones LOL.

    Oh Candy, I miss you too XOXO.
    Glad you liked it =]

    Happy new year everyone.

  6. loool.. what a day!!!
    salamtik min el PMS o salamat the finger (i got lost in who got hurt =p)

  7. LOL Allah yslmik sweety.
    G= Judy Abbott above got hurt. Is it really confusing? Me so sad. :P